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I love coffee shops per se, but I don’t really go for the coffee. My thinking would be I can make it at home, just the way I like it, without having to shell out a fortune. So I go for the company, the ambience, is some cases the free wi-fi, and mostly for the food.

Cordillera Coffee

I stumbled upon Cordillera Coffee on another assignment, thinking it was just one of the run-of-the-mill coffee shops wanting a piece of the coffee culture boom. My first time at Cordillera Coffee was at the UP Vargas Museum branch, an al fresco café outside the museum. It was then where I met Grace Arboleda-Young, a Kalinga native, who introduced me to Kalinga coffee and Cordillera Coffee’s cause to help Benguet farmers.

Cordillera Coffee
Inside the Riverbanks branch

Grace and her family grew up with coffee trees in their backyard and wondered why the Arabica coffee grown in the Cordillera region was not receiving any attention. “They are really good and comparable to Jamaican and Blue Mountain coffee,” says Grace. “When you drink it, it’s very smooth and hindi mapakla [not tart-y].” It also contains less caffeine. Kalinga coffee farmers get the beans from trees that are fifty to a hundred years old and use no chemicals during the harvest, making it organically-grown.

Cordillera Coffee
Inside the Riverbanks branch

For the fiercest of coffee drinkers, every cup has a story. In this case the story starts with a cause. “Coffee for a Cause” is Cordillera Coffee’s advocacy on helping Benguet farmers sell their coffee at a fair price, meaning paying them higher than its usual market value. Often, these coffee farmers travel far carrying a sack of beans on their backs to reach the market, only to sell them to some of the most brutal hagglers (who sell them at triple the prices, mind you). So instead of walking home empty-handed, they’re forced to sell premium beans at a very low price. Cordillera Coffee wanted to change this and even founded Coffee Aid, a volunteer program that helps the farmers through harvesting and coffee planting activities and other programs.

Cordillera Coffee

Onto the food. To begin with, their menu was conceptualized by the great Gene Gonzalez of Café Ysabel, who incorporated ingredients from the north for this venture. House specialties include the Cordillera Risotto (P90) made with red rice, bits of homemade longganisa, mushroom béchamel sauce and sprinkled parmesan. It is as lovely as it sounds.

Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Risotto

The dish is not overpoweringly creamy, just enough flavor to highlight its ingredients, and not too heavy but still perfect for those who want something filling. They are also proud of their Pancit Sinanta (P90), which uses Isabella pancit, mixed with garlic bits, chicharon and chicken liver, steaming in a bowl of soup.

Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Risotto

Now I am not a fan of any kind of liver but theirs seems to be nicely tenderized and marinated in some magical sauce because I could not help eating it. I would say this dish makes great comfort food.

Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Breakfast

My personal favorite is the Cordillera Breakfast (P90), their version of “longsilog.” Composed of homemade longganisa, scrambled eggs with house tomato sauce, and garlic red rice, this dish comes highly recommended from regulars. I am big on breakfast food and this definitely hit the spot. My only “beef” would be I wish it came in larger portions!

Cordillera Coffee

Ilocano Pasta

I loved their Ilocano Pasta (P100), one of the newer offerings they have for the health-conscious. It’s olive-oil based with bits of tuyo and combines some hot Ilocano spices with siling labuyo and jalapeno. If you like things simple, healthy and spicy, this one’s for you. They also serve a variety of panini sandwiches with freshly-baked panini bread. I also got a kick out of their freshly-brewed Benguet iced tea which surprisingly had no caffeine and is apparently herbal.
Cordillera Coffee
Dutch Chocolate Mint

Cordillera Coffee
Almond Coffee
Then, there’s the coffee. Coffee Cordillera has hot and cold variations, also conceptualized by Chef Gene. I tried the Caramel Coffee Slush (P105-P120) on a hot day and sipped—okay, knocked back—the glass in about ten minutes, tops. You should know that I like my coffee hot and rarely drink the cold variety but this one I really liked. It was not too milky like most cold coffee drinks and retained the original flavor of the beans nicely despite the caramel.

Café Amandine (P90), of the hot variety, uses non-alcoholic amaretto syrup and crushed almonds for that nutty taste. If you’re adventurous and willing to splurge, they do carry that Civet coffee everyone’s been talking about. Sometimes known as alamid or “cat poop coffee,” one of (if not the most) expensive brews in the world. A cup in Cordillera Coffee (they call it D’ kapetimusang) is a bargain at P300 because it costs 50 pounds (P4,000) in London!

