Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doctor, Doctor I am sick

Zedge dot NET and

Well... Im absent Today!!! Sorry Boss... you know naman im sick dba and yesterday Me and Val is basa bec of the rain. well what is the use of taking a medication kung mababasa rin ako..... anyways i sick talaga... sobrang badvibes... i have nothing to do dito sa house just to check some sites and update my BLOG and FRIENDSTER.
The first thing that i do this morning is to check my email.... well whats new... nothing update update and some news letter.... hay... then i go to my friendster... nothing is new.... still majo is always 24 hours update.... hahahaha she love friendster talaga.

i also check my blog and others blog like Gail Nicolas and Ara's Blog... and i even update my own blog....
after that i went to to update my phone i mean to download themes for my phone and i love the themes of my phone. Ireally love it!!!


Whats my plan for tom? hmmm... its Jelly's Bday Celebration san kaya kami? well she told me that we are going to eat sa TGIF in Bonifacio and chill somewhere after that... what will wear kaya kasi malamang daming boys and events tom kasi its PRE HALLOWEEN PARTY .... scary... what.... ill think about it na nga lang then ill post my pic dito... and some stories to be follow kasi tom pa yung BDAY nya....

well.. as what i told you im absent kasi nga im not feeling well... mmm... i went to the hospital somewhere in baclaran to have checked up... kakaloka daming question and the doctor even ask meif i do smoke... nah.... kakaloka then i said yes after that dami ng sinabi then checked up checked up and guesssss what nag under go pa ako ng CBP then XRAY... sobrang lala na ba doc? well everything is normal naman and fine ubo lang talaga and sipon... thank GOD!!! by the way kinuhaan ako ng blood and sobrang sakit... wala lang really i dont like injection talaga.

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