Saturday, October 27, 2007

System Downtime

Hay... im so happy that every now and then i keep my blog updated... kasi naman this past few days i cannot use my pc because its not working.... hay... kasi naman my brothers classmate went to our place for them to do their project and they need more pc thats why they use my pc then after how many day... my pc got locked and got viruses .... whaaaa.... what can i do nothing.... then i ask my brother to go to our place to fix my pc and now that everything is fixed... nagulat ako when he told me that all my files from our hard disk was gone..... and i hate it!!!

you know what items was gone?

MP3 songs

whaaaa... what can i do now? nothing just getting all the pictures from my friendster, multiply, flickr, blog and etc... thanks to this websites.... i was able to recover some pics.

whaaaaa....... i hate them all... joke...

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