Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome 2008

Happy Fabulous NEW YEAR, GOOD VIBES FOR 2008!!!

Party ON!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL, Thanks for everything!!! MWAH

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sisig Festival 07

How to make sisig

1 1/2 kilo Pork head
1/4 cup grilled liver (diced)
2 small onions (minced)
2 pieces red pepper (minced)
1 head garlic (minced)
6 pieces hot chili pepper (minced)
2 tablespoons oil
1 cup vinegar
1 1/2 tablespoons liquid seasoning
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 cup beef stock

1. Grill pork head for to remove hair.
2. Boil pork head until tender.
3. Take out all the meat and dice.
4. In a sauté pan, heat oil and sauté garlic, onion,red pepper, pork meat and liver.
5. Season with liquid seasoning, black pepper, and brown sugar.
6. Pour in beef stock and cook until meat is tender and starts to oil again.
7. Add minced chili pepper last.
8. Serve on a sizzling plate.

Im going to Pampangga for Sisig Festival

well 5:30 today, im going to meet Pia, Ken, Kat and Lorenz in cubao for us to attend the annual Sisig Festival. Thanks Tots for inviting us... ill take advantage narin to meet up some of my friends from pampangga like Pye.

Starbucks Araneta 5:30pm.... ok for sure walang ma-late kasi they are the one who set the place the time so for sure walang ma-late kaso hindi ganun ang nangyari... may late pa rin... HAY!!! anyways nagkita kita kami sa Starbucks for our road trip sa pampanga.....

OMG.... you know what ang daming tao sa bus station as in... well may be bec vacation plus long weekend kaya naman daming tao... then we think na better if mag rent na lang kami ng TAXI from cubao to Pampanga. until we have this manong driver who very kind to make payag about the 2k fare balikan na.... SALAMAT

after few hours of long drive i think 2 hours or so... kakaloka... nasa Pampanga na kami... hay daming tao rin... taray..... may SM sila dun at kung ano ano ba... but then again walang starbucks dun... as in... ewwww mahirap!!! hahahaha joke....

Sisig Festival

Well the set up is ok for STREET PARTY, kaso kulang ang chairs and table to think may mga food stand dun... so how can we eat if walang table and chair..... hahaha my gosh all the way from manila to pampanga ahhhh as in.... hahahah (dami kung reklamo.... im like this talaga) anyways after 1 hour of waiting for our table GV na kasi inaway talaga ni Pia yung organizer... hahahahahaha

ok... before kami kumain... May FIREWORKS display ng 10 and band after that and guess band nila is Kamikazee that it lang!!! ROCK ON..... in fairness pla with this band noh...they are good i mean ok ang performance nila.

Hay.... thats out happy trip in pampangga for SISIG FESTIVAL

Last Event 07 and New Event 08

BIGFISH presents Fierce Angel New Year Bash happening this December 31, 2007 (Monday) at the new Embassy Superclub featuring Mark Doyle! Start 2008 with a fierce bang!

Fierce Angel

Mark Doyle is the main man behind Fierce Angel Records. The compiler of the CDs, A&R for the record label and headline DJ at the events across the world!

His phenomenal career all started back in 1999 when he had the idea for Hed Kandi and developed the brand as a lifestyle concept incorporating a record label, a radio show and international club nights that stimulate all the senses.

During Mark’s tenure, Hed Kandi sold over five million albums worldwide and his unique A&R and marketing vision helped them deliver a string of Top 40 singles and significant artist album sales as he developed an artist roster. In addition, he developed a career as a radio DJ, creating the weekly Hed Kandi Radio Show broadcast on JAZZFM/Smooth FM and the Galaxy network in the UK and through syndications around the world.

Always one to lead from the front, Mark single-handedly established the Hed Kandi brand in Ibiza in 2000 and from there he developed an international club phenomenon that knew no boundaries. He has played in Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, toured Australia and New Zealand, visited Japan and the Far East and just about every major city in Europe as well as the virtually every town with a decent club in the UK.

Surely one of the most creative, energetic human beings currently walking the planet, Mark launched Tokyo Project with his partners in 2005, with the release of the critically acclaimed CD ‘Tokyo Project - The Collection’. That Project is now complete and Mark has used the invaluable lessons that he has learnt along the way to launch Fierce Angel - his absolute vision of what a record label and events brand really should be. This will be the most exciting phase of Mark’s career to date.

