Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meet some of my old friends

Lhot, Roch and me (Binalot Mkt Ave) ill update this soon......

Guilly's Night Out!

Guilly's bar and Resto ( TIMOG)

Timog Timog Timog, hay.... Yes im a party animal but i dont usually go gimik sa far na place as much as possible makati area, the fort area lang para near my place that's why yun ang madalas na reklamo ng mga friends ko, well again all my friends na nag rereklamo are my friends who lives in qc area, ortigas etc.

together with Pia, Ken and Ian we went to Timog for a change naman sa social life ko, hahahaha kakaloka, sabi ko tara let go gimik sa Guilly's naman kasi lagi ko syang naririnig kay majo one of my friends kaya naman sa Guilly's kami.

i had dinner muna with my old friend sa Binalot makati then ian went to that place para sabay kami na mag punta sa Guilly's.

around 11.30pm we meet up with Pia and Ken na nag aantay sa amin sa labas ng place. Yes Im late so what. hahahahahaha love it

entrance fee is 200 PHP, hay mag babayad ako unlike sa makati GUEST LIST ako well... sorry naman this is na my place ok... go bayad ng 200php one ticket with 2 local beers.

the place is big, i think may seperate area sila for fine dinning and for VIP. i wasnt able to see the fine dinning area nila, i think its ok naman. The VIP are is small unlike sa ibang place a big like Embassy and Warehouse (makati hottest bar) with VIP area naman you have to buy wine or something for you to have VIP table (sosyal) then yun na, wala kaming table kaya naman we stayed sa bar lang, beer beer and beer until duma dami na and tao.

Music: at first akala ko House Music lang ang music nila until ng 1am the music is like hip hop hahahaha..... ok na rin...

i had fun daming tao. love music... yun lang may badvibes kaso i dont want to talk about it na kasi ayaw ko syang sumikat baka mamaya makilala pa sya hahahahaha thats it.... dont care about her... i have social life yun lang!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy birthday to my fave lil Bro

Happy birthday Christian.... my lil bro.... love you bro!

Rise 2008

im so so excited about our outing this april...... whaaaaa..... love it!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Bonifacio high Street

Next to the major shopping center Market! Market! in Taguig is a strip of trendy restaurants, bars, clubs, and retail outlets known as Bonifacio High Street. We had a chance to stroll around the upscale urban development with Jelly.

As expected, this was another fancy place making an example of the extreme rich end of the wide wealth gap. Like many malls seem to be, I thought that it might be another hot spot where the masses are attracted into spending their hard-earned money on expensive amenities produced by the rich few. However, it didn't seem so. It was more of a high-end hang-out for aristocrats, yuppies, and other rich folk. But I wasn't in the mood of analyzing the socio-economic aspects of the place in detail.

Straightforwardly, it was a nice classy collection of professional establishments catering to the taste of the metropolis' moneyed individuals, particularly the young. The proliferation of places like Bonifacio High Street and Bonifacio Global City is only a sign that the metropolis is growing and developing, which is good. It is only my hope that the rest of the Philippines grows and prospers with them.

Tasteful sculptures and architecture made for a distinct contemporary feel. Fancy shrubbery and fancy people populated the place. Waterspouts gurgled and fountains sparkled. The bright orange sun was setting, and oddly, the moon was already high in the sky. Stage smoke and lights emerged from an outdoor cocktail party and mini-concert.

We instead spent some time to rest at an adjacent park. Although we appreciated the modern splendor, it seemed we had been in the urban jungle too long. We were missing home in the provinces. It was time to enjoy what time was left, in the place where it all began. Time when Triton was still with us.

Im Proud of You Mirah


Im proud of you Mirah (January 1, 2008 Embassy)

Vacation Tips

Nipa Hut Philippines

Finally decided that you would want to travel to the Philippines? If you have it is best to take these traveling tips with you to make your experience have fewer hassles. Remembering these tips will greatly improve your chances of enjoying the Philippines.

General Info

Filipinos are somewhat sensitive. They would appreciate it if you were polite and soft during your conversations. Also avoid criticizing them in public because just like in any culture, self-esteem is valued. Filipinos love talking about their families.


