Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Want to be on top?

Photo Taken by Kat and Edited by Fab Geri

I really love this picture. Thanks Kat for this Pic

Bling your ring and painless earings

Photo Taken By Fab Geri


Last Monday I went to G4 just to go to Sony Ericsson shop. Then walking on my way to Hard Rock i purchased this earing from Silver Works its very cute kasi you dont have to make butas of your ears just to have earing. With this one you just clip it to your ears and thats it!!! for only 65.00 PHP you have a very fashionable Silver Earings.

After that, I really want to have a swarovski on my phone like Paris Hilton's Phone after to Silver Works on the other side you will see a both of GMASK ( and they can make your Mobile Phone Pretty meaning they can customized your cell phone in just a few hours...... well as for me, i took advantage of this chain with 24 Swarovski Crystal its so pretty and i love it... you know why? from 545.00 to 245.00 .... 50% off. you girls! if your planning to have your cellphone look like Paris Hilton visit G-Mask in Glorietta near Bench and Folded & Hung and let G-MASK customized your Phone.


The art of 3.2 cyber-shot camera phone

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

This picture was taken by myself last night using my k800i phone (its brown out due to the rain.... badvibes) Im so amaze with the result i was not expecting that this will be the result of that picture-picturan moment with my younger brother christian... i really love and the picture bfor me is very creative, by the way the only light for this picture is just a flash light!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

What is life without Starbucks

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Well My day is not complete if i wasnt able to drink any of my fave drink from STARBUCKS like Caramel Frap, Choco Java Chip and mocha frap. i love going to STARBUCKS after work or even before work. I dont know why but im so addicted with this drink. Starbucks coffee the also the witness of everything meaning from the up, side down moment of my life. This Place can tell who really I am. Starbucks is the place meeting place to all my apointments.... you will never get lost when you have Starbucks in the area. Guys if you want to meet me and have some cup of coffee with me or Frap with me and make a converstaion with me you will see me in Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee that i visited

  • Bonifacio High Street
  • The Fort (near Jollibee)
  • Magallanes
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • RCBC tower
  • Blue Wave (Macapagal Ave.)
  • Tagaytay
  • Starbucks near laguna (the one in south lane chuva)
  • Rockwell
  • Club Halo (just near in this place somewhere in makati
  • Greenbelt 3 and 1
  • Glorietta (G4 near the movie house, near in rustans, beside Candy Rock)
  • 6750
  • Robinson's Pioneer
  • Megamall
  • Shangrila Edsa
  • Robinson's Galleria
  • Ortigas
  • Metro walk
  • Eastwood
  • Podium
  • Gateway
  • Araneta Centre

Thanks Starbucks for making me happy..... hahaha I LOVE IT

The fabulous Tocilog from red ribbon

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

One of the Best Filipino Food Tocino with Egg and Garlic Rice.

When you say sinangag it implies the traditional Filipino fried rice which is comprised of left over cooked rice fried in oil and garlic. Quite an enjoyable comfort food whether eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The usual application (sounds like a software) of this is in the ubiquitous meals suffixed with 'silog' in fast foods and eateries in the Philippines. These are meals with a variety of fried meat and always paired with sinangag and itlog (egg) - all fried. I likened it to the all-day English breakfast. Usually eaten in the morning but taken as well any time of the day. Varieties of the 'silog' are numerous: Tapsilog - tapa (thinly sliced cured beef); Tocilog - tocino (cured pork); Lonsilog - sausage; and others. Your nearest Filipino or oriental store will surely have these. Another similar brekkie meal that brings me a smile whenever I hear it is the 'pakaplog' - pandesal (breakfast roll), kape (coffee), itlog (fried egg).
Oh well, use your imagination and picture a nice fried sunny side up egg in there. ;-) On the top left hand side of the plate is a little mound of achara (pickled green papaya). It's a regular accompaniment for all the 'silog' meals. I also like to have suka at patis (vinegar and fish sauce) dip to balance things up.
  • Keep the cooked rice in the fridge to chill. This will make the rice easier to separate since they are less sticky in that state.
  • Put the chilled rice in a bowl and mash them with your hands to separate the grains. While separating them, dip your hand in a bowl of water or stand by an open tap (faucet) and wet your hands from time to time. This will remove the stickiness from your hands and at the same time sprinkling the rice with water. You need the rice to be wet and soft because it will lose a lot of its moisture in the frying process. If not wet enough the resulting fried rice would be on the brittle side. However, if your rice is already 'malata' (soggy) then you do not need to wet it.
  • Set aside for a few minutes to let the sprinkled water to seep in the rice.
Sinangag(Garlic Fried Rice)
5 cups cooked rice - chilled and separated
1 1/2 Tbsp minced garlic2 -
3 Tbsp oil
sea salt
  • Heat oil in a wok or big pan. Saute garlic in low heat - do not burn it!
  • Add in rice and season generously with salt. Mix from time to time.
  • Cook for about 5 - 10 minutes. Serve hot.