Sakal.. Ka-chuva... ka-chenesssss... The sakal Movie

With such high expectations set by Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, people expect nothing less than another thigh-slapping movie. Indeed, an hour before the last full show, hundreds of people were already lined up outside the cinema. Fortunately, Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo does not disappoint.

The sequel opens with Angie (Judy Ann Santos) and Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) facing difficulties taking care of their baby, Rafa. Angie attempts to have it all - a budding career and a tranquil family life. In the meantime, their in-laws demand more time with Rafa, and suspect that the young couple is favoring one set of in-laws over the other. To solve the impasse, Angie makes a tough decision that feminists might frown on. Fast forward to three years later, and sensing that Rafa is old enough to be left behind, Jed surprises Angie with a honeymoon in Barcelona. However, Angie has qualms about leaving Rafa behind- and rightly so. In their absence, Rafa’s grandmothers have squabbled over who gets to take care of him. Angie and Jed cut short their vacation and return home to solve the problems on the home front.

Interspersed in the story are numerous subplots- Angie’s mother’s new balikbayan boyfriend, Jed’s friend’s romance with a Spaniard, Angie’s friend’s fertility issues, etc. Director Jose Javier Reyes manages to weave these through the main story to still come up with a coherent movie. Some of these side stories were not well-developed though, leaving you to wonder what came out of them. The film also has a few inconsistencies. For instance, Jed and Angie are almost obsessive-compulsive when it comes to Rafa’s nutrition. Yet, they have no qualms about speaking cuss words in front of him.

True to its being billed a romantic comedy, the film is light all throughout. The picturesque scenes of Barcelona perk up the movie, as well as the side comments disowning Jed and Angie’s “Filipino”antics. Even in the tear-jerking confrontation between Angie and her mother (Gina Pareño), witty wisecracks are thrown in for comic relief. Bronson, Angie’s stepbrother, is particularly funny, with his enormous crooked teeth and perfect English grammar and diction. The show’s funniest scenes, however, belong to Gina Pareño, with her no-nonsense approach to politics, love and grandparenting. You may not agree with her all the time, but you just have to appreciate her good intentions, especially when she takes on Dennis, Rafa’s six-year old playmate.

Sakal, Sakali, Sakloko may not be a showcase in acting skills the way drama films can be, but it is a great feel-good movie that you can watch again on a dreary day. Truly, Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo cements Star Cinema’s reputation as the master of the Filipino rom-com.

As with most sequels, there is a hint of another sequel at the end. If Star Cinema is able to maintain the standards set by Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, it can be another movie that’s worth lining up for.

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Look for NEW YEAR

I had my hair done na!!!! love it!!!

After a few months Finally i was able to find my hair stylist Paul Maceda. You know naman that Paul Maceda is the only person who knows what i want about my hair and know how to make me pretty (i know that im oretty) i mean to enhance the beauty. hahahahaha well... yun nga!! after few months i was able to look for him nasa Shnagila Mall lang pala sya, you know naman what happen to Mary Pauline Salon sa Glorietta noh BOOM BOOM... hahahaha anyways yun im so happy talaga about the cut that was done my Paul Maceda. kaso the place is malayo..... anyways... its all good kasi naman sulit sya.

Again if you guys want Paul Maceda or Try his talent just
Text him: 09287081399
Visit him: Hair Byte by Mary Pauline (Food Court Shangrila Mall)

Be yourself, Be Pretty!!!

Kape naman!!

I text Majo and ask kung nasaan sya... then she told me na shes on her way to G4 to meet up some friends... then i told her na mag meet kami. Then after salon Starbucks Greenbelt to mit her. she told me na she has Bf na.. and im so nagulat about the story as in.... kakaloka ang love if nya... anyways i told her naman na nasa likod nya lang ako eh... just in case my problem sya... hay.. LAST FRIDAY of 2007!!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Fabulous Christmas Month

Ho... Ho... Ho... its Christmas Time again... hehehehe

Well this Christmas... honestly im sad kasi naman My Mom is not in Philippines... so.. its our frist time to have christmas without her ( kasi naman dami nyang gift sa amin) hahahaha NO!!! i really really miss her.. as in... sobra!!