The Philippine’s climate is quite hot and humid. Be prepared tow era clothes that are geared for the summer. You would look pretty stupid and charred to dress too hot for a very hot day; unless of course you really want to perspire to lose weight.


  1. Buses – if you want to have a ride that is like in the movie “Speed 1”, try riding the Philippine Buses. The drivers are a bit risky. The regular and air-conditioned buses travel in all major routes in Metro Manila, except Roxas Boulevard. The fare for air-conditioned buses is P10.00 and will have an additional P2 for every kilometer. A regular bus rate on the other hand is P9 and has additional P1 for very kilometer. Tell the conductor where you will be going and the conductor will tell you how much to pay. Keep the receipt because it is your proof that you have paid.
  2. Jeepneys –the Jeepneys are the transportation to use for secondary roads and some travel the major roads as well. A tourist should try to ride this because it’s considered to be the Philippines National vehicle. The fee is P4.00 for a minimum of 4 kilometers. You would then need to pay 50 cents for the succeeding 500 meters. When you are ready to go down just shout “Pa-ra” and lift off.

  3. LRT – it is a fast and cheap way of transportation. Aside from the LRT there is also an MRT station that has the same concept. They are a pretty good ride; they only have lots of people especially on rush hours.

  4. Taxis – you would have to pay the basic P25 flag down rate and P2 for every 200 meters. Taxis can be found almost anywhere and you can even ask the hotel to get you a cab. Be sure that the meter is turned on when you ride a cab. There are lots of taxi drivers out to fool foreigners so be aware. Try to give a 10% tip for the drivers.

Everything you need under the sun

Gone are the days of the generic sun block. Today, there are sun protection products for every kind of lifestyle under the sun and even particular parts of the body. Awareness will allow you to enjoy the summer sun safely.

Lip balms not only keep your lips from chapping from windburn and dryness, they should also protect you your pout from sun damage or skin cancer. Look for a sun protection factor (SPF) rating on the label. There are lip balms for everyone from fruit flavored fancies for girls to nonsense variants palatable to men.

Sport visors, swimming goggles, prescription glasses and even fashion statement shades should also feature ultraviolet (UV) protection to prevent cataracts. Not all lenses are created equal and it is not enough that they cut down on glare or make you look cool.

Certain swimwear and beachwear are made of fabrics that allow UV rays to pass through let the wearer to tan evenly. It is important to protect yourself underneath such fabrics with lotion with the proper SPF. Better yet, have the one you desire rub sun lotion on you.

The face, especially the nose and ears, are more prone to sun damage. Those who plan to tan themselves with a body oil with a low SPF factor should use a cream with higher SPF rating for the face.

For outdoorsmen, there are now sunscreen lotions specifically made sports use that do not wash away with sweat or swimming. Consequently, they can hard to wash off and feel hot and sticky in the heat of competition.

For those who prefer to whiten their skin while the rest of us take pride in our golden kayumanggi skin and revel in our healthy summer glow, there are lotions that not only provide extreme sun protection from any sort of tanning but also whiten the skin with continued use. Many moisturizers and other daily beauty products now incorporate UV protection.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Three years ago I discovered one of the best vacation spots for the Holy Week. No crowds to bother with, no time-consuming traffic jams to put up with and no unnecessary pressure to work-out weeks ahead for the beach. In this place of simple thrills, one could savor the music of birds and the rustling of leaves in the most natural of orchestrations with the soft humming of the wind. The serenity emphasizes the lush greenery and the clear skies above.

This Lenten Holiday allow yourself to rediscover: MANILA.

A Free Holiday

Just total serenity, crickets chirping in the night, pure peace and relaxing quiet prevail in my new-found refuge. When the sun is up, urban joggers ply their daily route, mothers and babies make for stroller-traffic at the park, and kids run freely on the sidewalks and rush to greet the parade of canine friends taking their afternoon stroll. It is a scene to simply delight in.

A Free Holiday

Staying indoors can also be made equally pleasurable if one has something truly worthy to do beyond the usual couch-potato-DVD-watching route. In the tradition of Lent, here is a recipe for a very simple meal to keep the vacation creatively interesting, and guiltlessly tasty.


