Saturday, June 30, 2007

Abseneras night @ pier 0ne the fort

Photo's taken by Fab Geri, Ken and Pia

This is what we need after a month of hard work, hay.... for once lets have some beer and sisig naman.... im so happy to have a beer again!!!! i love it!!! me pia and ken went to the fort to have some break!!! what!!!! ken and pia (the fort) well yeah... we went to Pier One the for and we drink, we eat, then we drink... guys... you love it!!! me i love it!!! really really love it!!! after Pier one we went to WAREHOUSE 135 again we eat, we drink and we dance.... hahahaha!!!!
Miss you J of my life!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sakit sa PUSO

i hate it!!! badvibes.... i dont likethe feeling, kinalimutan muna nga andyet makikita ko mo sya hir safrindster.... OMG i really really hatemyself!!! for doing this thing... f u ck... maalala naman kita ngaun... im okna nga eh... as in ok na!!!! basta alli know is napatawad na kita!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................i hate it!!!! tamana ...................................never ko na ulit bubuksan yun!!!!! asin!!!ill enjoy my life na lang!!!! mag reactna dapat mag react baka sabhin mo namansa akin.... nung nawala ka never akonag react sau.... deadma lang taposnow.... kung mag react ako sa knyaganito.... well.... wala lang!!! masamaba? hmp....starbucks na nga lang ako....

Gourmet Coffee for Everyday Life

Are you a gourmet coffee devotee? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people love the delicious taste of a gourmet brew and wouldn’t dream of starting their day without making at least a single cup of coffee. According to a study by the National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc., more than 32 million adults in the US admitted to drinking gourmet coffee on a daily basis in 2005.
Most people don’t realize how easy it is to make their favorite gourmet beverages at home. Single cup coffee makers are the solution to any issues of convenience, quality, and price. It’s no longer necessary to drive to a local coffee shop or to fire up fancy equipment to get a taste of gourmet coffee. Single cup coffee makers are not only affordable and efficient, they’re easy to use.

The Cost of Gourmet Coffee

Over the past two decades, gourmet coffee has grown in popularity. This surge in national coffee-affinity coincided with a boom in coffee shops, or cafes, that specialize in gourmet brews. Many specialty stores have also latched onto the coffee trend, offering a wide variety of gourmet brand coffee grounds or fresh beans to the public.

These cafes and specialty stores have developed a reputation for high-priced coffee and long lines. For most people, going out to purchase a daily cup of gourmet coffee is too expensive and time-consuming. People with busy lifestyles also don’t want to invest in pricey gourmet brewers. These complicated machines take forever to make a single cup of coffee and require a good deal of cleanup.

The “Single Cup Coffee Maker” Revolution

Compare these options to the ease and convenience of single cup coffee makers. These compact machines brew delicious gourmet coffee in less than a minute. Never again will you waste both time and money by driving to the coffee shop so you can wait in line for an overpriced cup of coffee. Other than the initial purchase of the single cup coffee maker and the price of coffee pod refills, the expense is minimal and the perks are immense.

Most models of single cup coffee makers are compatible with either coffee pods or K-cups, which are small packages of grounds that can be inserted directly into the machine. The pods or K-cups lock in the freshness and flavor of the gourmet coffee for a high quality cup of your favorite brew every time.

Many popular coffee brands, including Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Celestial Seasonings, have jumped on the single cup coffee maker bandwagon. Some of their most popular flavored selections are now available for use in coffee pods or K-cups.

Easy-to-Do Brews
Brewing your own gourmet coffee doesn’t require an expensive machine or any special training. You can brew gourmet coffee in as little as 30-seconds using a single cup coffee maker.
So how do single cup coffee makers work? The brewing process is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Fill the reservoir of your single cup coffee maker with cold water.
2. Select your favorite flavored coffee pod or K-cup and place it into the coffee chamber.
3. Place your coffee cup below the coffee chamber.

Pull the lever down (or push the button depending on the type of machine you own) and watch your cup fill with hot, gourmet coffee!

Clean up is even simpler as there are no grinds to clean up or filters to throw away. Just remove the used coffee pod or K-cup and you’re ready to start anew.

Single cup coffee makers are practical for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Whether you’re at home or in the break room at work, pop your favorite brand and flavor of coffee into the single cup coffee maker and enjoy the experience of fresh-brewed gourmet coffee. The single cup coffee maker may not replace the pricey cafes or specialty stores entirely, but it’ll provide you with a less expensive and more convenient alternative that’s brimming with the taste you love.

