Friday, December 29, 2006

Lets FIX it!!!

New Year, New Hair for 2007.... at last... for how many weeks.... now its FIXED, now its done. hehehe actually its about my hair... for the past few days i always text Paul Maceda ofBench Fix G4 to do my hair done, Paul Maceda is one of my Fave hairstylist from fix bec. she/he always make me pretty (thats hot!! really hot) if your going to have your hair done just go to fix and look for PAUL MACEDA.....the best hair stylist of all!!! thats it for now. the best hair for 2007

be good and be safe

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After Party!!!

well well well.... after the christmas.... its time to chill... my credit cards is full again, lots and lots of food... gifts and events... now its time for me to chill but then again now with my family not with my friends.... actually chillin with my kin is one of our many things that we usually do. ok... at around 3:00pm my mom ask me and my brother to start preparing bec. we are going to SM MALL of ASIA (one of the biggest mall in asia) with Imelda, and my pinsan plus my pamangkin.... around 4pm we went to SM MOA.... damm... no space for our car... meaning parking lots is full.... even sa outside the mall.... OMG as in!! then.... finally my dad who drived our car find a space where to park.... gotcha... hehehe then we go inside the mall and start looking for the best thing to do.... oh... and you know what.... so many people!! as in... as if their's concert or something and my mom even ask me " anak saan ba ng gagaling ang ganyan karaming tao.... gosh" hahaha i even told my mom..." hello mom.... IN ngaun ang MOA that's why lahat ng tao nandito bec... its IN as in" anyways... then yun na nga... my pinsan naman had fun with all the things na nakikita nila.... hehehe kids nga naman.... i remember when i was a kid, walang mall are not in... luneta and manila zoo is fine with us... unlike the kids of today gosh... hehehehe anyways... yun nga... we went to different place stroll lang then yun we eat pizza from shakeys, chicken and ICE cream im so happy kasi i went to kameraworld to have all the pic in my cell to be printed hehehehe anyways sobrang pagud kasi me and my brother christian went to different plc. he even ask me if the Tshirtis cute or what hehehehe i was like telling him that its nots cute hahahaha anyways after that we went back to our place na were my family is wait for us as in.then around 10pm we went home na kasi i have work pa the ff day eh...then thats the end for the AFTER PARTY event of our family... thats it for now....

be good and be safe:

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I love you Dad and Mom!!!

26 years of LOVE, 3 boys, 1 roof..... i would like to thank my mom and dad for everything kahit na im so bad to them(sometime)... pero i still love them, im so happy bec. they are my mom and my dad, im so sorry for all the things that i have done from the past and i know that you have forgiven me na, sorry again mom and dad. i think this is also the best time for my to say how much i love you... thanks for evrything the support that you have given to us, love and concerns.... thanks for evrything... thanks for thinking what is best for us, for giving us a better future, i know that sometimes na may problem kayo ni papa i know that we can make it... and i think ok naman na.... hope na sana umabot pa sa 50 years.... i dont know na kung ano pa ang sasabhin ko... bast all i know to say is I LOVE YOU so much MOM and DAD!!!

ooops... i dont have gift pa.... ano kaya??? well im planning to give them a cake kaso.... i dont know kung what cake naman.... for sure they will not eat that kasi they want that to be the handa sa 25 hahahahaha anyways ill think na lang for the best gift later, im going to G4 naman eh sana few lang ang tao... hehehehehe

be good and be safe

Friday, December 22, 2006

GV GV-ing gifts this Christmas!!!

Oh its Dec. 21 how days na lang christmas na and yet im still thinking what is the best gift that i can give to all my friends... mmmm... ano kaya?? well!! actually yesterday Dec 20, i went to G4 to look for the best gifts that i can give to all my inaanak, friends, family and etc.... but then again for how many hours... i think 4 hours of walking still wala pa rin... i think 50 body shop lotion and shower gel.... 1 F and H perfume, and 2 small perfume.... yun lang after 4 hours... hay!!! sobrang hard talaga kasi naman.... jam packed ang mall esp. G4 and SM.... im going to use my new BDO credit card nga eh.... kaso naman i cant think of a good gifts for all... kung ako lang.. if your going to ask me of what is the best gift my gosh..... for sure they will love it.... THAT's HOT!! hehehe pero some of my friends are telling me na i have to save something cheap but then again magandang gift... hello!! i dont want to go to the place na maraming tao... sobra... anyway.... enjoy na lang the gift that your going to tanggap.... dont forget to say THANK you kasi naalala ka nila.. kaya nman to all the my friends na nakaalala THANK YOU very VERY much... i love you all.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! love yah ALL... mwah

Be good and Be safe

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Photo taken by Fab Geri

Bread Talk with Carina (one of my Best Friends) in Rockwell.... chill chill lang kami kasi she's aalis na going japan thats why she ask me to see her para maka pag chill. hay!! actually this picture was taken before my birthday that was last week of october. i miss carina a lot kasi naman wala na akong buddy or kasama everytime i want to drink, chill sa starbucks greenbelt or even shopping, i know naman that she's enjoying her trip eh.... hehehehee!!! Bread Talk is one of my fave bread now kasi naman very social and i love it, hot chick and fire floss is my fave bread. you can see me always eating this bread sa SM Mall os asia 2nd floor, ground floor G4, and ground floor gateway. pls try it guys.... its very cheap and sobrang sarap pa. before we eat sa bread talk we drink nga pla sa Dencio's still in rockwell din.... the same old shyet... chill, few beers then eat... hahahaha bumili rin ako ng leather case for my cellphone eh.... then ikot ikot sa mall.... hay.... i really miss you grl... ill just wait for you na lang by january..... hahahahahaha i love it grl..... bring it on bitch!!!

Be good and be safe

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Party ON!!!!!!

Photo taken by: Fab Geri

Party ON!!!! its December.... so meaning..... left and Right parties are IN..... Christmas parties, Events, Family Chuva etc.... HI.... so many Parties.... 1st... i attenden our Christmas party last Dec 16, mmmm.... its Fun but not that 100% fun as what im expecting..... and also prior to that party we had our own christmas party.... that was last Dec 10 kakaloka kasi its too far from my place and im not use to it noh....OMG its in antipolo..... and that is so far..... also i had fun but not that 100% mga 80% kasi naman im expecting someone na makakausap ko that they but then again may kasama syang and i think ex nya yun.... wife ata... girl friend.... i dont know.... well i dont want to make lait naman or something about his gf or what kasi naman its christmas (so peace) hehehehehe anyways... lets talk about the place.... 3b Resort, its a private pool with 4 rooms and 3 CR... thats HOT really room namin im with Jovy and clude, together with my two boss... well that room is for VIP kasi naman nandun ako... plus the BOSS so... VIP room ngaun... hehehehe anyways... tama na yun. hi!! Enjoy your event na lang....

Be Good and be safe!!!
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