Friday, December 29, 2006

Lets FIX it!!!

New Year, New Hair for 2007.... at last... for how many weeks.... now its FIXED, now its done. hehehe actually its about my hair... for the past few days i always text Paul Maceda ofBench Fix G4 to do my hair done, Paul Maceda is one of my Fave hairstylist from fix bec. she/he always make me pretty (thats hot!! really hot) if your going to have your hair done just go to fix and look for PAUL MACEDA.....the best hair stylist of all!!! thats it for now. the best hair for 2007

be good and be safe

1 comment :

  1. Hi, that was funny, reading about you waiting for getting your hair styled. i waited for 3 months, and then just before xMas, i went to my hairdresser, and even got a chritmasgift. Hurray, I got it fixed.


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