Saturday, March 15, 2008

Il PontiCello Resto (Makati)

Fine dining at its best, the success of IL Ponticello is also founded on the menu. The selection boasts of a good mix of original Italian creations and versions of other well-loved Italian dishes. A good start would be the Pietanza Di Salmone antipasto made of asparagus tips wrapped in deliciously smoked salmon with dill mustard sauce. The superb soup selection includes a creamy porcini mushroom soup called Crema Ai Porcini or the Sopa Di Peoci E Peverase, a clear soup filled with fresh seafoods. Salad Aficionados will enjoy the Degli Imperatori, a reinvented version of the Caesar’s Salad where olive oil instead of egg yolk and cream is used as base dressing. IL Ponticello also prides itself for having homemade pastas. Tagliolini Con Le Capesante is a fresh spinach pasta topped with shrimps,scallops and caviar in seafood cream sauce. One will happily note the meticulous and lavish presentation making the dish a delightful feast for the senses. Finally nothing beats Il Ponticello’s selections of desserts, one of which is the Panna Cotta and the famous Ciocolatto Dela Nonna a bittersweet dark chocolate cake hailed by the critics as “the most deliciously sinful chocolate cake in town.

Truly IL Ponticello has something for everyone. And should you feel torn at the prospect of leaving Il Ponticello’s cozy confines, comfort yourself with the thought that tomorrow is another day waiting for you to discover more of the pleasures of crossing a little bridge

Contact Il Ponticello at (632) 8877168 / 8874998 / to reserve or inquire about our food and services;E-mail: or

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