Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 Starbucks Planner

Got my 2008 starbucks Planner YAHOOOOOOOO love it!!!!

OH MY GOOD VIBES!!! i got my new starbuck planner na!!! sa wakas after 2 months of coffee, Meron na akong Planner, NOW i can say that planning for this 2008 will be more fabulous coz i got my new 2008 starbucks planner. love it!!! ang happy happy ko talaga....

2007 yeah last year was the very first time got Planner from starbucks. You know why... the moment i got this planner... sobrang saya!! why kasi naman i was able to help a charity. then sobrang saya kasi naman i
make my friend drink coffee just to complete the 24 stickers just to have a planner.

I usually use my planner like a photo album, on a certain date, day pag my event ako na pinunthan or get together with my friends or even family i took a picture then paste it on the day it self sa starbucks
planner to make it memorable a side from the picture sympre i also put in my schedule and some hinanakit!!! hahahaha sobrang enjoy!!! some of my friends is so amaze about my planner kasi naman i let them see whats
inside... sobrang fun sila bec nakita nila yung picture nila hehehehe

kaya naman now that i have my 2008 planner... ill still do the same thing... put all the pictures taken during a certain day!!! hehehehe i love it and i enjoy doing that!! I enjoy having a starbucks planner. By the way i would like to say thank you nga pla to all of my friends
who drink coffee just to have stickers.

Gianna Invencion
Cane Biara
Pia Salvador
Ken Ruiz
Anne Carungay
Marga Fe


Sobrang thank you talaga i will not have my 2008 starbucks planner without the help ninyo... thanks thanks thanks

January 05, 2008 2:45am
starbucks Eastwood
with Ian and Cagne.

funny...when i got my planner Ian took a picture of me and the planner inside the starbucks hahahaha (kasi naman i need to put it sa blog ko) thanks ian for treating me!!! hahaha i love you!! then after that picture picture na sa starbucks.... hehehehe go start for me for 2008
Good vibes 08

side story:
did you know that ian is the one who treat us sa starbucks, and did you know that after how many hours na-iwan nya yung wallet nya an VICTORIA SECRET sa bench ng eastwood... hahahaha and nung binalikan naman the wallet is still on the bench!!! hahahahaha


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