Thursday, May 24, 2007

My high school gay friend

Photo Taken by Kris Prades

Ma, Lenz, Clint, alvin, mark, ron and em


There is that friend that is so much a part of you, that you feel alone just thinking about the thought of her not being there.

There is that friendshipthat has so much that it is based on that nothing could ever dissolve or even threaten it.

There is that friendwith whom you share so much history that one fight or misunderstanding rolls off nearly instantaneously,because one issue is so insignificant, and could never come close to shattering the bond.

There is that friendshipthat cannot always be explained, but only understood and cherished by the two people that share it.

There is that friendthat mean so much to you, that you honestly believe you would stop studying for a final exam, break a date with your crush of five years, or risk being grounded just so you could be there to lend a shoulder to cry on, offer a hug, or spend three hours just sitting with her if that would make it at all better.

There is that friendshipthat has lasted through ten years of your life, and is still growing.
There is that friend who you can talk to about something that happened when you were eight years old, and she can relive that moment so vividly along with you..

There is that friendthat knows you as well as you know yourself, and finds it special that you know her just as well.

There is that friend who can make you smile through your tears, or cry out of happiness.
There is that friendwho is always there for you, and just realizing that she would be there is more than enough to make it better.

There is that friend who cares about clearing away your tears no less if you are crying over absolutely nothing or over something she may have done to hurt you.

I have one friend like that, and it is that friend that will always occupy a precious part of my heart.

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