How To Cook Tocino

  • Make sure that the tocino meats are sliced thinly.
  • Put the meat in a pan (preferably non-stick) and add about 1 cup of water for every kilo of tocino.
  • Cover (optional), bring to boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. Add more hot water if it's drying up too soon.
  • After 30 minutes, remove cover, add about 1 Tbsp oil then let the remaining sauce to dry up. Keep this at low heat to prevent the tocino from burning. This happens easily because of the sugar content.
  • Add more oil if needed and fry until meat is well caramelised. Serve warm.

The good taste of cake

Photo Taken by: Fab Geri

The new ayala mall (trinoma)

Photo taken by Fred

Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. unveiled the newest and one of the biggest shopping complexes and inter-modal transport depots in the country today, TriNoma (Triangle North of Makati) last April 25, 2007, 11 AM at the mall’s ground floor activity center.
Ayala Land President Jaime Ayala along with other top executives of Ayala Land and TriNoma Board of Directors invited Quezon City officials and friends to be the first to experience the amenities of TriNoma, which shall open to the public in May this year.
Mayor Belmonte complemented and affirmed TriNoma’s premiership among the major business establishments in the City. The Mayor noted that TriNoma is considered as a landmark project in the last six years of his administration and is a great leap, an overview of major economic developments to come in the next three years. He adds that TriNoma will exert a tremendous impact on the Central Business District Development Project being worked out by the local government along with other major stakeholders such as the World Bank, to transform Quezon City’s North and East Triangle areas into the most active and effective business destination in the country.
“Because of TriNoma, more developments are expected to take place as the competition becomes tighter for businesses in this area… TriNoma will pull people to come to Quezon City and partly, it shall define Quezon City,” observed Mayor Belmonte who was guest of honor in TriNoma’s unveiling ceremonies.
According to Mr. Jaime Ayala, TriNoma shall also serve as a catalyst in generating employment and opening career advancement opportunities for the people in Quezon City.Agreeing with the statement earlier made by Mr. Jaime Ayala, Mayor Belmonte said that TriNoma is in a terrific location. Accessible through three of the City’s major thoroughfares: EDSA, North and Mindanao Avenue, and interconnected railways, Quezon City through TriNoma will invite more people in the City. Mayor Belmonte recognized Ayala as a major driving force in transforming the cityscape, making mention of other Ayala projects in Quezon City such as the UP-Ayala Science & Technology Park, which is eyed as the local counterpart of the United States’ Silicon Valley.
“For three straight years, Quezon City was the awarded as the most business-friendly city. Rest assured that Quezon City is and shall continue to be friendly to business because business stirs up economic activity, bringing more developments to our City,” Mayor Belmonte said.
Establishing its lead in innovative and streamlined customer care, TriNoma promises to offer a wide array of services as an intermodal transport hub and convergence point in northern Metro Manila, connecting some metro light rail systems and major drop off points.
Landmark was noted by Mr. Jaime Ayala in his welcome address as a major player of TriNoma, claiming to have built the best supermarket and department store in the country.
Flagship stores of the most popular local and foreign product brands are also housed in TriNoma, most of which are the largest of all their branches in the country. The more than one-hectare park at the mall’s fourth level offers a unique dining and recreation experience as it merges food and recreation shops with an outdoor garden, beautifully landscaped to match both high end and popular markets.
Timezone TriNoma branch is the largest of any of their branches in the Philippines, 50% bigger than the next biggest Timezone. Indeed, a great attraction to everyone especially arcade and virtual gaming enthusiasts.
TriNoma also boasts of its world-class movie houses, entertainment and activity centers. It shall also house 550 retail store choices in its 195,000-square meter gross leasable area, with provisions for a 3,500 parking space capacity.
The short presentation-briefing on TriNoma, described the mall’s four levels. On the first level are the largest and most popular local commercial centers and shops as well as an activity center for events.
On the second floor are the Sports Zone, IT Zone, and a wide spectacle of foreign shops. On the third level is the largest TimeZone in the country along with a sophisticated Home Zone, Wellness Zone, and Kids Zone. On top of everything is the more than one-hectare garden park merged with dining and recreation functions. The open area enables the customers to enjoy the view of the cityscape.
The Mayor along with Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, Business Permits and Licensing Office Chief Pacifico Maghacot, Jr., and Ayala Land President Jaime Ayala handed over to the store holders their merchant’s certificate.
Also present in the gracing of TriNoma were Representatives Bingbong Crisologo, Nanette Castelo-Daza, and Annie Susano, Councilors Ariel Inton, Jun Ferrer, Jorge Banal, Bernadette Herrera-Dy, Dante De Guzman, Wency Lagumbay, and candidate for city councilor Vincent Belmonte.
From the City’s bureaucracy witnessing the event were Adviser to the Mayor Dr. Manuel Alba, Special Assistant to the Mayor Victoria Loanzon, City Treasurer Dr. Victor Endriga, City Engineer Joselito Cabungcal, and Public Affairs and Information Services Office Chief Greg BaƱacia.