OK... ill make kwento na... THE Fabulous Christmas Party OF Fabulous Geri.....
Well December... sobrang happy when naririnig ko ang December (Pasko, Bonus, 13th Month, Gifts, Party) hahaha 1st week of December we have our 13th month pay na, kaya naman shopping, Party, shopping and Party (hahaha love it) then after few days its our Pay Day (shopping again and Party Again) then after that we had our Company Christmas Party (yung boring... after Party lang ang masaya) then after that the Love on the Run Fashion show Directed by Fabulous Geri. i think tama muna and shopping and party

ok after that happy moments for the first few days of december, i think its time for me naman kung pano celebrate ang christmas with my incomplte family.....

Me and Imelda decorated our place na to feel the spirit of christmas, the doors, car park, stairs and even our terrace.

Imelda is thinking of what to eat on our Noche Buena, until we come up of share share na lang... I had Lasagna (sobrang sarap) and my brother had sandwich, then the rest is from our visitors

Sympre we went to chruch for christmas mass, funny... you know why we went to macapagal to attend the mass but then again when we get to the chruch the mass is done.... we went back na lang to villamor to attend the Christmas Mass.

After attending the mass... went back home and eat eat and eat... I LOVE IT!!! then some of my friends dumating and family relatives... sobrang we had fun tlaga even me... pero mas happy kung yung mom ko nandito sa philippines and celebrate christmas with her..

Hay... hope you guys had fun with your fabulous christmas ah.....

Again Merry Fabulous Christmas Bloggers

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy 26 years Dad and Mom

Happy 27 Anniversary

To My Dad Mr. Benjamin General
To My Mom Sylvia General
who is now in US.

As i always said.... You are the best papa and mama in the whole world.
Thanks for the LOVE
Thanks for the Concern
Thanks for everything

Sorry for all....



Maligayang Pasko!!!

To all the BLOGGERS,

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family... lets celebrate the birthday of our friend JESUS, dont forget to go to church this christmas and thank him for giving us blessing......


Fabulous GERI

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad Vibes... Im sick again

Every Christmas.... Im always sick... i dont know why... i think i have sumpa or something....
I hate it!!! hope na mawala na sya bago ng christmas.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

The fabulous Christmas Party? The after party....

Well... its our Christmas Party Last night... hay... wala lang the party proper... ok lang... BORING sobra... as in... why???? ok... ill tell you

December 16, 2007- hello date palang SUNDAY!!!
Place: SMX Mall of Asia- infairness of the place i love it... its so near as in... the place is sosyal
Food: Tamayo's catering- dont like the taste of the food.... its not masarap.
People: well i love it!!! some of my friends dress up and some of the employees nah ahhh ... ewww. jolog!!!
Event: boring... i dont care if Vina Morales and Ogie Alcasid Perform..

well... our group yeah... its seems like na enjoy namin sarili namin by making lait with other people esp. people na kilala namin.... hahahaha YES WE ARE BAD!!!

ok. the party started like i think 5pm (hahaha) then i arrived like 8:30 pm with my CRV, then i waited for about 15mins for Tots, Katie and Windy. Then after that we eat then smoke... then PICTURE thats our activity lang.... with all of our bonggang bonggang outfit.... hahahaha

after the christmas party... we are thinking of going somewhere else to enjoy naman noh..

We went to Timog Pier One to drink and have fun after the boring Christmas Party... honestly im thinking na we are just few as in group lang namin until some of our officemates Text one of my friend and asking kung saan kami then we told them that we are in pier one, after that since nandun na kami i asked the waiter to look for the big place kung saan mag stay yung mga pupunta pa... then few mins later dmating na sila... then i told them kung saan sila... i think kung wala ako dun wala rin silang place hahahaha =) joke then after that yun drink drink drink... WE really really had fun after the party.... i mean the chtristmas party... thats it!!!

Side story:
after the said after party the following day may nag kakalat na hindi raw kami invited.. hhahaha how funny.... again im the one who asked the waiter to get them table, they asked some of my friends kung saan kami... clarify.... meron na kaming table when dumating sila, hay.... dami talagang insecure... ill not make patul of that issue noh.....

All we know is we had a fabulous after party....

