Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Z night out party!

Photo Taken by Kat

Sige try ko naman sa QC... lets see what's with QC area!!! Well after how many years, i think the last time i went to QC for Party was the Grand Openning of SIBIL (Manage by my friend TIM) yeah thats the last time i went to qc. Ok... well this people beside me (lemon, ????, ????? Jai, Windy, Tin and me) invited me to join them to have a drinking party in QC ( whats the place again???? shyet.....) well anyways i went to this place like 11:30 by a cab (fuck 150 fare ko) then i started chatting with them, then thats it!!! we drink, we eat, then some of them sing... tawa ng tawa etc... honestly.... the night for me is ok... i had fun with them, trying to get drunk but then again NO!!! hay.... buhay!!! kakaloka.... thanks guys!!!!


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