Sexy Plans to Make With Him

Bahay-Bahayan Weekend
Time frame: Overnight to two nights
Make reservations at a serviced suite room. Do some weekend grocery-shopping, prepare your overnight bag, and make sure to pack in your sexy lingerie. You’re in for a weeked of lovin’.
Lock yourselves in and enjoy each other’s company. And for at least one particular meal during your weekend escape, forego calling in for delivery and instead, prep a recipe you both want to try. Whether you’re craving for juicy steaks or eager to try a pesto pasta, come prepared with your gourmet ingredients. Transform preparing your meal into a joint adventure and get crazy in the kitchen. After your hearty meal, spend time just chatting, watching your favorite DVD, or practicing Cosmo’s Love and Lust moves.

Alfresco Dates
Time frame: One night a week
When weather permits, agree to eat only at places that offer outdoor seating. A lot of restos now have alfresco dining options. Garden and ambient tables fill up fast, so make a reservation. Pretend you’re in some foreign locale and take in the sights and sounds while people-watching together. For an add-on twist: Try date nights on Wednesdays to break up the Monday to Friday grind.

What will i do? ist a deal or no deal?

What should i do? should i continue this or not? but i like him, but he is dating someone for a month na!! but i like him really!!! its like a deal or no deal. what?????

Monday, June 18, 2007


  • " I know this could be one reason that will make us "ilang", but just want to be true to myself and im sure you would understand me bec. you know what.... really I am... !@#$%^& I like you! you know that our work is not that easy for me but then again you keep me going... i hope this wont bother you. Thanks for for undestanding." -!@#$$%
  • "ok lang yun. hehehe! thats flatering. hehehe. tnx! Alam ko naman, gestures mo pa lang. wala yun sa akin."-!@#$$%
  • " wait, wat do you mean na alam mo? Question, do you know me ba? kasi i forgt to put my name"-!@#$%^

  • "Yes! I know you. Alam ko yung tungkol sa sinabi mo"-!@#$%^
  • "oh, by the way, you intentionli didnt put ur name. hehehe! Hnd mo nakalimutan. hehehe -!@#$%^
  • "Ows, tlaga r you sure.... cge Ayawan na!!! Parang shy 2loy ako... nxt tme hush na lang ako... I hate myself na. nhhya ako, i dont know."-!@##$$
  • "ok lang yun. jst leave it as is. cge il eat muna. tnx din pla. hehehe." -!@#$
  • "dami kasing nasa draft ko. I dnt know kung ano ung send ko thats y... r u sure na kilala mo ako ah."-!@#$
  • " ok. enjoy your meal." -!@#$$
  • "Oo nga. sbi mo nga mukhang maarte ako kaso mas maarte ka. hehehe ah basta cge na. enjoy your off."-!@#$%
  • " Its natural! be good and be safe."-!@#$
  • "tnx. enjoy your off."-!@#$%
This is our text conversation..... thanks thanks talaga... i hope we can go out and chill.....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Photo taken by Fab Geri

Photo taken by Ken and Pia

For a change lets try other coffee shop aside starbucks, together with Pia, Ken, Cris and now with Kat we have our coffee at Coffee Bean (kasi naman under reno and starbucks) well anyway, i think this is the 3rd time to have a coffee with Coffee Bean, i had my 1st coffee bean with majo way back in 2006 (mall of asia) the place is like starbucks with all the painting, cakes and etc. the price is almost the same with starbucks. With the taste, think they are not the same but im not telling you that its not good.... its good!!! during that time i ordered Ice Blended Mocha and it taste Good naman.

Andre's dedication

Im so Happy to be part of this celebration... really kahit im late!!! its Andre's Dedication (like Ruffa's dedication) well... im so excited bec. again i will see my friends and i will witness the most important event of Andre's life. The venue is in KAMAYAN G3 Makati (sosyal) the event started like i think 6pm but then again as what i told you IM LATE sorry Amphy... anyways as i arrived the venue i see my friends na then they save me a chair then im not expecting Nico one of our classmates in college was their... mmmm.... why??? i dont know... anyway after that program... we started chatting... stories... memories and etc... the food is great... then the people who attended the event are ok... kasi naman nandun kami..... hehehe then thats it!!! im so so happy talaga for my friend Amphy!!!! I love yeah grl.... mwah mwah

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Z night out party!