After Work

Lorenz, Ken, Tots, Me, Pia and Kat (gilligans Makati)

After work... mall yeah... mall... hahahaha Tots and kat plus ken picked me up sa office to shop for our christmas party (social) actually fashion item lang for the out fit kasi naman i have White Pants na from Guess and Top from Tyler... hahahaha mayabang ako.. and i dont care.... anyways... yun na... actually kasama pala si PIa... hahaha anyways after a few taxi as in... few kasi some of the driver ayaw kami pasakayin kasi naman 5 kami... so what??? until nasakyan namin si Kuya... oppsss ate pala... (amazing babae driver namin this time) love it!!! story dito story doon... hahah we love making fun tlaga with people sa ofc.

After 1 hour sa wakas nasa G4 na kami... kasi naman traffic.... hay...

ok until Pia asked me kung saan pwede kumain kasi naman she is sobrang gutom na... i asked them what food they want... guessssss what... they want to EAT RICE... hahahahah ok fine sige Rice...

we eat in Gilligan... we have a lot of food... as in!!! its like FIESTA!!! sa dami kasi naman they are gutom na.... hahahahha

after we eat we went back to G4 na to shop....

Pia is looking for White Polo (her bench)
Ken is looking for Dress (Sari Sari im the one who make pili of the outfit kasi yung type nila walang size...
Tots is looking for Silver Bag (landmark same with ken)
Me- im ok na kasi nakapag shop na ako same week them ng White Pants from Guess and Polo shirt from TYLER.

ok.... we are ok na with our outfit... ay sorry this is shopping day with them is for our Christmas Party.....

i think naman its time naman for me kasi sobrang na pagud ako with them kasi naman tagal mamili lalo na si pia... i think it my turn naman noh.... hahahah DRINK

after that nakakapagud thing we went to Big Grill to drink... few beer and Blow JOb na nalasing si Kat... she is so so so funny when she got drunk.. as in kung ano ano sinasabi... hahahahahah

around 12mn we went home na.... kasi we are so pagud and kat is lasing na thats why we went home na.... I really really had fun with them talaga...

Love them all.... mwah

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a day!!!

I lost my Shades...... i hate it....

The Global Fun

Jelly and the Fab

Global fun carnival is the first European - style Carnival to travel into Asia and is also the only carnival in the world to bring The Booster, whih is one of the 2 in the world, to Asia.

Global Fun Carnival uses the latest and most advanced games and rides all the world, with most of the rides coming from Italy and Germany. All of these rides have passed The TUV World Safety standards and have also passed China Standards Safety Measures and have been highly acclaimed for its safety. This purely guarantees the safety of these games and rides.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Irreverent Fun

Kat, Tots and the Fab

Beer on a Sunday... gv lang noh... ano naman!!! hehehe me, tots and kat went to Congo Grill to chill after aweek of work... hay... i think naman we need to have break no kahit papaano... kaya naman we went out and drink.... drink and drink.

Si Tots kasi my problem... deadma... to personal... tama na yung ako na lang ang nakakaalam....


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Extended Birthday Celebration

Pia, Ken, chinggay and the Fab

December na... Birthday ko parin ang usapan.... hahahaha well... im so touched kasi naman kahit December na... Birthday ko pa rin... you know why... kasi naman Pia, ken, chinggay celebrated my birthday sa PIer One.. then dumating pa si majo... hay... saya... saya bec... you know that may mga friend na sobrang mag maha sau... thanks talaga Pia and Ken for the cake pla.... I love you....

After naman sa Pier one, well its time to get wild kaya naman me, majo and mavie went to decades... dammmm first time ko mag decades as in
ok... the sounds is ok.. nung pagpasok ko Fashionista yung music... they know kasi na pupunta ako...the people... well... place ng friend ko yun eh kaya ok na rin... kahit na puro kids...

the beer... ok... tama lang price...
may nag pakilala ba? honestly... meron pero deadma lang kasi pagud na pagud ako... uwi nga kami ng umaga na eh... kaloka...
well.. if you guys want to try this place.. Decades in timog.... comment ko about the place.. ok lang!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

its our 13th Month Pay day

I love IT!!!!! Christmas Bonus

well... well... and well... December tlaga ang pinaka the best month for us who work.... you know naman diba... kasi you have 13th month... hahaha bonus... kaya naman nung mismong araw na malaman namin na may 13th month na hala.... hindi naman alam kung saan gagastusin .... hehehehe until... we go to glorieta and buy somethings.... love it!!!! sana may 14th month rin.... love it!!! Kaya naman enjoy your 13th month....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Love on the RUN


