Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Photo taken by Fab Geri

Photo taken by Ken and Pia

For a change lets try other coffee shop aside starbucks, together with Pia, Ken, Cris and now with Kat we have our coffee at Coffee Bean (kasi naman under reno and starbucks) well anyway, i think this is the 3rd time to have a coffee with Coffee Bean, i had my 1st coffee bean with majo way back in 2006 (mall of asia) the place is like starbucks with all the painting, cakes and etc. the price is almost the same with starbucks. With the taste, think they are not the same but im not telling you that its not good.... its good!!! during that time i ordered Ice Blended Mocha and it taste Good naman.

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