Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thanks for early Greetings (November 6, 2007)

I would like to thanks the people who greeted me today!!


- shan -Date:
localDateTimewithTimezone("11/2/2007 4:26 PM","timetag1","PH");
Friday, 2 November, 2007 5:26 PM Subject: hapi Message: hapi bday frend... wish u more success in life and gd health.


Date: Monday, 5 November, 2007 4:57 AM
Subject: Girlie has sent you a smile
Girlie wants to brighten your day with a smile. Check out Girlie's profile and send a reply.
A message from Girlie:
Hey bert! It's a holiday coz its your birthday! I am very happy to have a friend in you. sana kahit di tayo nagkikita we continue to treasure the friendship that we have. long to see you soon.. I miss those laughters that we share... Godbless!

* P I A
* Posted 05/11/2007 15:17
* Geri...is one of my closest gurl frnds in Sitel. WE get along very well kc ako ung frnd nya na sobrang supportive sa kanya khit kagaguhan lng. hehehe. Tomorrow bekla birthday mo na and as I promised you gawan kita ng comment. Another year has passed I just hope that God may continue to bless you because you such a gud person inside and out. I'm alwayz hir 4 u gurl. By the way nice pic by anne curtis ha. hehehe! Ciao!

* C H A R I Z
* Posted 05/11/2007 04:12
* thanks girlash! mis na kita! batiin na din kita ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mabuhay ang magaganda!!! more success to come. punta k naman d2 bisitahin mo kme...

* MaRGa
* Posted 05/11/2007 22:37
* MY FABULOUS FRIEND! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish ko lang magkita naman tayo to catch up... but anyhow, i super doooper miss u! nuthin can beat our happy moments in Sitel! love u girlfriend! missing u soo much... Jowa?! happy birthday! Stay FAB!♥♥♥ mwahugggz!

* Eric
* Posted 05/11/2007 22:21
* bro san inuman natin nyan bukas hehehe HAPPY BEEEERDAY! PAKAIN KA SA BAHAY khit YELLOW CAB lng :D


Mommy Au
Ate (friend ni monet)
yung grl sa WFR

Dennis Rellamas

Thanks for greeting me early
Thanks Thanks Thanks

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