Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tele-SERYE breakfast

Cris, Pia, Ken and Geri


Crispy Pata


Iced Tea

Breakfast time with Cris, Pia and Ken.. well after the heavy breakfast last week at Heaven and Egg's now another heavy breakfast but now in SERYE. I really dont know why they want to eat during that time.... anyway let tell you something about the food that we eat. We have Pancit plus Sisig and Crispy Pata (take not this is breakfast not LUNCH) the food is good esp. Crispy Pata i love the way they cooked its like boneless Crispy Pata with yellow somthing on the side ( i dont know what is that eh just take a look the picture then tell me what is that) then the Pancit is ok.... I really dont eat Pancit not unless the Pancit was cooked by my Yaya Imelda but it taste good naman. Sisig i can say its different from other sisig that i like especially when i drink beer, with this Sisig i can san that (ok lang sya) not that good but its taste ok.


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