The store you can trust 7-11

Photo taken by Fab Geri

Im with Pia during this time its our CS mode thats why, we went down to smoke then went to 7-11 then GOOD VIBES na.... 7-11 the only store when you need something!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Foreplay Your Guy's Way

It may take little more than a grope to prep your man for nooky, but get this: If you spend time engaging in pre-play, you’ll pave the way for more pleasure than ever. “When a man is turned on before sex in the right way, it not only feels good, but his body is also more receptive and his orgasm more intense,” says sex expert Gloria Brame, PhD. Here, five foreplay-for-him maneuvers that’ll tantalize your guy.

Let Him View Your BodYou…naked.

It’s already the hottest gift then cover up again. When you finally get down to removing your panties, do it painfully slow so he feels the burn. “Once you’re naked, tease him by twisting your body over him in different directions, arching your back, and letting your breasts graze his face and chest,” says sex expert Ava Cadell, PhD. He’ll be absolutely aching for your touch by the time you finally press your body against his.

Use Your BreathRelax,

you can leave the tantric breathing to Sting. But there’s something to be said for using your mouth to work up your man. Start by letting your parted lips linger somewhere on his body, like his stomach or chest, then slowly exhale. “The rush of hot air will create a temperature change in his skin and heighten arousal,” says Cadell.

Play a Little Rough

When it comes to foreplay, most women crave a slow seduction. But guys often like the more forceful approach. “Men get turned on when women get a little animalistic and make maximum pleasure the goal. They take it as a sign of lust and an indication that she’s as into it as he is,” says Brame. To him, playing rough isn’t about bondage necessarily. “Guys just want a woman who can take the reins,” says Brame.

Tantalize With Touch

Guys are surprisingly touchy between the sheets, and we’re not just talking about how he measures up to your ex. “Men desire a variety of hands-on stimulation techniques,” says Brame. And guess what, it’s not where you think. Instead of heading straight for his package, mix up your sexual touches—think: hard massage, long nail strokes, surprise pinches—all over his body to pique his pleasure.