I am guilty of rating restaurants according to their dessert menu and this one I give two thumbs (way) up for their Tableya Chocolate Cake (P50).

Cordillera Coffee

Tableya Chocolate Cake

It’s made with local tableya chocolate and drizzled with homemade chocolate syrup. What I love about it is that its texture is deliciously moist but not too dense, almost like a rice cake, and it’s pleasantly sweet and not the type that leaves you gasping for water before you finish a slice. It’s something different and worth trying. Their Coffee Jelly (P60), served with vanilla ice cream and a touch of orange marmalade, is nicely done too.

Cordillera Coffee

Coffee Jelly

The fact that nothing on the menu is over P150 (save for the Civet coffee) is fantastic! They have four locations so here’s my tip. If you want your food fresh from the stove, go to their commissary at the Xavierville branch. If you want to relax and hangout in a homier café and enjoy free wi-fi, head to the Riverbanks branch. Should you want to dine al fresco and have your food served with a side of art, then it’s off to the Vargas Museum. And if you’re a stranger to Baguio, now you know where to find good food and great coffee that will have you beaming with Pinoy pride.

Cordillera Coffee
Riverbanks Center
84 A. Bonifacio Road0, Barangka
Tel: 482-2515

Cordillera Coffee
Quezon City
Unit 104 LLanar Blag. Xavierville Ave. cor. B.Gonzales St.
Loyola Heights
Quezon City
Tel: 436-0324

Cordillera Coffee
SM City Baguio
Luneta Hill
Upper Session Road
Baguio City
Tel: (074) 424-0782
Monday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm; Friday to Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Long or Short? Pantene

Hair cut by Paul Maceda and for rebond by Joe Marc of Tony and Guy I love it!!!!

Rebonding, is the process of applying, protein and moisturizer to damaged
hair. Keratine is what the hair is made of. All the amino acid in the hair
is what makes up keratine. If you know a product that has the amino acid , it
will protect the hair, and no, it is not damaging to it.

Hair is essentially a dead protein known as keratin. Hair is alive only at
its root -- in the follicle. As a result, there is not much to the phrase,
"healthy hair." Once damaged, hair cannot be significantly repaired by
application of anything to its surface. Products that claim to repair
damaged hair are simply materials designed to cover the damage. Ultimately,
these wash off and the damage remains. Often, you are worse off than before.
Even though hair is keratin, adding keratin (rebonding) will do no long-term
good because what's put on is a surface application and is not part of the
internal (natural) part of the hair as it grew.

Most hair care products that are advertised to repair damaged hair are
simply a means to separate you from your money. Hair is damaged by careless
treatment. The best approach is to treat your hair kindly -- avoid harsh
shampoos, perms, brutal curling methods, and blow-drying. Also, use a very
smooth injection-molded comb and a natural bristle brush when bringing order
to chaos.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Project Runway 4

Christian Siriano won season 4 of “Project Runway” Wednesday night and let’s be honest, didn’t surprise anyways. He stood out on episode one as someone who would be a fan favorite, similar to Santino from season 2. Here’s an excerpt from an interview he gave to “The Dish.”

“What do you think it is about Project Runway that draws the gays?

The gays like Project Runway because it’s a fashion, and the gays are into fashion and into design. It’s a creative industry, and most of the gays are pretty creative, in general. That’s just like the culture. We’re not all into politics necessarily. We’re more into the creative environment. I also think Heidi is a big draw. The boys love Heidi and think she’s so fabulous. I just think it’s a glitzy, fun show, and there are also always lots of gay boys on it, and, you know, that’s fun.”

Our intrepid friends over at "The Dish" got the first interview with Christian, after his win on "Project Runway" -- and we got to steal all the juicy "are you dating anyone" bits. Here are some of the amazing excerpts:

What do you think it is about Project Runway that draws the gays?

The gays like Project Runway because it’s a fashion, and the gays are into fashion and into design. It’s a creative industry, and most of the gays are pretty creative, in general. That’s just like the culture. We’re not all into politics necessarily. We’re more into the creative environment. I also think Heidi is a big draw. The boys love Heidi and think she’s so fabulous. I just think it’s a glitzy, fun show, and there are also always lots of gay boys on it, and, you know, that’s fun.

We ask every season: Any hanky panky backstage? Did you have a crush on anyone?

I was so tired during the show I don’t think I thought about sex one day! Are you joking?! I was tired! Just no. No way. Not one day, I was not even interested, I didn’t even want people to touch me I was so tired.

Did you just know that Victoria Beckham would like your collection?

