Sunday, June 17, 2007

Andre's dedication

Im so Happy to be part of this celebration... really kahit im late!!! its Andre's Dedication (like Ruffa's dedication) well... im so excited bec. again i will see my friends and i will witness the most important event of Andre's life. The venue is in KAMAYAN G3 Makati (sosyal) the event started like i think 6pm but then again as what i told you IM LATE sorry Amphy... anyways as i arrived the venue i see my friends na then they save me a chair then im not expecting Nico one of our classmates in college was their... mmmm.... why??? i dont know... anyway after that program... we started chatting... stories... memories and etc... the food is great... then the people who attended the event are ok... kasi naman nandun kami..... hehehe then thats it!!! im so so happy talaga for my friend Amphy!!!! I love yeah grl.... mwah mwah

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