Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Andre (born to be Model)

Amphy (the mother of andre) and me (the godfather of andre)

im so so happy with my friends like amphy and tria, they are given a very very nice gift from God, for 2006 amphy bare and born a child, then for this year 2007 Tria will born another child.... i so so happy for my friends. i wish them the best for my INAANAK.... i love yah all friends... mwah mwah...

be good and be safe!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


i need a break....

Ad, April, Geri, and Peter (Tagaytay trip)

I need a break dude!!!

i really really need a break... well thanks Peter, april and her boy friend ad... you know why..bec. they invited me to go with them in tagaytay... as in... its like on the spot... 12noon peter called me and told me that they will go near my place to fetch me... well i said yes!!! why not... hahahaha i love it... that an hour i went to our meeting place (starbucks magallanes) then we went to tagaytay... actually its april and ad 3rd year anniversary thats why... well ill take advantage also bec i really really need a break after the thingy thingy badvibes chuva... well thats life may be its time for me to have my break... we eat in a cretain place in tagaytay with a very romantic view and good food... (again i love it) then we eat we went to casino to play... actually its my first time to go their... hehehehe im not used to it kasi eh... OMG after that... i treat them to starbucks to have my free stickers and to get also my 2007 planner.... so... i have my planner na... thanks thanks thanks... hahahahaha that trip is so amazing.... as in... i love it thanks guys... thanks a lot....

be good and be safe!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

i really really hate this day (Jan. 26 2007)

i really really hate this day... god help me... whats wrong with me... whats wrong you... i dnt know.. i really really dont know.. may be because im late, then after that IR oh my....

stephen magpantay.... ill see you soon... be good and be safe

Phen, vanness and me (kodak g4)

NSG Greenbelt

Stephen Magpantay... what? his going to dubai for what? well thats life some of my friends are planning to go to diff. place to work or may be to have fun... will the only thing that i can say to them is be good and be safe.... phen hope you like the small party that vanessa and i organized.... you love it? ... thats Hot!!! mwah mwah mwah we will miss you!!
be good and be safe

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The good, the bad, the bitch!!!

Me, Rhea and Jelly

well.. last night i went to rhea's place to get the cable for my N70 i think that is around 4:30 in the afternoon... its been a long time since we chill.... when im in her place.... we exchange stories... joke and lait... hahahaha which i really love to do... few mins... jhelly went also to her place to chill... actually not to chill eh... to use computer (hahahaha i love it) hope to see you guys again....

oh my.... ill miss you my dear jade!!

jade and me

oh i cant react... i dont know what to say... why because.... my cuz jade... will go to New York this monday... oh my... i think she will go to US to work. actually yesterday wed. i saw jade at G4 then she told me everything... she told me that she will go to NEW YORK then to california... oh my... that is so so cool... i love it... really love it!!! actually... she love to go to US... meaning she's planning to go to US talaga... well cuz... wish come true.... i love it... im so happy for you.... just be good and be safe... dont forget to email me or call me... i love you... mwah mwah mwah

be good and safe....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

i think im in love....

oh my... i really really dont know what this is.... i think... i think.. i think im really in love with someone that is not cutie but nice, not that tall but smart, i know that when you see this person... you might ask me... " geri why him" as what i always tell to my friends... " i know that he is not that cute or something unlike my ex or what but then again he is nice, as in nice" im not telling you guys that i what him to be my bf or what... all i know is i like him bec... he is nice.... thats it!!!

be good and be safe

Thursday, January 11, 2007

its pointless!!! Really pointless!!

i really dont get you or something.... i know.... you took so many med. just to be a real girl... but you talked senseless... you talked non sense and pointless....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Geri and the world Pyro Olympics

yahoo.... i love it... the 2nd world Pyro Olympics, as i promise to myself that i will watch the 2nd pyro olympics, to give you information the world pyro olympics is a compitition of diff. country compitin for the best fireworks in town. it started last 2006, last year's winner is Australia and for this year... we dont know yet, will see who won this saturday. Last Sunday January 8, 2006 7:30 pm, i asked my mom and my dad to go to MOA to watch Pyro, then they said yes.... together with Owie, my bro, and Joan plus me and my parents we went to the place where in we can see the fireworks, we place our car near SM MOA its in Yellow Cab, we had our dinner first then wait for the first firework (UK and Germany). around 8pm the show starts.... everyone is shouting.... clapping and enjoying the fireworks... i dont know how to describe the firework, as far as i remmember there's a firework that is look like SPERM cell looking for something hehehehe i love it!!! thats hot... anyways... you know what as i observe the people around our place... its so so so fun... why? bec. i see that most of the people who watched the show are family meaning its nice to see that they are watching the show as one big family.... i see that now a days filipino family are still strong dispite of so many problem and etc. and yet we still see the people happy... i love to see them... hay.... i love it!!! guys watch the Pyro with your family and friends.... you will love it!!

