Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birthday bash of Ma. Josefina aka Majo

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Last May 18 Majo celebrated her 23 or 24 birthday at pier one the fort, i gave her a cake from red ribbon kc naman she 's been supp0rtive about my l0ve life, and als0 just want to thank her 4 being my l0l0ka l0kang frnd. Well d celebrati0n of her birthday was fun, i enj0yed a l0t because im lasing, im so drunk that night (thanks maj for the beer) hahaha... i have a story to tell, its about Maj invited friend during that night... i really hate HIM you know why he was like acting as if we are best friend... i dont even know that guy and he keeps on asking me about personal thing like "DO" and he is eww.... that night is the first night i ever saw that person and he act like MANYAK ew.... (Maj to be friend with that kind of person ah) I have question how will you react if you met a person like that?
be good and be safe

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