Oh my... i so happy... i can rest na as in!! you know why kasi naman this past few days i've been celebrating my Birthday with my friend. We go, Gimik night with old and new friends... hay.. kaya naman i need break hahaha but do you think i can have my break nahhhh ahhh no way kasi naman this copming december i have big big project, dream project ever kahit na nung letran days ko... this is my dream talaga.... you know what is that to have my own fashion show as is Direct my OWN FASHION SHOW. Hay... im loving my Fabulous Life now... hahahaha kaya naman while on leave with my other job... ill focus my self to this first. dont worry some details of this show will be posted. mmm... give you some not final details of the said show.

Runway: Runway with big screen and at the end of the runway is shape of heart with hole at the center and smoke smoke (red smoke) with wall screen of the tent

Music: Live Sexy House music of my friend Dj Trinity and Dj Mccraney

Models: Some of Model my friends and PMAP models


Venue: Rockwell Tent

Director: The Fabulous Geri

that is the details of the LOVE ON THE RUN FASHION SHOW... im think of after party pa nga eh... i dont know kung Embassy or Warehouse

Hay basta im so so excited for this Project as in... i can wait for it

Fabulous Christmas for Geri

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tomato Kick

Whenever I cruise along Maginhawa road in UP Village Q.C., my tummy lets out a little rumble with all the eateries and food stalls I see — some new, some already with a fan base. I’ve long declared Maginhawa road a happy collection of must-try food spots. Whenever I’m up North and feeling a food trip coming, I make it a point to try one (or two!) amongst the smorgasbord of food joints there.

Tomato Kick

Tomato Kick – super cozy hangout!

A personal favorite is Tomato Kick, owned by artists Paolo and Mara Bernaldo. I was introduced to this tomato-lovers haven by my band mate Allan Montero when after practice sessions of our band Soft Pillow Kisses, we transform to rabid mongrels scouring the streets for a good chow. Allan is the road manager of band Moonstar 88, wherein Paolo plays the bass guitar but it’s not favorable bias that directs us to Tomato Kick but their consistently delicious dishes that serve as comfort food for the heart and soul.

Not Exclusive To Tomatoes!

Tomato Kick introduces new dishes this month with a completely new look for the menu too! Tomato-head guy “Kickman,” the restaurant’s official icon, can be seen in various Bruce Lee stances as illustrated in pencil by Peter Mutuc. The updated and improved menu is both refreshing and appealing to the senses because of the youthful vibe of its lay-out and the yummy-looking photos of the dishes. It’s noticeable that not all the dishes are tomato-based nor does every dish contain tomatoes. It’s because, while Mara and Paolo love tomato dishes (hence, the resto’s name), they also want to experiment with other cuisines—specifically, Japanese.

Tomato Kick

Tomato Kick’s new menu with Kickman!

I was starving when I got to Tomato Kick with my partner in crime, Ping, so when the dishes were brought out one after another, my tummy was World War II mode.

To start off, we were offered appetizers: Spiked Quesadillas, Tomato Kick Soup and Asian Salad.

Tomato Kick
Spiked Quesadillas (P60)

These quesadillas were the best I’ve tasted primarily due to the bacon sandwiched amongst the mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, tomato, chili flakes and pita bread. Every bite was creamy but not too heavy on the cheese. I particularly liked the smoky flavor brought by the bacon and I swear I can wipe the entire plate off if it weren’t for the other dishes I was supposed to make room for.

Tomato Kick

Tomato Kick Soup (P50)
The Tomato Kick Soup is how tomato soup should taste. It is blended with the right amount of cheese and basil, topped with bite-sized croutons. More so, the pita bread on the side complemented the rich texture of the broth.
Tomato Kick

Asian Salad (P90)

The Asian Salad consisted of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, kani strips, mango and a special combination of two dressings: mango vinaigrette and sesame soy dressing. All the ingredients were fresh, the veggies crisp and the orange slices juicy. I loved the sesame soy dressing they sprinkled on top but I think there was just too much of it that it already drowned the mango vinaigrette. Nevertheless, we finished this too! These three dishes alone were enough to satisfy my appetite but there was more in the menu!