Rinse the fish in running water, put on a plate, season with salt and ground mixed peppercorns and massage for a minute.

A Free Holiday

Dip the fillet in semi-beaten egg, dredge in cornstarch and coat evenly.

A Free Holiday

Put enough sunflower oil in pan for deep-frying and put pan over high heat. After one minute (or when it starts to make this light sizzling sound), place the battered fish in the oil and reduce heat to medium.

A Free Holiday

Flip over a few times until turns golden brown (like the perfect hue of good french fries), remove from pan, drain or set on a plate lined with paper napkins to absorb excess oil.

A Free Holiday

Mix a spoon of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise in a small bowl using 2:1 ratio approximately. Adjust in small increments according to preferred taste. Note that the mayo’s purpose is to lessen the sharp flavor of the mustard so no need to attack the sauce with too much mayonnaise. Drizzle enough honey to give it a very slight sweet taste and for that added zing, squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon. At this point, your meal is ready. Slice a piece of fish, dip in the prepared honey-mustard concoction and savor your well-deserved meal.

A Free Holiday

A refreshing stroll in the park, eerily empty streets, carefree laughter of children, a delicious kitchen concoction, my favorite music playing in the background and perhaps that book I’ve been meaning to finish --- these are the things I wish to have this Lenten holiday.

They say the best things in life are free. By purchasing a plane ticket and packing their bags to fly off to a sandy paradise, these people have just handed some of us a ticket to our very own priceless holiday.

Dori Fillet, Carmencita Mixed Peppercorn, French’s Dijon Mustard, SueBee Honey, Kraft Mayonnaise, Cream Pure Cornstarch and Susan Baker Sunflower Oil are available at Cash & Carry Supermarket.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bonding with my Family this Good Friday

Its time to bond with my family. love it! well every holy week we make sure na we can find time to bond, hahaha saya noh.... kaya naman a head of time i filed leave sa ofc to plan our BONDING. Two days of leave plus holidays is sobrang ok na for the bonding churva.

My Pamangkin is one the angels sa "Salubong" so we are all excited about it.... busy para samahan sya sa practice and all.....

Good friday.

Its time for us to have our own Visita Iglesia, we always to this every year as in.... after lunch prep na kami then by 1:00 to 1:30 dapat we are all set up for our Visita Iglesia.

People who will join us
List of simbahans
time frame
time table for each stations
people who will lead (like me, my lil bro and mama)

then after that we are all set for Familia General VISITA IGLESIA....

Way of the Cross (one of the chruch in Magallanes)

First chruch sympre our own simbahan in Villamor Air Base Pasay City...... The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (Inside)

Our next chruch is also in Villamor but this time inside the Villamor Air Base Camp. Our Lady of all Nations Chruch. The Salubong of my pamangkin will be in this Chruch also like about 10.00 pm Saturday Night.

Our Lady of all Nations Chruch

aliw.... kasi naman nadatnan namin some of my moms friends fix the caro of Mary for the 6pm prosisyon inside the villamor.... naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako... i always join the prosisyon with my childhood friends... love it!

Next simbahan is in Magallanes, the chruch is cute and yung place na kung saan ka mag pray for the station of the cross is so sosyal.... you know why... its not a frame of pictures or something but its an figured art i dont know kung cno nag design but then again i love it!!! by the way this chruch nga pla is nasunog i think last 3 years a go, but know ang pretty pretty nya na as in.....

Chruch in Magallanes

Station of the Cross portion (my mom and lil bro)

after the magallanes chruch, we went na to Fort Bonifacio, well sa loob ng bonifaction may 2 chruches as in... akala nyo fort is the place for fun, clubbing or something noh.... no!!! may chruch din sila kaso medyo tago nga lang... 1st chruch inside bonifacio is near the Camp rin, simple but solem as in.... when we started to pray may mga nag practice and song for the mass nga eh.

chruch inside the Camp (Bonifacio)

another chruch in Bonifacio (near the gimik place)

since malapit na sa Fort ang Forbes... next stop namin ay ang Sanctuario De San Anthonio,Pag dating namin ng forbes.... daming tao... tapos i think the mass is about to start na... kasi dami ng tao. then sa labas ng church naka park narin yung mga santo for prosisyon... kakaloka yung mga santo... you know why.. malaki pa sa tao as in... plus the outfit... i love it! sobrang ganda... also far from the church is naka set up na rin yung place ng Salubong nila. i dont know what time nga lang yung Salubong nila well may be sunday....

