Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sex Goddess Secrets

There are women who are great in bed, and then there are sex goddesses—chicks who not only have a stash of killer seduction tricks but whose finely tuned sack skills push men over the edge. In addition, they’ve mastered an enthusiastic almost-anything-goes attitude and know how to make any guy feel like a great lover. Most important, they do all this without compromising their own pleasure. As for becoming a bona fide sex goddess yourself, integrate these scorching tips (gleaned from top sex experts) into your repertoire and you’ll attain that supreme status, too.

They start preplay in the AM
Bliss masters plant the seed of desire early so it has a chance to grow all day. “When you’re planning on having a hot night, begin foreplay in the morning,” says Olivia St. Claire, author of 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed. Tricks that fuel his lust: Wedge a naughty note under his windshield wiper or give him a deep kiss before scooting off to work. As for getting in a frisky frame of mind yourself, mentally replay a sexy memory or fantasy when you have some downtime.

They find erotic inspiration everywhere.
Say you’re putting on a pair of heels for a date and you realize they make your legs look ridiculously hot. Tap into that later and keep your stilettos on in the sack. Or if you suddenly notice how plush your man’s hall carpet is, make a mental note to suggest getting it on there one night soon. “Great lovers zone in on the passion potential in any everyday situation,” says California sex therapist Linda DeVillers, Ph.D. Throughout the day, put your senses on high alert—savor delicious smells and tastes, sexy sights, feel-good fabrics, and sensual music. It’ll help you develop sex goddess-grade carnal spontaneity.

They give hot teases.
Cop this superior seductress technique: Simulate sex during foreplay. Rhythmically suck his fingers or slide his hand back and forth between your breasts. “Acting out a preview boosts arousal because it’s so close to intercourse,” says Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex.

They keep their hands on themselves.
Touching your body during sex brings you pleasure while sending him the message that you’re confident—a requirement for any sex goddess. Zigzag your finger down your chest or stroke your clitoris before climax. “He’ll feel like you’re giving him a show,” says Keesling. “Just make sure you also let him know you like what he’s doing.”

They lock eyes during oral.
An experienced woman knows a guy loves watching her pleasure him (glance up when you’re going down on him—he’s probably looking at you), and she capitalizes on that by giving her man a sexy stare mid-action. “This instantly increases intimacy,” affirms Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Oral Sex. It also turns him waaay on.

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