Monday, March 24, 2008

Bonifacio high Street

Next to the major shopping center Market! Market! in Taguig is a strip of trendy restaurants, bars, clubs, and retail outlets known as Bonifacio High Street. We had a chance to stroll around the upscale urban development with Jelly.

As expected, this was another fancy place making an example of the extreme rich end of the wide wealth gap. Like many malls seem to be, I thought that it might be another hot spot where the masses are attracted into spending their hard-earned money on expensive amenities produced by the rich few. However, it didn't seem so. It was more of a high-end hang-out for aristocrats, yuppies, and other rich folk. But I wasn't in the mood of analyzing the socio-economic aspects of the place in detail.

Straightforwardly, it was a nice classy collection of professional establishments catering to the taste of the metropolis' moneyed individuals, particularly the young. The proliferation of places like Bonifacio High Street and Bonifacio Global City is only a sign that the metropolis is growing and developing, which is good. It is only my hope that the rest of the Philippines grows and prospers with them.

Tasteful sculptures and architecture made for a distinct contemporary feel. Fancy shrubbery and fancy people populated the place. Waterspouts gurgled and fountains sparkled. The bright orange sun was setting, and oddly, the moon was already high in the sky. Stage smoke and lights emerged from an outdoor cocktail party and mini-concert.

We instead spent some time to rest at an adjacent park. Although we appreciated the modern splendor, it seemed we had been in the urban jungle too long. We were missing home in the provinces. It was time to enjoy what time was left, in the place where it all began. Time when Triton was still with us.

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