Monday, June 4, 2007

Ways to Spice up your Fabulous Life

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Being stuck in this pre-bagyo purgatory can pretty much suck if you let it. Consider the situation: There aren’t any big-deal events to break up the daily grind, which means life can get monotonous, predictable, and well, downright gloomy and stagnant. “For the past few months, you were busy, and now you have less to do and look forward to, so there’s an inevitable let-down that occurs,” explains psychologist Anne Rosen Noran, PhD.
But we’ve decided not to give in to the gloom. Which is why Cosmo has compiled tons of pleasure-packed ways to brighten your outlook.

Slather On Coconut-Scented Hand Cream

How cool is this: You don’t even need to be soaking up rays to feel beachy keen. Believe it or not, moisturizing your mitts with lotion reminiscent of your favorite tanning cream can actually put you in a sunnier state of mind. “When you smell something, you subconsciously associate that specific odor with your immediate surroundings,” explains Craig Warren, PhD, director of scientific affairs at the Sense of Smell Institute in New York. “Subsequently, each time you experience that scent, you summon lots of sense memories that are connected to that particular place.”

Transplant Your Next Steamy Sack Session

Doing the deed in the bedroom? Yawn! One of the best ways to electrify your lust life is to alter the venue, as in over the bathroom sink, in the backseat of your car, on the kitchen table.… “Having sex somewhere outside the norm adds an element of excitement, which is a turn-on,” explains Rallie McAllister, MD, author of The Busy Couple’s Guide to Great Sex.

Belt Out in the Bathroom

Calling all a.m. idols: The shower is the ultimate place to showcase your pipes. “The acoustics drastically enrich and expand your voice, so you sound powerful, which can be majorly uplifting,” explains vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams, author of Voice Power. “Plus, your inhibitions are lowered, which means you’ll be able to let loose and really channel that inner diva.” Of course, what would-be pop star couldn’t use some kickin’ background vocals?

Score a Slinky Number

Sure, it’s a given that sexy summer tops have long been gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly enjoy pre-shopping ’til you drop. Get yourself a girlie little somethin’-somethin’ now. Be sure to hang it front and center in your closet as a visual reminder of the fun of baring.

Revamp Your Bedroom

You don’t need to call in the crew from Queer Eye for The Straight Girl to boost your boudoir. Simply change your bedspread. “Your bed is the focal point of the space, so buying a bright new comforter will lend a completely fresh look and feel,” says decorating expert Denny Daikeler, author of What Color Is Your Slipcover?

Download a Tropical Screen Saver

Gazing at a dreamy vacation destination while you’re bound to your desk will at least send your mind packing. Research shows that when people look at images of a locale they find inviting, their brains release chemicals that make them feel stimulated (in other words, happy and motivated), according to Noran. Visit for your free portal to paradise.

Play With Your Decor

Those games you loved as a kid have just become the hot new interior-design accessory. To get in on the trend: Place a bowl of colorful Rubik’s cubes or a funky checker set on your coffee table. “Adding playful props to your pad is an easy way to create a fun decorating vibe,” says Kristen Scott Pisa, a designer from Scott Interiors LLC.

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