Sanctuario De San Anthonio

Don Bosco chruch is the next chruch na.... same with other chruch nakahanda na rin yung santo nila for prosisyon... daming tao plus nagstart na yung mass nila. yung portion of the station of the cross nila is outside the chruch its in parking lot.

Don Bosco Church

kung sa Don Bosco Church nag start na ang mass well sa St. Andrew's Chruch in Jupiter hindi pa, pero the people.... goshness daming tao and they are waiting for the mass na... kakaloka noh... hindi ako nakapag take ng picture but i have picture nung Santo nila na ipro-prosisyon around jupiter.

then last chruch for the way of the cross..... is the chruch of my Alma Matter, the Malate Catholic School, well... we finished our way of the cross in this chruch.... kakamiss ang Elementary and High School life sa school ko.... anyways... walang pinag bago ang chruch daming tao and daming nag pray... kakaloka lang kasi tanghali ata merion silang sinakulo... kasi i saw this 3 cross standing in the garden with blood as in... may be nag play sila ng life ni God... kakaloka (miss ko tuloy sa Bicol kasi naka witness ako ng ganyan... i mean i was able to watch that kind of play when i was akin sa bicol (trivia i also play as one of the angels sa salubong sa bicol) yun nga... then saints are ready for prosisyon na rin.... ang lalaki rin ng mga santo nila.

Malate Catholic Church

last stop Church near Mall of Asia..... before kami mag punta sa church we eat muna as in.... bread and pansit cooked by Joan plus iced tea. after eating we went to the chruch na kasi they have this Way of the cross also bago mag prosisyon, outside the church you will see some cross set up near the parking lot, yun yung station of the cross, then after that.... my prosisyon na... as in!!! ganda ng mga santo and lahat yun may pictures ako (multiply: hahahahah i love it! as in...

next year ulit... enjoy... its my family bonding.... this is also my way to show my faith with God. hope you guys do the same.

for more picture: (multiply:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Visita Iglesia

Come Holy Week, the faithful will troop to various churches to keep alive the tradition of the Visita Iglesia. Every year my family and I make it point to go on Maundy Thursday and perform The Way of The Cross. I do savour the mini road trip and the quality time I spend with them sans the distractions of every day life.

Last year’s excursion was especially enjoyable because my parents made it a point to visit the churches in the city of Manila. Being established as a suffragan diocese of Mexico in February 1579, majority of the churches which date back past a hundred years are found in this city. You cannot begin to imagine what a treat it was for me to go on an “old church” tour. Not only was I able to get my three wishes since I had not visited most of them before (well, that’s what my mom said), but I was also able to walk through the hallowed halls which have witnessed so much of our history.

Malate Church

Built in the 16th Century,
Malate Church has quite an interesting background. Not only was it built inspired by Baroque and Muslim influences (as evidenced by the façade and interiors), in 1762, the church was used as a fortress by British troops during their efforts to capture Manila from the Spaniards. Rebuilt a number of times due to natural calamities and wars, the church is dedicated to the Nuestra Senora de los Remedios, the saint who is believed to be the patroness of women who have just given birth.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Malate Church
Manila Cathedral

Witness to the creation of the Diocese of Manila, the
Manila Cathedral has been around since Fray Bishop Domingo de Salazar had it constructed out of wood, bamboo, and nipa in 1581. Needless to say, it has been a spectator of the rich and turbulent history of Intramuros and has been damaged and destroyed numerous times, but has been re-constructed and restored without fail.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Manila Cathedral
San Agustin Church