A take on Japanese cuisine is the Seared Pepper Tuna with Wasabi Chips, which Ping and I absolutely loved. The soft tuna slice goes so well with the crunch of the wasabi chips so I suggest they be eaten together. This dish was finished in a jiff!
Tomato Kick

Seared Pepper Tuna with Wasabi Chips (P175)

Another tuna dish is Paolo’s own concoction, which he is proud of, as he shared the rather unique preparation of the sauce. The Tuna in Egg Sauce is my favorite dish amongst everything we ate that night. The sauce is made of egg yolk, butter and soy sauce and possesses just the right blend of saltiness and sweetness that goes well with the tuna fillet. Served with a cup of steaming white rice and two stems of asparagus, this dish is already filling.

Tomato Kick

Tuna in Egg Sauce (P150)

There was another rice dish served to us and this time it was extra heavy: Smoked Chipotle T-Bone with Rice, which was seared with smoked jalapeno butter. I’m not a fan of red meat so I had a few bites and delegated the task of finishing them to Ping. The T-bone was tender and it gave off a sweet aroma of garlic and butter. Mara handed me a bottle of Worcestershire sauce to drizzle on everything. Indeed, it tasted better with the sauce plus the freshly made Tomato Kick salsa served on the side.
Tomato Kick

Smoked Chipotle T-bone (P160)

Another carbo loading meal is the Puttanesca Pasta with Garlic Bread. By the time this dish arrived, I was stuffed to the pits. Nevertheless, I dug in and chomped on the angel hair pasta blended in tomato sauce with olives, capers and anchovies. Tomato Kick’s pasta can be suited to your taste. You can choose from spaghetti, fettucini, angel hair, penne and even tricolor fussili. The Puttanesca had a really distinct tomato flavor and I recommend it to people who are on a diet because the ingredients are not only healthy but also low-sodium and low-calorie.
Tomato Kick

Puttanesca (P100)

Aside from really unique dishes, Tomato Kick also offers an interesting selection of cocktail drinks. Mara was actually combining peppermint with some liquor when we arrived. They have some of the best blends and affordable cocktail drinks in the area, a little known secret which you shouldn’t reveal you read here. Just ask the bar list from the waiter, they don’t usually give it because Maginhawa is a residential area.

Maginhawa’s Artsy Haven

Aside from being such a cozy hangout and having excellent chow, Tomato Kick revels in bringing art closer to its business of good food. Mara and Paolo, being artists by profession, maximize their skills in making sure Tomato Kick is not just an expression of their culinary prowess but also of their artistic sensibilities. This month, the wall in front of the resto that is facing Maginhawa Road, will undergo a makeover via graffiti art by the owners themselves plus artist-friends such as graphic design artist Electrolychee and many others. The graffiti will feature Tomato Kick via the artists’ various interpretations of the place as a restaurant, a hangout, or even a sanctuary for some.

Tomato Kick also features acoustic artists in its humble abode from time to time that’s why aside from painters and designers, the resto attracts musicians too. Name-droppables include Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikazee. Aside from this usual crowd, Tomato Kick also reaches students, teachers and yuppies (some all the way from Makati).
Tomato Kick

Inside Tomato Kick (photo from

High Kick!

It used to be that Paolo and Mara did not entertain thoughts of expansion or franchising. Nevertheless, seeing the viability of Tomato Kick as a business and probably wanting to share the gospel of good food to more people, Mara says they are considering giving in to franchising next year. And I’m sure this is good news for most people who travel all the way up North just to get their Tomato Kick. Being certified foodies, Mara and Paolo remain true to their vision of sharing great food amongst friends and reveling on a great dining experience.

Bruce Lee with a tomato head, black pepper dotting the redness of a tuna slice, a vibrant display of greens and fruits against a white ceramic plate, asparagus stems cris-crossed on a tuna chunk and blue liquor bubbly to the glass’ rim.

I’d say, in Tomato Kick, food is indeed art.

Essensuals Evolution TONY&GUY

Got my new Hair cut, this time with mynew hairstylis.. well... i wasnt able to put you that aside from Paul Maceda from Mary Pauline (former Fix Stylist) I have another one from Tony & Guy and he is Jay Marc, I love the way he style my hair its very fashionable as in... that why i love his creativity when it comes to my hair. He makes me more pretty and lovely plus more fabulous.