Bring Him to the Brink

And now for the frisky finale: Pull out the start—stop trick. “By teasing your guy mercilessly and bringing him dangerously close to climax repeatedly, you will ultimately intensify his orgasm,” says Brame.

Let's call it a day!

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Sticks of yo and a f0od, then a glass or a bottle of a beer to complet the whole day. Its g0od to drink once a while but dont abuse the taste of beer y0u might forget that you have an0ther day.

The only available food!!!!

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Thanks Tots for the Fries!!!

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Which is the best taste??? C2 or Nature Harvest?

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Photo Taken/Edited by Fab Geri

Its the end of the MONTH we need to pay our BILLS BILLS BILLS.

damme.... i really need to pay my bills... ewww..... bill from my Smart, then Globe and one with BDO. GOOD luck!!!

The Kingdom of Pretty

Photos Taken by: Fab Geri

This is my Room in Pasay... nothing just want you to see how it look like... i dont know why some of my friends love to stay and chill to my room. let me give you a quick tour of my room using this picture.

Once you open the door you will see my single bed with a side table. Things that you will see on my my side table

  • speaker for my phone
  • Lamp shade
  • my blue telephone
  • cellphone stand
  • oil burner (given by lenz)

Then you will see my Computer Station

  • PC
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Planners
  • office things
  • etc

Then a small Sofa with Latest Cosmo and Preview Mag.

you will also see my Working table with Pictures of my friends, plus the cabinet of my collection.

The only scared/Holy Place in my life....

The Fabulous Mobile for Fab GERI

My new k800i, im so happy having a K800i because everything i need for my life is here.... like 3.2 mega pix camera (cyber shot) mp3 player, i can even watch TV using this phone. May be the best thing that i should do with this phone is to enjoy and take acre of this phone..... i hope to see you so that we can take a picture and post it to my BLOG.
K800i Features the best application for my FAB LIFE
Sony Ericsson’s megapixel digital camera gives you crisp high resolution every time and added features more common to standalone cameras.
Integrated camera
Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features.
Blog your life
The easy way to share your life in pictures. Take or choose a photo, add a little text and publish it for friends and family to enjoy.
RSS feeds
Use your phone to view up-to-the-minute news and other content from selected websites and blogs. Just subscribe to the feed and let it come to you.
Video streaming
Enjoy real-time video feeds from the Internet - no need to wait for the download or use up storage space on your phone, just stream it.
The Bluetooth™ experience
Bluetooth™ wireless technology frees more than your hands – it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 metres.
Snap, send, sell!
Become a mobile journalist and sell your photos and videos to the press. Simply take pictures or films of things that catch your interest, then send them to Scoopt™. They market your images and movies to the media. If they sell, you get a fee. Register now and sell your content!
Push email
Instant email on your mobile phone, just like on your home computer. Messages are sent directly to your phone as soon as they arrive.

Flight mode
Function that inactivates radio transmitters and receivers so that some functions can be used in places such as planes and hospitals.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Best GF Carina

Photo Taken by: Fab Geri

Happy Birthday Carina!!!! i love yeah GF

You made me remember the good times
When i could only remember the bad
You promised me a return
Of the peace i long ago had
You never left me alone
When that was what i wrongly thought i needed
You never dwelt on my faults
Instead you pointed out when i had succeeded
You made me laugh
When i felt i would cry
You made me live
When i wished to die.

Happy Birthday to my long lost pinsan Mae Bonga

Photo Taken by: Fab Geri

Happy Birthday to my long lost Pinsan Mae Bonga.... i love yeah!!!