Photo Taken by Kat

Sige try ko naman sa QC... lets see what's with QC area!!! Well after how many years, i think the last time i went to QC for Party was the Grand Openning of SIBIL (Manage by my friend TIM) yeah thats the last time i went to qc. Ok... well this people beside me (lemon, ????, ????? Jai, Windy, Tin and me) invited me to join them to have a drinking party in QC ( whats the place again???? shyet.....) well anyways i went to this place like 11:30 by a cab (fuck 150 fare ko) then i started chatting with them, then thats it!!! we drink, we eat, then some of them sing... tawa ng tawa etc... honestly.... the night for me is ok... i had fun with them, trying to get drunk but then again NO!!! hay.... buhay!!! kakaloka.... thanks guys!!!!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tele-SERYE breakfast

Cris, Pia, Ken and Geri


Crispy Pata


Iced Tea

Breakfast time with Cris, Pia and Ken.. well after the heavy breakfast last week at Heaven and Egg's now another heavy breakfast but now in SERYE. I really dont know why they want to eat during that time.... anyway let tell you something about the food that we eat. We have Pancit plus Sisig and Crispy Pata (take not this is breakfast not LUNCH) the food is good esp. Crispy Pata i love the way they cooked its like boneless Crispy Pata with yellow somthing on the side ( i dont know what is that eh just take a look the picture then tell me what is that) then the Pancit is ok.... I really dont eat Pancit not unless the Pancit was cooked by my Yaya Imelda but it taste good naman. Sisig i can say its different from other sisig that i like especially when i drink beer, with this Sisig i can san that (ok lang sya) not that good but its taste ok.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Starbucks night with majo

Photo taken by Fab Geri

mmm.... why majo? wala ka naman magawa sa house nyo thats why you invited me to have a coffee sa starbucks magallanes..... its nice to see you again... with all the story about your best and your hot guys..... go girl!!!! i love it!!!

It's time for your self!

Mary Pauline Salon Glorietta

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Well, its time to have my hair done again by my hairstylist Paul Maceda of Mary Pauline Salon in glorietta. Every m0nth its a must for 2 have my hair done, i spend like 300php just to have a my hair d0ne, its an investment for espcialy i w0rk for advertsing. I dont have salon but i have my own stylist, he/she've been styling my hair for almost 4 years, kaya naman sa kanya ko lang pinag kakatiwala ang hair ko. To funky to stylish hair, from formal to fashionista, just name it and he/she will take care of everything.
My Stylist: Paul Maceda (09287081399)

Its Pay DAY!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!! its Pay DAY!!!!! Partee ON!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey... you!!! yeah you... i like you!!!

You know what!!! really really dont know... why i like this guy.... not that good looking among the past chuvanes but then again i like !@#$%^ hmmm... i can say that #$%^ is nice, #$%^& always make me bati like "Hi Geri" and !@#$% alsways smile when #$%^% see me... GOSH!!!! i dont know ... really dont know!!! please... what should i do to this #$%^&

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Maraming Maraming Salamat po!!

Thanks to all the people who spend money (TEXT, VOTE CARDS) just to vote for my cousin BEATRIZ thanks thanks thanks from our FAMILY. She got 60% vote Thanks thanks for the support!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sex Goddess Secrets

There are women who are great in bed, and then there are sex goddesses—chicks who not only have a stash of killer seduction tricks but whose finely tuned sack skills push men over the edge. In addition, they’ve mastered an enthusiastic almost-anything-goes attitude and know how to make any guy feel like a great lover. Most important, they do all this without compromising their own pleasure. As for becoming a bona fide sex goddess yourself, integrate these scorching tips (gleaned from top sex experts) into your repertoire and you’ll attain that supreme status, too.

They start preplay in the AM
Bliss masters plant the seed of desire early so it has a chance to grow all day. “When you’re planning on having a hot night, begin foreplay in the morning,” says Olivia St. Claire, author of 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed. Tricks that fuel his lust: Wedge a naughty note under his windshield wiper or give him a deep kiss before scooting off to work. As for getting in a frisky frame of mind yourself, mentally replay a sexy memory or fantasy when you have some downtime.

They find erotic inspiration everywhere.
Say you’re putting on a pair of heels for a date and you realize they make your legs look ridiculously hot. Tap into that later and keep your stilettos on in the sack. Or if you suddenly notice how plush your man’s hall carpet is, make a mental note to suggest getting it on there one night soon. “Great lovers zone in on the passion potential in any everyday situation,” says California sex therapist Linda DeVillers, Ph.D. Throughout the day, put your senses on high alert—savor delicious smells and tastes, sexy sights, feel-good fabrics, and sensual music. It’ll help you develop sex goddess-grade carnal spontaneity.

They give hot teases.
Cop this superior seductress technique: Simulate sex during foreplay. Rhythmically suck his fingers or slide his hand back and forth between your breasts. “Acting out a preview boosts arousal because it’s so close to intercourse,” says Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex.

