Saturday, December 23, 2006

I love you Dad and Mom!!!

26 years of LOVE, 3 boys, 1 roof..... i would like to thank my mom and dad for everything kahit na im so bad to them(sometime)... pero i still love them, im so happy bec. they are my mom and my dad, im so sorry for all the things that i have done from the past and i know that you have forgiven me na, sorry again mom and dad. i think this is also the best time for my to say how much i love you... thanks for evrything the support that you have given to us, love and concerns.... thanks for evrything... thanks for thinking what is best for us, for giving us a better future, i know that sometimes na may problem kayo ni papa i know that we can make it... and i think ok naman na.... hope na sana umabot pa sa 50 years.... i dont know na kung ano pa ang sasabhin ko... bast all i know to say is I LOVE YOU so much MOM and DAD!!!

ooops... i dont have gift pa.... ano kaya??? well im planning to give them a cake kaso.... i dont know kung what cake naman.... for sure they will not eat that kasi they want that to be the handa sa 25 hahahahaha anyways ill think na lang for the best gift later, im going to G4 naman eh sana few lang ang tao... hehehehehe

be good and be safe

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