The Best chruch in Pasay

Photo taken by Christian

The best Chruch in Pasay Near Mall of Asia

Meet my w0rk stati0n

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

The Place i really love this is where i do my BLOG, FRIENDSTER, MY SPACE etc

Where is "Where Else"

Photo taken by Fab Geri

Before this place was the hottest club/bar in makati philippines. "WHERE ELSE"

They said that this place is the Headquarter of Party Animals, Class A and Famous Being of the Philippines but now where is WHERE ELSE???? do you have any idea? Well, me i dont have any idea... let me share you some story about this place. 2003 after my graduation this bar is packed with people but not just normal people they are the ELITE GROUP of Manila. I went to this place with my Pinsan Jade and i introduce her with my best friend Carina, the moment i entred this place im so so so crazy because Tim Yap in this place, Carina Introduce me to JM Rodriguez and he introduce me to TIM and im so glad coz i met one the most influencial being when it comes into event then that Moment we become friend bec. during that time i worked as a Manager for Club Halo (one of the most crazy club in Manila). This place is the most memorable club in my life.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The fam0us shoes of all time!

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Last Pay Day May 11, 2007 the show that you see is the shoes that i never expect to buy.... you know why? Its very manly.... but then again i dont have any choice i need a new shoes!!! because i need new shoes i took advantage this shoes kasi its IN and as my friend told me this shoes is fit my personality!!! hahahaha i can say that no regret of buying this shoes, its very comfy and its matches all my clothes from casual look, fashionista look to a very social look!!!

My high school gay friend

Photo Taken by Kris Prades

Ma, Lenz, Clint, alvin, mark, ron and em


There is that friend that is so much a part of you, that you feel alone just thinking about the thought of her not being there.

There is that friendshipthat has so much that it is based on that nothing could ever dissolve or even threaten it.

There is that friendwith whom you share so much history that one fight or misunderstanding rolls off nearly instantaneously,because one issue is so insignificant, and could never come close to shattering the bond.

There is that friendshipthat cannot always be explained, but only understood and cherished by the two people that share it.

There is that friendthat mean so much to you, that you honestly believe you would stop studying for a final exam, break a date with your crush of five years, or risk being grounded just so you could be there to lend a shoulder to cry on, offer a hug, or spend three hours just sitting with her if that would make it at all better.

There is that friendshipthat has lasted through ten years of your life, and is still growing.
There is that friend who you can talk to about something that happened when you were eight years old, and she can relive that moment so vividly along with you..

There is that friendthat knows you as well as you know yourself, and finds it special that you know her just as well.

There is that friend who can make you smile through your tears, or cry out of happiness.
There is that friendwho is always there for you, and just realizing that she would be there is more than enough to make it better.

There is that friend who cares about clearing away your tears no less if you are crying over absolutely nothing or over something she may have done to hurt you.

I have one friend like that, and it is that friend that will always occupy a precious part of my heart.

Happy birthday mama Otek @ Embassy

Photo Taken by Fab Geri
Me, Jodge and The Birthday Gay Mama Otek

Photo taken by Fab Geri
The Ethel Booba and The Fabulous Geri

Its nice to see you again girls

Photo Taken by ????? (i think Lhot's BF)

Hey... its nice to see you again girls, wow you guys are now ok... meaning you have your own comapny na ah!! well im so happy for you guys... keep up the good work... GOOD JOB!!!

Birthday bash of Ma. Josefina aka Majo

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Last May 18 Majo celebrated her 23 or 24 birthday at pier one the fort, i gave her a cake from red ribbon kc naman she 's been supp0rtive about my l0ve life, and als0 just want to thank her 4 being my l0l0ka l0kang frnd. Well d celebrati0n of her birthday was fun, i enj0yed a l0t because im lasing, im so drunk that night (thanks maj for the beer) hahaha... i have a story to tell, its about Maj invited friend during that night... i really hate HIM you know why he was like acting as if we are best friend... i dont even know that guy and he keeps on asking me about personal thing like "DO" and he is eww.... that night is the first night i ever saw that person and he act like MANYAK ew.... (Maj to be friend with that kind of person ah) I have question how will you react if you met a person like that?
be good and be safe

Pasta in the h0use!

Photo taken by: Fab Geri

This pasta taste g0od, it was given by May Vizc0nde, its a Tuna something Pasta. Well it taste good i dont know who made/cooked this food, who ever you are you have a talent! Let's give credit naman to May because she give an effort to bring this food. thanks May!! I love it talaga. Thanks again!!
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