They keep their hands on themselves.
Touching your body during sex brings you pleasure while sending him the message that you’re confident—a requirement for any sex goddess. Zigzag your finger down your chest or stroke your clitoris before climax. “He’ll feel like you’re giving him a show,” says Keesling. “Just make sure you also let him know you like what he’s doing.”

They lock eyes during oral.
An experienced woman knows a guy loves watching her pleasure him (glance up when you’re going down on him—he’s probably looking at you), and she capitalizes on that by giving her man a sexy stare mid-action. “This instantly increases intimacy,” affirms Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Oral Sex. It also turns him waaay on.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Steps to a fabulous social life

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Brush up on social skills for fulfilling friendships. With hectic days and busy schedules, time to socialize can seem like a luxury and end up at the bottom of our priority list. It's easy for many adults to suffer from loneliness and isolation. When we were younger, many of us spent a lot of time with friends: in school, on weekends, or, later, living together as roommates. But when we live on our own, or with our partner and/or children, it takes work to maintain friendships and, often, regular contact with pals becomes minimal. On top of this, many feel uncertain about how to make new friends as an adult. The following steps will help you to reach out to others and improve your social skills:

1. Commit to working on your social life In our modern world, having a social life involves some work. Look for opportunities to socialize. Go to an event that you might normally turn down or ignore, like a workshop, meeting, cocktail party or dinner. Take the risk and say "yes" instead of "no." Make yourself as comfortable as possible — bring a friend or co-worker with you.

2. Step outside your comfort zone Once you're in a social situation, take risks and reach out to someone. Walk over and introduce yourself. Ask the person how they know the host or found out about this event. Pay someone a compliment about her wardrobe. Take an interest in the other person. Ask open-ended questions, and a conversation will almost inevitably result. Ask yourself, What's the worst thing that could happen? Perhaps a boring conversation could result, in which case you can end it and move on to someone else.

3. Join something Most communities have a variety of classes, courses, sports teams or workshops to choose from. Find something that interests you, regardless of whether you make a new friend. If you live in an isolated area, consider expanding your virtual community — join a chat room or online support group, or find an e-mail friend.

4. Start something Take the initiative: invite people over, host a potluck dinner or start a book club.

5. Deepen existing friendships Consider whom you like and would enjoy having a more connected friendship with. Pick up the phone and call this person. Talk about something of importance to you. Or reach out emotionally — being there for someone else can create a powerful, soulful connection.

6. Prioritize your social life Once you make a date for socializing, say "no" to other bookings or requests for that time. Summon some energy for your social life. Time with others takes energy but it also gives energy. Sometimes I can feel too tired to socialize with friends, but afterwards I come home energized and refreshed by the laughter, support and insights that I gain from these connections. Our social lives are important to our mental and physical health — make time and space for yours.

Ways to Spice up your Fabulous Life

Photo taken by Fab Geri

Being stuck in this pre-bagyo purgatory can pretty much suck if you let it. Consider the situation: There aren’t any big-deal events to break up the daily grind, which means life can get monotonous, predictable, and well, downright gloomy and stagnant. “For the past few months, you were busy, and now you have less to do and look forward to, so there’s an inevitable let-down that occurs,” explains psychologist Anne Rosen Noran, PhD.
But we’ve decided not to give in to the gloom. Which is why Cosmo has compiled tons of pleasure-packed ways to brighten your outlook.

Slather On Coconut-Scented Hand Cream

How cool is this: You don’t even need to be soaking up rays to feel beachy keen. Believe it or not, moisturizing your mitts with lotion reminiscent of your favorite tanning cream can actually put you in a sunnier state of mind. “When you smell something, you subconsciously associate that specific odor with your immediate surroundings,” explains Craig Warren, PhD, director of scientific affairs at the Sense of Smell Institute in New York. “Subsequently, each time you experience that scent, you summon lots of sense memories that are connected to that particular place.”

Transplant Your Next Steamy Sack Session

Doing the deed in the bedroom? Yawn! One of the best ways to electrify your lust life is to alter the venue, as in over the bathroom sink, in the backseat of your car, on the kitchen table.… “Having sex somewhere outside the norm adds an element of excitement, which is a turn-on,” explains Rallie McAllister, MD, author of The Busy Couple’s Guide to Great Sex.

Belt Out in the Bathroom

Calling all a.m. idols: The shower is the ultimate place to showcase your pipes. “The acoustics drastically enrich and expand your voice, so you sound powerful, which can be majorly uplifting,” explains vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams, author of Voice Power. “Plus, your inhibitions are lowered, which means you’ll be able to let loose and really channel that inner diva.” Of course, what would-be pop star couldn’t use some kickin’ background vocals?

