Wednesday, October 31, 2007


First week of october i wrote something about the animosity between Me and Joseph mmmm... about the issue of busted busted thing... I wasnt able to include some things or stories... like what happen... i mean the real score about the issue....

after the chismis thing that was told to me by Mr. Peter Mendoza... Busted thing, right after that moment i asked him (Joseph) to come with me and talked about the chismis.... I toldhim everything about the story and even inform him about what i feel. To tell you honestly.... Infairness with Josep HE SAID SORRY naman about what he did. its fine with me... what is done is done.

Im writing this down to inform you all, that this JOSEPH RAMOS said SORRY to me. well as of this moment... we are civil i mean wala lang... i hope that everything will be ok... its just mahirap for me to accept that he did that, all i know is.. i've been so so nice to him and all... that's his life wala tayong magagawa... basta as of this moment me and joseph is civil as in... i have my life and for sure may life naman sya... tama na... i dont want to talk about this issue... im ok na!! hope na sa hindi ulit toh mangyari... dahil good luck if this will happen again...

I would like tho say thank some of my friends who is always at my back to support/ advice and etc

Thanks to

Pia Salvador
Ken Ruiz
Troy Dumaicos
Flophyl Guimary
Kat Macadini

Peter Mendoza
Jelly Foz
Vanessa Enaje
Pao Go Aco

and to all the my friends na nag send ng text/msg sa friendster

and also to my Baby Doll for the support and for the understanding

from J.Lo's Song
ALL MY PRIDE is all i have.

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