Sunday, February 25, 2007

The New Club on the Block: Warehouse 135

Just when you thought that Manila’s clubbing scene was bordering on comme ci comme ça, Warehouse 135 happens. Manila’s party scene has added another place to quench the thirst for clubbing. CIRCUIT found a hole in the wall that will satisfy the need for something new. Hidden from the usual area of Makati’s party scene is a club that needs no sign. The queue of gorgeous people with their great love for dance music is the sign that it’s …THE WAREHOUSE everyone’s buzzing about.It is the Zouk of Singapore, the Discothèque of Barcelona, the Pacha of Ibiza, DC10 of Amsterdam. Warehouse 135 is definitely making a name for Manila. Domini Primero (created BIGFISH in 1999), the club’s managing director, proudly welcomes partyphiles to the hippest and best thing that has hit the metro’s party scene.The structure of the club is a contrast of a rugged exterior and a chic interior that’ll remind you of hip clubs abroad. A dramatic entrance with sexy black velvet curtains leads you to a lovely high ceiling that sports lighting and special effect by Martin Mac. Breathe deep now partygoers, as no less than the Eastern Acoustic Works (winner of the "Best Sound System" and "Best Sound Product" awards at the 2006 Club World Awards) booms out the club’s beats like crazy! You wouldn’t want to leave the dance floor once you hit it. Warehouse 135 promises to give Manila real good music and none of those cheesy mainstream tunes. From everyone’s favorite progressive house to electro-clash, this is every clubbers' paradise. All local DJs were screened & hand picked to ensure that quality dance music is to be played in the club and to take it to a higher notch; they are also bringing in world class international DJs from around the globe of different dance music genres, hopefully every single week. Think of the meat packing district clubs in New York because strict house rules are going to be very much implemented. Selected VIP guest list, "Threesome Promo" (bring 2 girls, get in for free), and free entrance for ladies all night. As of the moment, while the club is still on soft opening mode, door charge is only PhP300 with 1 free drink, but management still has the right to refuse entry.
Warehouse 135 is located at 135 Yakal Street, Makati City.

Special games!!!

The Kiwanis Project
One of the Kiwanis Project this year to help Special Kids. Its my First time to have this kind of project. You know what my first reaction to this one is nothing wala lang i feel that ok.... this is just a project... when i got to the place with some of my friends then i met this kids at first i really dont know whta should i do, how can i interact with this people? mmm.... then after a few minutes the program started. im so amaze with this one kid bec she was like reading the prayer and SHE is trying to finish that prayer. can you imagine a special kid trying to finish the prayer.... GOD im so thankful that im ok. im so touch with this kid. if you only witness this kind of event you really dont know how to react.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Warehouse 135 (loud and Clear)

happy puso kapuso!!!

Photo Taken by Fab Geri
me, carina and mae as we celebrate love in TGIF makati
If you dont have special someone to celebrate the kapuso day why not celebrate with you friends like this one.... me, carina and mae celebrated our the Puso day just the 3 of us... nothing more nothing less.... malay natin during this time someone will hooked up with us.... hahaha i love it. anyway our meeting place is TGIF makati we had our dinner then after this we are going to PIER1 the fort to have some beer....

Happy birthday Ken

Happy Birthday Ken!!!
Im so happy and thankful to be part of your life and for the friendship!! I wish you all the best.... stay cool!!!

Kiwanis Club of Dapitan in action!!!

Fabulous geri in action

The Kiwanis Diva (live in CCP)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lets celebrate LOVE by helping other!!!

The Gang of Kiwanis Dapitan
(me.peter.tito body.tita Myrna.
mommy g.jay.april.cito)

Dapitan Chapter

" lets celebrate love "

the feeding project

" lets celebrate love" guys... im so happy bec. peter and april introduce me to join this club "Kiwanis" the goal of this club is to help and help people. i really really had fun last saturday feb 3 when have our feeding project with this people. im so thankful that i have a good life. thanks a lot. i enjoy the day with them.

be good and be safe

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Mean Girls are BACK!!!!!

Me and Carina Greenbelt

Kroc Greenbelt

Fab Geri


and we are back... the mean girls are back to make your life more pretty and cute like us....

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I love it!!

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

I love it!!

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own


breakfast with my officemates (something fishy)
its my first time to have a breakfast with them, its fun... im so thankful bec. they have been so nice to me... thanks guys...
be good and be safe

Flickr dot Com

I love it.... i love bec i can download my picture from my cellphone to internet just in one click.. if you want to see my uploaded picture vist my flickr webpage by typing thanks thanks thanks
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