Score a Slinky Number

Sure, it’s a given that sexy summer tops have long been gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly enjoy pre-shopping ’til you drop. Get yourself a girlie little somethin’-somethin’ now. Be sure to hang it front and center in your closet as a visual reminder of the fun of baring.

Revamp Your Bedroom

You don’t need to call in the crew from Queer Eye for The Straight Girl to boost your boudoir. Simply change your bedspread. “Your bed is the focal point of the space, so buying a bright new comforter will lend a completely fresh look and feel,” says decorating expert Denny Daikeler, author of What Color Is Your Slipcover?

Download a Tropical Screen Saver

Gazing at a dreamy vacation destination while you’re bound to your desk will at least send your mind packing. Research shows that when people look at images of a locale they find inviting, their brains release chemicals that make them feel stimulated (in other words, happy and motivated), according to Noran. Visit for your free portal to paradise.

Play With Your Decor

Those games you loved as a kid have just become the hot new interior-design accessory. To get in on the trend: Place a bowl of colorful Rubik’s cubes or a funky checker set on your coffee table. “Adding playful props to your pad is an easy way to create a fun decorating vibe,” says Kristen Scott Pisa, a designer from Scott Interiors LLC.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My busy table!

Photo Taken by Fab Geri

Sunday... then by tomorrow Monday first day of the week.... im hoping to have a not busy schedule by this month of june but i dont think so, you know why i have schedule kaagad like June 16 Amphy Little angel's baptism the June 19 two events in one night!!! hay..... hopefully i can make it!!!

Night with Carina @ Capones (Makati)

Photo/Edited by Fab Geri

Yes!!! i Love it.... The Saturday night is alive because me and carina are BACK to the party scene!!! you love IT? Me I love IT!!! but wait..... Grl... "san ang mga tao??!@#$, where are they? mmmmm... IN HOUSE na ba ang click or IN ngayon or what??? Dammmmmm what happen to THE greenbelt? few people.... mmmm let me think of a good reason... June 3 ahhhh school year will start na pala... SO!!! they should go out, this is the LAST GIMIK for whole life hahahaa.... hay.... anyways... I met carina around 11:45pm then we went to Massas in greenbelt near Timple then few beers (RED HORSE), then after an hour we went to Capones with Carinas Bf and friends... well i did not talked to this new people that i met kasi naman i dont know them... i dont know what to say or something. Capones... guess what.... i think the people in that bar like about to 20 to 30 lang ... then the sound is ROCK!!!! kamusta naman yun.... hehehehe again we drink then catch up with carina... some stories then plans.... thats it lang... but then i really had fun ahhh...


Saturday, June 2, 2007

You Tube and Fabulous Geri

Created by: Fab Geri

Im so happy to have my YOU TUBE account now i can broadcast everything... like this one. I really love it!!! Anyway... this is a compilation of some of my fave pics way back in 2005 to 2007. I hope you like the presentation. Enjoy


Created by Fab Geri

Sa wakas!!!! after how many days of trying how to make my BLOG pretty NOW i GOT it (thanks Ara) hehehe i was like trying to read and scans Ara's Blog ( until i see this link from her blog then i try to looked that one then it gives me diff. templates. thanks thanks thanks.... NOW i love my BLOG!!! thanks Ara!!! i love iT!!!!

Warehouse 135 Event for June 2

Model/Actor balik pinas, Model/TV Host Deadma sa pag balik.....

Photo Edited by Fab Geri

Dating Modelo / Actor ang magbabalik sa Pilipinas upang dalawin ang kanyang naiwang pamilya. Mahigit 2 taong syang namalagi sa dubai upang magtrabaho. Ano kaya ang kanyang dalang issue? Makipagkita kaya sa sa isang Model/TV host? Makipag ayos kaya o patawarin kaya ng Model/TV Host ang dating kasintahan? MODEL TV HOST magsasalita na LIVE sa the BUZZ

Photo taken by and Edited by Fab Geri

Friday, June 1, 2007

Cold RED HORSE and One hot Sisig

Photo Taken by: Fab Geri

Enjoy the FRIDAY NIGHT with Beer and Hot Sisig and a GOOD VIBES music!!!

Lets play the love dice!

Photo Taken By Fab Geri

This is one of my fave TOY especially if im with someone... we love playing this dice!!! I LOVE IT!!!
You can buy this toy at Ground Floor Glorietta 1 near Avon store.

Im having a Venti Caramel Jave Chip Frap

Photo taken by: Pia

I told you before that my day is not a day without visiting one of my fave place in the world STARBUCKS!!!!

Tara lets have some coffee.....

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