If you want his service just visit him in Tony & Guy 6750 bldg Ayala Ave and look for him, ill ask him if i can put his profile in my blog so that you see how he works... but for me he is the best.

Jay Marc (My Hair Stylist)
6750 Retail Arcade
Ayala Ave., Makati City
Telephone: 812-8559, 812-8002, 812-9132
Mobile 09152021712

ill show you my pic with my new hair cut.

A little oh lala

Well... its Pay Day so... its time for me to go SHOPPING.... I love it!!! well... you know what every pay day i make it sure na kahit dalawang damit may mabili ako hahahaha i dont know why... may be to be more fabulous sa lahat ng tao... esp sa inyo and also just want to inform you that shopping is one of my fave esp if im stress, if i have problem or even if im happy... hahaha well this time im eying for something... as in... now nabili ko na sya... clothes from TYLER one of the fabulous boutique in Glorietta 4, hay... i really really love the color and the style as in... ( ill post the pic soon) well the price of this Polo Shirt is 1,850.00 Php sobrang worth it kasi naman i love the color and style nga.... hay.... I really really love SHOPPING. until next Pay Day

Friendly Reminder
Do not put this merchadise in drying machine
Love our merchadise and it will love you

2nd Floor Glorietta 4
Ayala Center, Makati City

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Starbucks 2008 Planner is now available

(ill scan the card first then ill make my comment about this) just chill and relax
Im excited for my new planner

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Coming from a family of music lovers, he had expressed an interest in music at a very young age playing the piano and guitar. His passion for club music started when the local underground clubbing scene boomed way back 1999. Ever since then, he spent his time collecting house music, trance and other genres connected with the scene.

During his quest to update himself with house music, he chanced upon DJ PATCH, who eventually encouraged him to spread the vibe through DJing.
Over the next few years he has played in many bars and clubs in manila including Flute, Absinth, Belissima, Halo, Capones and Coquina to name a few. He has gained a huge amount of experience from working at various size clubs with various age range clients and can play to any crowd.

Miko concentrates most of his time DJing and doing marketing for a real estate firm outfit nowadays. His latest stint has been Warehouse 135 in Yakal St. Makati.
With influences from Jazz, New Wave and Disco. He has had some great success playing his brand of sexy, deep, uplifting house at clubs and bars that has found him in demand from other venues. He has proved a valuable DJ for any venue as he will work with them to promote the nights and is happy to play a wide range of club music from deep house to progressive. He is a great personality DJ who can work the crowd with ease.

David C. Ardiente
DJ Name: DJ David Ardiente
Birthday: Jan 29
Address: San Juan

Music Genre: Disco, Latin, Vocal House, With Occasional funky and electro house.

Favorite DJ's/ Artits: Elmer Dado, Manolet "Papi" Santos, Kaskade, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Olav Basoski, and many more (too many to mention)

DJ History:

Started as one of the DJ's from Colegio San Agustin Makati who formed the group Mixed Audio in 1992 which later on renamed as Stuhtistiks (/stuh-tis-tiks/) providing music and lights system to several High School Dances, Parties, Soirees, School Fairs, etc. In 1997, the group joined an Atenean Group of DJ's and was later known as ACOUSMA who was responsible for the early warehouse parties and Consortium Series of Dance parties in the scene. In 1999, became one of the resident Dj's of Club Spoon In Alabang together with DJ Elmer Dado, Martin Pulgar and Reggie Innocencio. Became the Resident DJ of Buddha Bar in Glorietta 2 and Amoeba in Eastwood City Libis in 2001. In 2002, had a short stint at Dreambar in 6750. In 2003, became the resident DJ of Ice Vodka Bar in Greenbelt 3. In 2004, became the Host and DJ of the Saturday Night Live Show of 99.5RT (Formerly hosted by BOO KYLER). The show has now been renamed "David's House" in conjunction with the radio station's re-launching of its name - 99.5, HIT FM this year.

Party on!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Im supporting Lady Trinity

"THE ASSEMBLY" NOV. 16, 2007 @ A. VENUE"

Nokia brings you the future in a
gathering where you can mix music your way.
Experience Nokia's newest music player,
Nokia 5310 Xpress Music. Move to the
music of LOCAL E as Nokia launches their
2nd CD collection featuring 12 original
tracks from the country's top DJs/PRODUCERS:
With guest collaborators:

NOV. 16, 2007
8:00 P.M.

