Friday, May 25, 2007

Where is "Where Else"

Photo taken by Fab Geri

Before this place was the hottest club/bar in makati philippines. "WHERE ELSE"

They said that this place is the Headquarter of Party Animals, Class A and Famous Being of the Philippines but now where is WHERE ELSE???? do you have any idea? Well, me i dont have any idea... let me share you some story about this place. 2003 after my graduation this bar is packed with people but not just normal people they are the ELITE GROUP of Manila. I went to this place with my Pinsan Jade and i introduce her with my best friend Carina, the moment i entred this place im so so so crazy because Tim Yap in this place, Carina Introduce me to JM Rodriguez and he introduce me to TIM and im so glad coz i met one the most influencial being when it comes into event then that Moment we become friend bec. during that time i worked as a Manager for Club Halo (one of the most crazy club in Manila). This place is the most memorable club in my life.

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