Friday, March 21, 2008

Bonding with my Family this Good Friday

Its time to bond with my family. love it! well every holy week we make sure na we can find time to bond, hahaha saya noh.... kaya naman a head of time i filed leave sa ofc to plan our BONDING. Two days of leave plus holidays is sobrang ok na for the bonding churva.

My Pamangkin is one the angels sa "Salubong" so we are all excited about it.... busy para samahan sya sa practice and all.....

Good friday.

Its time for us to have our own Visita Iglesia, we always to this every year as in.... after lunch prep na kami then by 1:00 to 1:30 dapat we are all set up for our Visita Iglesia.

People who will join us
List of simbahans
time frame
time table for each stations
people who will lead (like me, my lil bro and mama)

then after that we are all set for Familia General VISITA IGLESIA....

Way of the Cross (one of the chruch in Magallanes)

First chruch sympre our own simbahan in Villamor Air Base Pasay City...... The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (Inside)

Our next chruch is also in Villamor but this time inside the Villamor Air Base Camp. Our Lady of all Nations Chruch. The Salubong of my pamangkin will be in this Chruch also like about 10.00 pm Saturday Night.

Our Lady of all Nations Chruch

aliw.... kasi naman nadatnan namin some of my moms friends fix the caro of Mary for the 6pm prosisyon inside the villamor.... naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako... i always join the prosisyon with my childhood friends... love it!

Next simbahan is in Magallanes, the chruch is cute and yung place na kung saan ka mag pray for the station of the cross is so sosyal.... you know why... its not a frame of pictures or something but its an figured art i dont know kung cno nag design but then again i love it!!! by the way this chruch nga pla is nasunog i think last 3 years a go, but know ang pretty pretty nya na as in.....

Chruch in Magallanes

Station of the Cross portion (my mom and lil bro)

after the magallanes chruch, we went na to Fort Bonifacio, well sa loob ng bonifaction may 2 chruches as in... akala nyo fort is the place for fun, clubbing or something noh.... no!!! may chruch din sila kaso medyo tago nga lang... 1st chruch inside bonifacio is near the Camp rin, simple but solem as in.... when we started to pray may mga nag practice and song for the mass nga eh.

chruch inside the Camp (Bonifacio)

another chruch in Bonifacio (near the gimik place)

since malapit na sa Fort ang Forbes... next stop namin ay ang Sanctuario De San Anthonio,Pag dating namin ng forbes.... daming tao... tapos i think the mass is about to start na... kasi dami ng tao. then sa labas ng church naka park narin yung mga santo for prosisyon... kakaloka yung mga santo... you know why.. malaki pa sa tao as in... plus the outfit... i love it! sobrang ganda... also far from the church is naka set up na rin yung place ng Salubong nila. i dont know what time nga lang yung Salubong nila well may be sunday....

Sanctuario De San Anthonio

Don Bosco chruch is the next chruch na.... same with other chruch nakahanda na rin yung santo nila for prosisyon... daming tao plus nagstart na yung mass nila. yung portion of the station of the cross nila is outside the chruch its in parking lot.

Don Bosco Church

kung sa Don Bosco Church nag start na ang mass well sa St. Andrew's Chruch in Jupiter hindi pa, pero the people.... goshness daming tao and they are waiting for the mass na... kakaloka noh... hindi ako nakapag take ng picture but i have picture nung Santo nila na ipro-prosisyon around jupiter.

then last chruch for the way of the cross..... is the chruch of my Alma Matter, the Malate Catholic School, well... we finished our way of the cross in this chruch.... kakamiss ang Elementary and High School life sa school ko.... anyways... walang pinag bago ang chruch daming tao and daming nag pray... kakaloka lang kasi tanghali ata merion silang sinakulo... kasi i saw this 3 cross standing in the garden with blood as in... may be nag play sila ng life ni God... kakaloka (miss ko tuloy sa Bicol kasi naka witness ako ng ganyan... i mean i was able to watch that kind of play when i was akin sa bicol (trivia i also play as one of the angels sa salubong sa bicol) yun nga... then saints are ready for prosisyon na rin.... ang lalaki rin ng mga santo nila.

Malate Catholic Church

last stop Church near Mall of Asia..... before kami mag punta sa church we eat muna as in.... bread and pansit cooked by Joan plus iced tea. after eating we went to the chruch na kasi they have this Way of the cross also bago mag prosisyon, outside the church you will see some cross set up near the parking lot, yun yung station of the cross, then after that.... my prosisyon na... as in!!! ganda ng mga santo and lahat yun may pictures ako (multiply: hahahahah i love it! as in...

next year ulit... enjoy... its my family bonding.... this is also my way to show my faith with God. hope you guys do the same.

for more picture: (multiply:

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