One invitation is an access pass good
for two.
Just P.M. me for details on where to get
the invites.

"The Assembly" (Local//: E! CD Volume 2)
includes 12 original tracks from
Local//: E! artists. Ranging from house,
electro, minimal, techno, breakbeat,
downte mpo. Everyone attending the event
will get their free copies.

Hope to see
you there! : )

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Baby Doll's Wish for my Birthday

Im not expecting something from my baby doll, tama na yung greetings nya and the ticket sa Beyonce Concert as a gift... but then again im so so nagulat, when i checked my email i got message coming from him... to think na he only send me email if im asking for MP3 but then again this time with note na nakakaloka as in like bday wish nya... im so so touched about it... thats why i posted in my blog. Wala lang just want to share this with you guys who love to visit my blog and read some of the article.....

Baby Doll...

You know, my birthday wish for you is still the usually stuff, good health, long life, more birthdays to come, peace of mid, etc....

But to think about it, it is very common to say to people who has a birthday. As for me, I am not a common person to you (hopefully), so my birthday wish for you is that you may find your true love (it may be or no not me) that will love you as well or more than I am doing to you. Another wish is that I hope you can be a more extraordinary person that you are already.

Do great things and live life to the fullest....

Luceat Lux!!!

I Love You So Much!!! Mwah Mwah Mwah.....

My Email to him....

To My Baby Doll,

Hey Baby doll... whats up? huh... im not expecting something from you sa email ahhh... im so so nagulat about it... kasi naman usually you send me MP3 lang with simple note... but this time naaahhhh ahhh... with birthday wish pa ahh.. kakaloka... Actually when im reading the msg... im so touched as in.kasi nga im not expecting this tama na yung gift mo sa akin (thanks for that) Hay.... baby doll thanks talaga for everything ahhh... understanding... care and love.. thanks thanks thanks.. kahit na sometime we have animosity but still ok pa rin at the end... sorry for everything as in.... i know sobrang kasalanan ko at mo rin... hahaha anyways... thanks for being part of my lile.. thanks for your support sa lahat... what is life now without you.... lets work this out... sana yun na un.... again thanks and sorry plus I LOVE YOU so much.

Be Good and Ba Safe.

Baby Doll

Beyonce Live in Manila

Whats up Manila? I love it!!! really really Love it.... I celebrated my birthday with Beyonce.... and friends... sobrang fun kasi naman feeling ko daming tao nag celebrate ng bday ko... to think its a beyonce concert... hahahaha I really really enjoy the concert esp. when Beyonce sing Happy Birthday feeling ko para sa akin yun... to think na bday ko hahahaha

Thanks Glenn for my Ticket.... thanks thanks thanks.... I love you all!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You Change my Life!!

My song to all my friends, Ex, Family! Enjoy

Maraming Salamat

For the Past 24 years sobrang nakakaloka.... as in... I met diff people who become my friends and some become my not so so friend... Hay now that im 25 i think its time for me to say thank you to all the people who help me a lot and support me in everything i do. Hay... i dont know what will happen to me kung wala kau... i dont know kung what kind of person i am kung wala kau kaya naman this time allow me to say thank you very much for all the help, care, love that you have given me... from my
Dad and Mom
My Brothers
then my Kinder Friends.. (so happy to see some of you)
Elementary Friends (Lawrence Abaya who is one my Best Friend)
Highscholl Friends from Malate Catholic School (Boys Dept and Girls Dept)
Letran Friends (AB Philo and AB Comm Arts Vanessa Enaje one of my Best Friend)
ABS-CBN Workshop
Club Halo Friends
Club v Friends
Unitel Production Friends
Studio M Friends
Starbucks in G4 Friends
Support Save
Sitel Friends
Carina Watanabe My Best Gf
Model Friends
Celeb Friend
and my Party Friends
i want to thank also my Ex's you know who you are
People who make me Pretty every now and then
TONY and GUY (Jay Marc)
Mary Pauline Salon (Paul Maceda)
U Rustan's
Bench (Ben Chan and Manuel Chan my Mom's Friend)
Bread Talk
People are People
Team Manila
Thanks Thanks Thanks for your support.... I love you all
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