Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last Night

Good Bye 2007.... and WELCOME FABULOUS 2008

I love it.... last day for 07 and welcome 08, I LOVE IT!!!.... hehehehe Japan!!! ... I can say that 07 for me is ok lang... kasi naman daming issue. daming na wala and daming dumating as in.... i love it!!! kaya naman OK lang ang 2007 its like fair lang.

Last night ano ba ginawa ko???? mmmmm.... ahhhh Yah IMELDA and The Fab on the go moments hahaha...
We just clean up our house lang sympre i helped Imelda na noh, after cleaning our house we think na kung ano handa namin for Noche Buena.... mmmmm ano kaya Imelda kung

we have

i think ok na yun for us noh..... yah tama na for us yun.... some of our family friends will give us also food... i dont know! dont expect na lang.

Wala lang our street is very busy for the YEAR END Party... hay... daming sound!! dif music ang maririnig mo sa street namin you will think or ask your self am i in makati, Timog, Fort or even malate because of the full vol of music, at sympre since i love music also do you think our family will make patalo or something... nahhh i play HOUSE music and Hip HOp song as in the latest songs ahhh until 12 mid na yun.

Well prepartion of the food, we cooked all the foods that we need for Noche buena, then prep for my outfit, then drink drink drink with my lil bro and dad plus Imelda, I wasnt able to attend the Mass kasi naman scary noh with all paputoks outside our place no way... God knows naman how im so thankful about the blessing na natanggap ko for 2007.

Jan 1
We watch the fireworks na!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, then after the first 2 hours i went to Rhea's place to make kwento lang and thats it!!! kasi all i know me and my barkada will have our reunion eh... but then Venus (who planned everything GOT DRUNK) well wala na tayong magagawa, then after that i went to EMBASSY for the NEW YEAR PARTY, You know what daming tao as in.... sobra... while waiting for my friends dami kung nakita, yungibang friends ko, some model and celeb. like me hahahaha. after few mins we got in na then we PARTY all nyt/morning long... I love it.

same day
3 hours of sleep then the usual thing... clean up, eat the maligo then go ulit somewhere but then again this time naman with my relatives in Fort, kasi my tita is celebrating her birthday, that why we went sa fort. we eat again, kasi naman daming food, i only eat cake and ice cream..... love it

after the bday party i went naman to timog to celebrate NEW YEAR with PayPal people. isa pa yun medyo na DRUNK ako with the very Famouse BLOW JOB by Fab Geri the controversial BLOW JOB na sya namang sumikat hahahahaha kung alam nyo lang!!!! iba talaga pag si GERI na ang gumalaw lahat kabog.... hahahahaha sorry this is me this is Fabulous GERI. I had fun naman in away kahit na im so pagud with all my lakad.... hay.... thanks thanks guys for the warm welcome... Its nice to see you again.... mwah

what a new year schedule!!!!! hahaha GOOD VIBES FOR

Added information:

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1 onion, chopped
1 (4.5 ounce) can mushrooms, drained
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1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 eggs
1 (16 ounce) package lasagna noodles
8 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese

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