Monday, March 24, 2008

Everything you need under the sun

Gone are the days of the generic sun block. Today, there are sun protection products for every kind of lifestyle under the sun and even particular parts of the body. Awareness will allow you to enjoy the summer sun safely.

Lip balms not only keep your lips from chapping from windburn and dryness, they should also protect you your pout from sun damage or skin cancer. Look for a sun protection factor (SPF) rating on the label. There are lip balms for everyone from fruit flavored fancies for girls to nonsense variants palatable to men.

Sport visors, swimming goggles, prescription glasses and even fashion statement shades should also feature ultraviolet (UV) protection to prevent cataracts. Not all lenses are created equal and it is not enough that they cut down on glare or make you look cool.

Certain swimwear and beachwear are made of fabrics that allow UV rays to pass through let the wearer to tan evenly. It is important to protect yourself underneath such fabrics with lotion with the proper SPF. Better yet, have the one you desire rub sun lotion on you.

The face, especially the nose and ears, are more prone to sun damage. Those who plan to tan themselves with a body oil with a low SPF factor should use a cream with higher SPF rating for the face.

For outdoorsmen, there are now sunscreen lotions specifically made sports use that do not wash away with sweat or swimming. Consequently, they can hard to wash off and feel hot and sticky in the heat of competition.

For those who prefer to whiten their skin while the rest of us take pride in our golden kayumanggi skin and revel in our healthy summer glow, there are lotions that not only provide extreme sun protection from any sort of tanning but also whiten the skin with continued use. Many moisturizers and other daily beauty products now incorporate UV protection.

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