Monday, October 29, 2007

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Hay... what a day... its holiday... no work to do... stress free today!! hahaha..

i want to share something with you guys about pictures. mmm.. actually one of my intrest is taking pictures as in creatively or wala lang. everytime i go out alone or even with friends, my camera is always ready for snap shots. Most of my friends are happy kasi naman friend nila ako and everytime na im with them picture dito picture doon and by tomorrow online accounts is updated bec. of the pictures... hahaha they said that they love the way i took pictures of them... as if naman ako i love taking picture with them.... hahaha kasi naman sabi nila gumaganda raw sila sa mga pics ko.... well... thanks to Letran for teaching me some basic knowledge about photography. they want to commend me kasi bec of me hindi nila malalaman ang angles nila. Hay.... sa sobrang daming pics nila... i also have a lot of online account to share my pictures.... like;


and did you know that aside sa mga account ko na yan... i also print all the picturesa and pasted it to my Starbucks planner. Yeah instead of making it a planner as in schedule no... i dont like that i make it as a album of pictures. YOu know why bec the planner is so so cute and i dont want to waste that one by puting some sched kaya naman i come up with this idea of putting those picture with caption and the dates (actually i paste the picture from the date the pic was taken.)

Some will react kaya nga planner eh... to put all your sched... well guys aside from making that album i also put my sched as well not picture lang... like if i have party i take a picture then post it... yun lang heheheh hope i can share with you the Starbucks Planner that i have right now... Im waiting for a new planner next year!!!


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