be good, be safe!!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The 2nd world Pyro Olympics

The 2nd world Pyro Olympics
i miss the first night or show of the world pyro... i hate it i hate it... well tonight Jan 6, i promise to myself that i will go to mall of asia to watch the Pyro its a promise... guys you have to watch for that.... you will love it and enjoy the show... i can assure you of that... and i promise that i will post some pictures and video once i watch the show ok....
be good and be safe

MMFF movie of the Year

we know that every December its a must to watch any of the local films every Dec. kaya naman... im one of the many peopl who watch movie last year last month.

First Movie. Dec. 30 together with my friend vanessa, we watched "Zsa Zsa Zaturna" starring Rustom Padilla and Zsa Zsa Padilla. the movie is about Adrian, or "Ada," runs a beauty parlor with his sidekick Didi. When they move back to the province, Ada gets hit on the head by a mysterious pink rock which turns him into a buxom superheroine whenever he swallows it. With his alter ego named Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ada must deal with the affections of Dodong and ultimately battle against Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux and her band of extreme feminists who want to exterminate all male forms from the planet. so what can i say with this film.... ok lang sya... its better to watch and read the novel than watching the film.

next one is Shake Rattle and Roll, Jan. 1 with my little Bro Christian, the movie is not that scary.. unlike the shake rattle and roll before when i was a kid.... its so so so scary....

Enteng Kabisote 3 i watched the movie with my family. Enteng has a reason to gloat: business is thriving so he thinks Ina Magenta will get off his case for once. And she does, but for an entirely different reason: her newest cosmetic trick is a disaster, and it's affecting the whole of Engkantada. Satana sees this as the perfect opportunity to put her plans in place, starting with a lizard who poses as Enteng. The Kabisotes must keep together even as they deal with domestic problems so that they can fight as a family against evil. i enjoy the film its more ok that shake.... hahaha

Kasal Kasali Kasalo..... im alone.... i love it... i really enjoy the film the best film among the rest!!!! the movie is about, KasaloWhen they meet, Angie and Jed are immediately drawn to each other. But his mother is urging him to join the family in the States, and she is frustrated that he still can't make his own decisions. So he does-and it leads them both to the altar. Things are only about to get more interesting as they start a life together and try to build a family, all while dealing with his elitist mother and her own more humble, if not less tactless, mother.

hope you enjoy all the movie that you have good and be safe

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Last days of 2006

The Last Friday and Saturday of the Year 2006
Last Friday Dec 29, Oh... i really want to go out and have some fun with friends.. but then again i dont know who will come with me or even join me in every things that i want to do that night... well kasi naman everytime i want to chill i always ask carina to come with me, since carina is not available i text two of our friends to chill (ara and mae) so... after few mins. i start preparing for our last friday night ( i love it) well mae text me and told me that she will meet up us after the movie (kasal kasali kasalo) she's watching that movie together with her bf carlo. then 9:30 in the evening i went to the fort to wait for ara.... its to early for us to meet... i look around and see whats new.... thiers Carnival and tiangge... well the items are not good... then after that i saw ara na walking... then we decided to go to PIER1 where we usaully hung out, but then again the place is jam packed... we went to Jill's to Chill na lang with oldies people... the amazing with this night is the music is cool ( i love it) its 80's hahahaha we enjoy naman the night... then after 9 beers we met mae na so that we can chill naman after the 9 beer and movie of juday!!! hahahahaha
last Saturday Dec. 30, i met Vanessa one of my best friends, we are planning to watch movie (zsa zsa zaturna) in g4 wala lang, we want to chill and see each other before the new year... we eat our dinner sa giligans then after that we watch the movie na ( i can say that the movie is OK lang!!!) then we went to bubba gump to drink few beer then after that we went home na.... hay!! thats the event of my life the last days of 2006
be good and be safe

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year Guys!!!

wishing that this year 2007 will be the best year for me, thank you for giving us another year or another chance..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! mwah mwah mwah mwah

be good and be safe!!
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