Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gourmet Coffee for Everyday Life

Are you a gourmet coffee devotee? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people love the delicious taste of a gourmet brew and wouldn’t dream of starting their day without making at least a single cup of coffee. According to a study by the National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc., more than 32 million adults in the US admitted to drinking gourmet coffee on a daily basis in 2005.
Most people don’t realize how easy it is to make their favorite gourmet beverages at home. Single cup coffee makers are the solution to any issues of convenience, quality, and price. It’s no longer necessary to drive to a local coffee shop or to fire up fancy equipment to get a taste of gourmet coffee. Single cup coffee makers are not only affordable and efficient, they’re easy to use.

The Cost of Gourmet Coffee

Over the past two decades, gourmet coffee has grown in popularity. This surge in national coffee-affinity coincided with a boom in coffee shops, or cafes, that specialize in gourmet brews. Many specialty stores have also latched onto the coffee trend, offering a wide variety of gourmet brand coffee grounds or fresh beans to the public.

These cafes and specialty stores have developed a reputation for high-priced coffee and long lines. For most people, going out to purchase a daily cup of gourmet coffee is too expensive and time-consuming. People with busy lifestyles also don’t want to invest in pricey gourmet brewers. These complicated machines take forever to make a single cup of coffee and require a good deal of cleanup.

The “Single Cup Coffee Maker” Revolution

Compare these options to the ease and convenience of single cup coffee makers. These compact machines brew delicious gourmet coffee in less than a minute. Never again will you waste both time and money by driving to the coffee shop so you can wait in line for an overpriced cup of coffee. Other than the initial purchase of the single cup coffee maker and the price of coffee pod refills, the expense is minimal and the perks are immense.

Most models of single cup coffee makers are compatible with either coffee pods or K-cups, which are small packages of grounds that can be inserted directly into the machine. The pods or K-cups lock in the freshness and flavor of the gourmet coffee for a high quality cup of your favorite brew every time.

Many popular coffee brands, including Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Celestial Seasonings, have jumped on the single cup coffee maker bandwagon. Some of their most popular flavored selections are now available for use in coffee pods or K-cups.

Easy-to-Do Brews
Brewing your own gourmet coffee doesn’t require an expensive machine or any special training. You can brew gourmet coffee in as little as 30-seconds using a single cup coffee maker.
So how do single cup coffee makers work? The brewing process is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Fill the reservoir of your single cup coffee maker with cold water.
2. Select your favorite flavored coffee pod or K-cup and place it into the coffee chamber.
3. Place your coffee cup below the coffee chamber.

Pull the lever down (or push the button depending on the type of machine you own) and watch your cup fill with hot, gourmet coffee!

Clean up is even simpler as there are no grinds to clean up or filters to throw away. Just remove the used coffee pod or K-cup and you’re ready to start anew.

Single cup coffee makers are practical for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Whether you’re at home or in the break room at work, pop your favorite brand and flavor of coffee into the single cup coffee maker and enjoy the experience of fresh-brewed gourmet coffee. The single cup coffee maker may not replace the pricey cafes or specialty stores entirely, but it’ll provide you with a less expensive and more convenient alternative that’s brimming with the taste you love.

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