The oldest Catholic Chirch in the Philippines,
San Agustin Church was built using nipa and bamboo in 1571, eight years before Manila was declared a suffragan diocese of Mexico. Back then it was called the Church of Saint Paul. Eyewitness our tumultuous history, the San Agustin Church has been destroyed and rebuilt quite a number of times. Interestingly enough, it was witness to the American-Spanish dialogue on the surrender of the city in 1898 and survived the Battle of Manila in 1945, the only church in Intramuros to do so. Inside the church lays the tomb of Manila’s founder and first governor general, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi along with the remains of other Spanish conquistadors and that of Juan Luna.
Visita Iglesia de Manila
San Agustin Church

San Agustin Church is also notable for being a favorite venue for weddings, probably because of its lavish interiors. The church is decorated with several ornate chandeliers, beautifully carved wood, sizable slabs of marble and a magnificent trompe-l’oeil ceiling (murals which give off an optical illusion, making the objects painted on the ceiling seem as if they are three dimensional).

Quiapo Church

Built in the late 16th century,
Quiapo Church is also known as the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. Quiapo Church is one of Manila’s most famous churches. Every January 9, devotees flock to Quiapo in hopes of touching the life sized statue of the Black Nazarene who is believed to have miraculous powers. It is interesting to note that some people have claimed that the reason the Black Nazarene is so popular with us Filipinos is because it was the first religious image which Filipinos could relate to owing to its dark skin tone. Regardless of the reason for its popularity, the Black Nazarene continues to be a beacon of hope for people who want to receive absolution for their sins. Ironically, surrounding the compound of the church are numerous stalls and vendors who sell curious items which serve as a testament to the animist roots of Filipinos.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Quiapo Church
The Twin Churches of Bustillos

If you would like hit two birds with one stone, trooping to the Twin Churches of Bustillos is a good idea. Saint Anthony of Padua Shrine and Our Lady of Loreto (Church of Sampaloc) are found in the same compound along Bustillos Street in Sampaloc, Manila. Bustillos Street, continuously congested by human and vehicular traffic, remains a religious hub in this side of Manila for its two historic churches and their interesting patron saints.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Twin Churches of Bustillos
Saint Anthony of Padua Shrine

Long before the construction of this shrine, Filipinos have revered Saint Anthony of Padua in the Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Intramuros. After the Second World War, the church of Saint Francis was destroyed in the Battle of Manila. The Franciscans decided to erect a shrine just for Saint Anthony of Padua who is said to be patronized by those who have lost things and by the poor.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Saint Anthony of Padua Shrine

Our Lady of Loreto Parish (Sampaloc Church)

Erected by the Franciscans in 1613, the chapel which preceded the church was dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto. In 1666, the actual church was built after it had been devastated by several disasters, both induced by nature and humans. According to Catholic history, “Our Lady of Loreto” refers to the Holy House of Loreto where our Blessed Mother Mary was born and where the Annunciation took place. Traditionally, the Lady of Loreto is the patron saint of people involved in aviation and construction. However, in the Philippine setting she is invoked against fire on account of the statue of Our Lady of Loreto surviving the numerous fires which have razed the Sampaloc district.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Our Lady of Loreto Parish

Binondo Church

Binondo Church was built in 1596 on what is now the corner of Ongpin and Quintin Paredes Streets. It is situated across the street from Plaza San Luis in the Chinese center of Binondo. Over the centuries the original structure considerable damage, the most significant of which is the bombing of Manila during the Second World War which basically wiped out the whole city, leaving only a few structures standing. Binondo Church was part lucky; although majority of its structure was left in ruins, its bell tower and façade were spared and remain intact to this day. Standing in the center of the Chinese commercial district, the church remains to serve as a reminder of a tumultuous past and of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, the First Filipino Saint who first served the Catholic faith in this church as a sacristan.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
Binondo Church

San Beda Church

San Beda Church , which is also known as the Abbey of Our Lady of Monserrat, was built in 1925. It was designed with a neo-Gothic theme and inside one will find magnificent murals of the ceilings of the abbey made by a Spanish monk, Fr. Lesmes Lopez. Another notable design component is the three arched doorways which are made of bronze and colored panels similar to stained glass.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
San Beda Church
San Sebastian Church

