Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Fabulous Christmas Month

Ho... Ho... Ho... its Christmas Time again... hehehehe

Well this Christmas... honestly im sad kasi naman My Mom is not in Philippines... so.. its our frist time to have christmas without her ( kasi naman dami nyang gift sa amin) hahahaha NO!!! i really really miss her.. as in... sobra!!

OK... ill make kwento na... THE Fabulous Christmas Party OF Fabulous Geri.....
Well December... sobrang happy when naririnig ko ang December (Pasko, Bonus, 13th Month, Gifts, Party) hahaha 1st week of December we have our 13th month pay na, kaya naman shopping, Party, shopping and Party (hahaha love it) then after few days its our Pay Day (shopping again and Party Again) then after that we had our Company Christmas Party (yung boring... after Party lang ang masaya) then after that the Love on the Run Fashion show Directed by Fabulous Geri. i think tama muna and shopping and party

ok after that happy moments for the first few days of december, i think its time for me naman kung pano celebrate ang christmas with my incomplte family.....

Me and Imelda decorated our place na to feel the spirit of christmas, the doors, car park, stairs and even our terrace.

Imelda is thinking of what to eat on our Noche Buena, until we come up of share share na lang... I had Lasagna (sobrang sarap) and my brother had sandwich, then the rest is from our visitors

Sympre we went to chruch for christmas mass, funny... you know why we went to macapagal to attend the mass but then again when we get to the chruch the mass is done.... we went back na lang to villamor to attend the Christmas Mass.

After attending the mass... went back home and eat eat and eat... I LOVE IT!!! then some of my friends dumating and family relatives... sobrang we had fun tlaga even me... pero mas happy kung yung mom ko nandito sa philippines and celebrate christmas with her..

Hay... hope you guys had fun with your fabulous christmas ah.....

Again Merry Fabulous Christmas Bloggers

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