Monday, January 7, 2008

Far Away from you

I love this song as in.... i think Good Song for the start of 2008... actually this is for @#$%% nga eh.....

if ever.. ill miss you!! yun lang

Far Away From You!!!

Say I'm Falling Down
I Know , That I Can't Stop You Crying
If You Fall If You Love
The Same Old Feeling Is Back
You Know, I Always See You Coming
Do You Feel This Again?

But I Can See You Watching Me
And Saying There's No Chance To Leave
(Not Sure)
Your Eyes Are Getting Fond of Love
You Feel It In The Air
Because I Will Never Be Lost Without
You Now
Remember Where You Found Me
I Was Cold And Daft Around Me
But Then I Will Always Be Far Away From
Tomorrow Feels Uneasy,........

The Feeling Can't Go on
But I Say Nothing Really Happened
I Know That Is Wrong
I Feel Restless, Empty
I Know Sometimes There's No Answers
And Some Are So Wrong

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