The ground on which the present structure of
San Sebastian Church has been holy ground since 1621 with the Lady of Mount Carmel as its patroness. But over the years earthquakes and fires have destroyed the previous chapels and churches which stood on the site, giving way to the present steel structure which was erected in 1891. The San Sebastian Church takes its place in world history as the first and only Gothic style church built in Asia. Fascinatingly, the church was designed by Alexander Guatve Eiffel, the same man that brought the world the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
San Sebastian Church
San Vicente De Paul Church

In 1883, a chapel was built on the site of the
San Vicente De Paul Church. From 1898 to 1909, the structure was used as the parish church of Paco. In 1912, the present stone church was built in remembrance of the fiftieth anniversary of the Vincentians’s arrival to the Philippines. Its patron, Saint Vincent de Paul is known to aid charities, hospitals and lepers.

Visita Iglesia de Manila
San Vicente de Paul Church

These are only a few of the places that Manila has to offer. There are still more churches and chapels that are worthy of a visit this Holy Week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Holy Week na!!!!

Pink Sister (Tagaytay)
After our Family reunion my mom ask my dad to drop by Pink Sister, at first sobrang i dont know kung san yun until mu mom told me na its in tagatay, naririnig ko sya sa TV esp. when Kris aquino mentioned this chruch.

the place is sobrang nakakaloka, i love it! tahimik and daming nag sisimba, plus amazing kasi yung altar nila is my rehas na parang pang jail yun pla is para hindi mahawak yung mga nun.... kakaloka plus yung mga madre is naka pink sayang hindi ko sila nakausap kasi naman according sa care taker my time lang para makausap sila.

i love this church and im looking forward to see this chruch again.

Holy WEEK information

Being the only Christian nation in the Far East, the belief of such religious observance was inherently Christian in origin brought to the Philippines by the Spanish Conquistadors when they first planted the Cross, symbol of Christianity, on the islands thus signaling the advent of the conversion of the natives to the faith of the Conquerors.

Holy Week culminates with all the solemn observance of Christian and pagan rituals. The practice is nationwide and has varying undertones of religious significance that is both moving and touching in its entirety. There are countless "Cenaculos" and "Pabasas" reciting and reenacting the passion and death of Jesus Christ in traditionally written verse form and dramatized version of the original sacrifice two thousand years ago.

The Holy Week in the Philippines has various appeals for everyone that combine native traditions and modern day touches with numerous innovations according to temperament and locale.

The week from Monday to Good Friday is an emotion packed series of religious ceremonies reminiscent of Christendom's most cherished traditions. Easter Sunday pall builds up into a glorious pealing of church bells for the pre-dawn "pasalubong", a reenactment of the Risen Christ's meeting with His Mother at the church patio under a specially prepared arch. An angel then descends from the platform and lifts the mourning veil of the grieving Mother amidst the pealing of bells. The procession of the two images then ends up inside the church and masses are said.

Lenten celebration in the Philippines is a conglomeration of quaint Christian and paganistic practices that are found nowhere else in the world. Some are breathtaking and exciting as they are charming and so distinctively Filipino that they are a source of wonderment for any tourist.


They scourge themselves in a somewhat paganistic manner considered medieval by many. This is done by stripping themselves naked from the waist up, walking barefooted under a midday sun and flagging themselves bloody with ropes and broken pieces of glass attached with strings to bamboo sticks. They do this as a means of atonement of their sins. It is a sort of retribution of their offenses and human weaknesses for past favor such as after going through some crisis or danger in their lives. This is commonly practiced in the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac, Rizal and practically all over the Tagalog region.


It's a family affair with the cooperation of relatives and neighbors. Others do these twenty four hours daily within the seven days of singing and reading of the Passion and Death taken from the verses of the Bible. Foods and drinks are being served to the singers.


A century-old black statue in Quiapo, sculptured in Mexico during the Galleon Trade era, considered miraculous by devotees is brought out for procession every Good Friday. The statue is borne on the shoulders of male devotees in a slow, difficult procession around the narrow streets of the district, a score of men struggle to keep the image moving on. Thousands more try to muscle their way to touch the Nazarene as if carried by a powerful tide in an ocean of humanity.


In Palawan it is reenacted in Iwahig Penal Colony participated by thousands of torch-bearing convicts in uniform line up in a pre-dawn ceremony.


