Monday, June 18, 2007


  • " I know this could be one reason that will make us "ilang", but just want to be true to myself and im sure you would understand me bec. you know what.... really I am... !@#$%^& I like you! you know that our work is not that easy for me but then again you keep me going... i hope this wont bother you. Thanks for for undestanding." -!@#$$%
  • "ok lang yun. hehehe! thats flatering. hehehe. tnx! Alam ko naman, gestures mo pa lang. wala yun sa akin."-!@#$$%
  • " wait, wat do you mean na alam mo? Question, do you know me ba? kasi i forgt to put my name"-!@#$%^

  • "Yes! I know you. Alam ko yung tungkol sa sinabi mo"-!@#$%^
  • "oh, by the way, you intentionli didnt put ur name. hehehe! Hnd mo nakalimutan. hehehe -!@#$%^
  • "Ows, tlaga r you sure.... cge Ayawan na!!! Parang shy 2loy ako... nxt tme hush na lang ako... I hate myself na. nhhya ako, i dont know."-!@##$$
  • "ok lang yun. jst leave it as is. cge il eat muna. tnx din pla. hehehe." -!@#$
  • "dami kasing nasa draft ko. I dnt know kung ano ung send ko thats y... r u sure na kilala mo ako ah."-!@#$
  • " ok. enjoy your meal." -!@#$$
  • "Oo nga. sbi mo nga mukhang maarte ako kaso mas maarte ka. hehehe ah basta cge na. enjoy your off."-!@#$%
  • " Its natural! be good and be safe."-!@#$
  • "tnx. enjoy your off."-!@#$%
This is our text conversation..... thanks thanks talaga... i hope we can go out and chill.....

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