Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Last days of 2006

The Last Friday and Saturday of the Year 2006
Last Friday Dec 29, Oh... i really want to go out and have some fun with friends.. but then again i dont know who will come with me or even join me in every things that i want to do that night... well kasi naman everytime i want to chill i always ask carina to come with me, since carina is not available i text two of our friends to chill (ara and mae) so... after few mins. i start preparing for our last friday night ( i love it) well mae text me and told me that she will meet up us after the movie (kasal kasali kasalo) she's watching that movie together with her bf carlo. then 9:30 in the evening i went to the fort to wait for ara.... its to early for us to meet... i look around and see whats new.... thiers Carnival and tiangge... well the items are not good... then after that i saw ara na walking... then we decided to go to PIER1 where we usaully hung out, but then again the place is jam packed... we went to Jill's to Chill na lang with oldies people... the amazing with this night is the music is cool ( i love it) its 80's hahahaha we enjoy naman the night... then after 9 beers we met mae na so that we can chill naman after the 9 beer and movie of juday!!! hahahahaha
last Saturday Dec. 30, i met Vanessa one of my best friends, we are planning to watch movie (zsa zsa zaturna) in g4 wala lang, we want to chill and see each other before the new year... we eat our dinner sa giligans then after that we watch the movie na ( i can say that the movie is OK lang!!!) then we went to bubba gump to drink few beer then after that we went home na.... hay!! thats the event of my life the last days of 2006
be good and be safe

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