Marinduque Island is famous and known throughout the world. No one could recall its beginning but old folks claimed it started since time immemorial. Usually it is held in the plazas of Boac and Gasan. The towns present a spectacular pageant wherein people are dressed like Roman soldiers to commemorate the beheading of Longinos. The festivities have a Mardigras atmosphere.


Thousands of lowlanders, Manilans and foreign tourists flock to this summer capital to escape heat. Hotels and lodging houses are all booked a month before the Holy Week. Others trek to the mountain to view the city of pines and people enjoying the merry making not minding the religious people are in church for this Holy occasion.


All radio stations throughout the nation are being sponsored by religious groups to air the reading of the "Siete Palabras" (Seven Last Words). There are series of speakers depicting the life of Jesus Christ and of course in different versions but the same meaning. Aglipayans, Episcopalians and Roman Catholics do this simultaneously.


In Manila it is a practice of Catholic believers to visit, if possible, 14 churches within Metro Manila representing the fourteen stations of the cross.


Guimaras landmark, a huge white cross overlooking the City of Iloilo, a favorite pilgrimage venue of Visayan people.


In Iguig, Tuguegarao oversized station of the cross at the hillside outside the centuries old church with a beautiful facade.


Old folks still practice the traditional belief of not to create unnecessary sounds especially on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.


Bicolanos are too religious from Catanduanes, Sorsogon, Legaspi, Naga down to Camarines Norte and Sur, they have all the Holy Week rituals.


Celebrities and movie stars from Manila and neighboring provinces join the most attended procession organized by Don Ado Escudero of Villa Escudero.


At the grotto of Lourdes in Novaliches, Quezon City the devotees, thousands of them, come during the Holy Week as a pilgrimage at the Calvary built with the fourteen stations of the Cross, life size, zigzagging at the hillside.


In Sipalay, Negros Occidental, it is a day for Herbolarios searching for anting-anting in unexplored caves on Good Friday.


In Paete, Laguna procession of 45 statues beautifully decorated "carrozas" depicting the life of our Lord. Also in Siquijor, an island on the southern tip of Cebu, is well known for its Good Friday procession. Huge centuries-old statue fully decorated with fresh flowers.


A town in Zamboanga still practices the old tradition of Lenten Season, one of which is the Capilya. Town people put up an improvised 14 altars around the poblacion representing the way of the cross. A group of singers sing ballad songs of Christ's passion.


It is held in the Philippine Cultural Center sponsored by the Department of Tourism. Cast of characters include popular movie stars. In Taguig, Rizal they popularize the modern version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" reshown at the Fort Santiago Amphitheater for the benefit of Manilans. In Mexico, Pampanga and also Dinalupihan in Bataan there is one who actually had himself nailed to a cross for his "crucifixion" simulating Christ's passion as best as he painfully can.


In the Visayan region, we have now the famous "Ang PAGTALTAL SA JORDAN" in the island province of Guimaras. A reenactment of our Lord's sufferings on the way to the Calvary held every Good Friday at the Municipal grounds. For the last years, it was attended by dignitaries from America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Canada, and thousands of tourists from European and Asian countries. Jordan town is widely known as the "GOLGOTHA" of the Philippines.

Sabado Night (Bubba Gump Greenbelt 3)

Lorenz, Kat, me, Pia and ken (Bubba Gump)

Well... i dont know ano naisipan ni kat to libre us, well as far i know gusto nya lang kami i-libre (sana lagi) anyways, one day kat asked me to set up a party for nothing (yeah i know) then sobrang no time to org a party for her kasi our sched is totally ibang ibang from her sched kaya naman instead of in-house party why not outdoor party. I told her to have dinner na lang in greenbelt then ok lang naman sa kanya sabi ko nga sa Bubba Gump 1st kasi its my fave place , the food is ok and the place is sobrang good vibes.

i met them sa G4 starbucks then we went to greenbelt na for our dinner, after that since 1st time ni ken to go to greenbelt she told me to walk her sa buong greenbelt. i told her the other side of greenbelt the GIMIK SIDE the Nature Side of greenbelt. We also went to Greenbelt 5 the new and improved greenbelt....... they love the place as in... Picture dito Picture doon. hahahahah they love greenbelt as i do...

fave hung out ko nga toh eh with my friends.

