Sunday, December 2, 2007

Love on the RUN


Oh my... i so happy... i can rest na as in!! you know why kasi naman this past few days i've been celebrating my Birthday with my friend. We go, Gimik night with old and new friends... hay.. kaya naman i need break hahaha but do you think i can have my break nahhhh ahhh no way kasi naman this copming december i have big big project, dream project ever kahit na nung letran days ko... this is my dream talaga.... you know what is that to have my own fashion show as is Direct my OWN FASHION SHOW. Hay... im loving my Fabulous Life now... hahahaha kaya naman while on leave with my other job... ill focus my self to this first. dont worry some details of this show will be posted. mmm... give you some not final details of the said show.

Runway: Runway with big screen and at the end of the runway is shape of heart with hole at the center and smoke smoke (red smoke) with wall screen of the tent

Music: Live Sexy House music of my friend Dj Trinity and Dj Mccraney

Models: Some of Model my friends and PMAP models


Venue: Rockwell Tent

Director: The Fabulous Geri

that is the details of the LOVE ON THE RUN FASHION SHOW... im think of after party pa nga eh... i dont know kung Embassy or Warehouse

Hay basta im so so excited for this Project as in... i can wait for it

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