Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Fabulous Talent Caster

What? Me.... c'mon... one afternoon Mini Maglahus (Producer of TFC)give me a ring... i was like in the middle of my meeting with new project this november. I answred the call and im not expecting that Mini is looking for some MODEL. What... what for MINI? she told me that she is looking for 2 model for TFC TVC (The Filipino Channel TVC) I was like aligaga the moment she inform me that.
She even ask me if Vanessa one of my best is available for shoot this sunday (October 21 until 24) thats a good deal... and the location of the shoot is in BORACAY!!!!

anyways i said to her i need to ask her first if she want to join or something and he ask me to find a guy model the the same project din. I asked her to go to my friendsters profile and look for a cute guy then let me know so that i can contact the guy. well me naman i was like contacting all the model that i have on my phone and i even contacted some of my caster friend to look for a model. hay.... nakakaloka kasi naman im so aligaga as if i dont have work.
By the way if you are a model wanna be this is the mos important thing or requirement.

Paolo Laroza

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