Bubba Gump

A kick-off from the movie "Forrest Gump" - this is how Forrest and Bubba would build their restaurant: fun, relaxed, and with room for the whole family to enjoy fresh high quality shrimp, fish, ribs, and yummy desserts!

Already one of the 20 stores worldwide, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant and Market in Greenbelt 3, Makati is the perfect venue for adult and kids parties too.


Southern chix with corn
and Fish Fillet (sorry we dont have picture)

The movie Forrest Gump offered sound bites from the slightly dim but good-hearted main character such as, “Mama always said dying was a part of life” and “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The movie not only gave actor Tom Hanks his second straight Oscar as Best Actor and the distinction of following Spencer Tracy’s footsteps for the honor—it also gave birth to Bubba Gump Restaurant and Market in San Francisco in 1999.

The name Bubba Gump was derived from the shrimp company formed by Forrest after his Vietnam buddy died in combat. Forrest had made a promise to Bubba that they would go shrimping together. Forrest and Lt. Dan, another Vietnam veteran, embarked on a shrimping journey and in true Gump fashion, ended up millionaires.

The restaurant’s personality is “simple,” said Edward Co, vice president for business development, Shrimpworks Co. Inc., which owns and operates Bubba Gump in the Philippines.
“The restaurant’s personality is just like Forrest Gump’s. Thus, we serve food made from the freshest ingredients and each dish is served in the best way possible,” said Edward.

Edward and siblings Kevin, Melody and Carol run Shrimpworks. Although it is the family’s first time in the restaurant business, the brothers trained for more than two months in Bubba Gump outlets in San Francisco and Maui in order to get the feel of running a food franchise.

Because Forrest is from Alabama, Bubba Gump served Southern food with Cajun influences, including fish, chicken, steak and ribs, aside from the ubiquitous shrimp. Just like Forrest, the cuisine is unpretentious and refreshing at a time when fusion can confuse you with its strange combinations and even stranger tastes.
The restaurant’s bestsellers include Shrimper’s Net Trash (delicious fresh shrimp steamed in beer and served with vegetables); Bubba’s After the Storm “Bucket of Boat Trash” (tender shrimp, slipper lobster and flaky white fish cooked Baja style and served with coleslaw and fries) and Dixie-style Baby Back Ribs.
Edward said the restaurant, which is located at the second floor of Greenbelt 3, Makati City, consumes 1 ton of shrimp every month.

For first-timers, the Run Across America Sampler is the best introduction to Bubba Gump’s cuisine. It includes Bubba’s Far Out Dip and Chips, Chilly Shrimp, Ping Pong Chicken and Mama Blue’s Fried Shrimp. The dip, which one can order separately, is a delicious combination of fresh spinach, roasted red pepper, artichokes and Monterey Jack cheese.

Another must-try is Grandma’s Firepot Fish, which is succulent Cajun Mahi Mahi with Grandma’s Firepot Sauce and juicy shrimp over white rice and served with pineapple-mango salsa.
The local franchisee has been allowed to develop and offer its own dishes, including Aloha Seafood Broth and the best-selling Stop Curry Stop, which is shrimp served in a creamy coconut sauce with special spices and vegetables.

For Mother’s Day, Bubba Gump will give groups with moms in tow a free Mud Pie (delicious layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with bits of Snickers chocolate bar) for every single receipt purchase of P2,750.
All these delicious food is served in surroundings that will definitely remind you of the movie. On display are the beige suit that Forrest wore, his Nike shoes, Jenny’s wedding gown and even some toys. There are pictures and memorabilia all over for that truly homey feel.

Kevin Co, Shrimpworks vice president for operations, said the restaurant, which seats 300 people, is designed to accommodate large families.

“We are lucky in that since the restaurant opened four years ago, our average customer occupancy is 70 percent,”
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.Unit 219, Level 2, Greenbelt 3Makati City, 1200 PhilippinesTel: (632) 757-5154Fax: (632) 757 5104Email:

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