Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Geri and the world Pyro Olympics

yahoo.... i love it... the 2nd world Pyro Olympics, as i promise to myself that i will watch the 2nd pyro olympics, to give you information the world pyro olympics is a compitition of diff. country compitin for the best fireworks in town. it started last 2006, last year's winner is Australia and for this year... we dont know yet, will see who won this saturday. Last Sunday January 8, 2006 7:30 pm, i asked my mom and my dad to go to MOA to watch Pyro, then they said yes.... together with Owie, my bro, and Joan plus me and my parents we went to the place where in we can see the fireworks, we place our car near SM MOA its in Yellow Cab, we had our dinner first then wait for the first firework (UK and Germany). around 8pm the show starts.... everyone is shouting.... clapping and enjoying the fireworks... i dont know how to describe the firework, as far as i remmember there's a firework that is look like SPERM cell looking for something hehehehe i love it!!! thats hot... anyways... you know what as i observe the people around our place... its so so so fun... why? bec. i see that most of the people who watched the show are family meaning its nice to see that they are watching the show as one big family.... i see that now a days filipino family are still strong dispite of so many problem and etc. and yet we still see the people happy... i love to see them... hay.... i love it!!! guys watch the Pyro with your family and friends.... you will love it!!

be good, be safe!!

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