In the back of my head, I’m not going lie, I was like, “Victoria’s the judge. This is me.” She’s who I design for! She’s English, she’s from Europe, she’s very very into high fashion, and some of her favorite designers are McQueen and Chanel and Lagerfeld, you know? I knew there was no way she was not going to like what I did. It was amazing because she’s someone I would actually want to try to dress. I actually think I said when we first started and Bravo asked us all who we’d want to dress, I’m pretty sure I said Victoria Beckham. Well, and I said Britney, but actually I said I wanted to save Britney! My new goal in life is to come up with my new reality show called Project Britney where I transform her and I save her life and make her the most fabulous person ever! She needs a gay! She has no gays! Have you ever noticed that? She has no gay boys helping her! She only has straight people and, no offense, but straighties don’t know how to fix the divas! It’s so weird! I’ve never seen any gay stylists working her.

Are you dating anyone now?

I’m dating someone now, and I actually met him because of Project Runway. He found me on MySpace. He works for an online magazine and he wrote to me and asked for an interview, and we just started hanging out after that. Project Runway helped my love life, what up!

Which designers from past seasons were your favorites?

Season 1 I thought was so amazing, and even though Jay is such a douchebag I thought he was really talented. I think Kara Saun was really great, Austin too. I just think the first season was really great. I actually enjoyed Laura Bennett as a person, and liked some of her pieces. I liked Uli’s style, and I even liked a few of the things that Mychael did. Everyone was so in love with Chloe and Daniel and Santino in the second season, and I actually wasn’t that big of a fan. It was a fun season, but I don’t know. I always thought they should mix up the seasons and they should: He, me and them, and we should all compete against each other. I’ve never met Daniel, but he and Jay actually sat behind my mother and sister at the show and she said that they were so nice and so friendly to them, which was really great. But, yeah. Don’t meet Jay -- he’s horrible -- but Daniel’s great!

You wonnn! Where are you going on your vacation? What have you been doing since the win?

I won. Oh My God – it’s so amazing, and I just never thought! I did what I can on the show to do – just to wow people and I think I did. I’m so happy and the best part is that no one can take it away forever. I love that! No matter what happens. I’m too busy to take a break. I have two wedding dresses due next month. I did a benefit on Saturday and my garment sold for $50,000 that I donated to the Baltimore School for the Arts, my high school. It was great and more to come! Crazy, crazy, crazy. I love every second.

What are you going to spend the money on?

I’m going to spend the money on taking over my apartment, first of all. My roommate, when she moves out, I’m going to just keep her room for myself. I’m also going to get a studio space. I’m going to finally get a bed! I’m going to spend a lot of money on a fabulous bed. All the rest will probably just go to next season.

I’ve showed to a couple stores, so I’ve had a couple buyers, but I’m going to show next season. I’ll probably show in the tent again, I’m going to do a big show. Next season will be more me. It’s hard because I’ve been working so hard on this collection and I can’t really sell it. Next season, my designs will be fair game, don’t worry!

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Support Gail Nicolas For FHM 100 Sexiest Women

Pls. VOTE FOR HER!!! Good Luck Gail!!!!

FHM 100 Sexiest Voting has began :) Please vote for me! YEY!

FHM100 GAIL NICOLAS send it to 2948

Mobile instructions:
1. The FHM 100 Sexiest poll is open to all Smart, Globe, Sun, Talk N’ Text and Addict Mobile subscribers.

2. To vote, the texter must text in FHM100 and send to 2948. Example: FHM100 Gail Nicolas. Texting of votes costs P2.50 for Smart, Talk N’ Text, Globe and Addict Mobile while P2.00 for Sun.

3. 1 text vote = 5 entries
4. To get a complete list of all keywords, text FHM100 to 2948.
5. Send all keywords to 2948 for Smart, Globe, Sun, Talk N’ Text and Addict Mobile subscribers.

Voting period is from April 1 to June 15 only.

Tiesto Manila 2008

event that i will never ever forget!!!! PartEEEEEEE ON!!!!!! love it!!!



Swapping of sched???

hahahah i love it! last saturday i have work, kasi naman nakipag swap ako kay Kim.... hahahah the reason why ako nag swap is bec. by night of saturday i will go to Tiesto EVENT!!! hahahaha eh ayaw ko umabsent ng sunday kaya nakipag swap ako. thanks kim

ganun pala noh... boring pag wala yung mga talangang kasama mo sa ofc... hahah parang feeling ko wala akong ka kampi... but will sorry... im fabulous kaya naman som people ask me kung bakit ako nandun... hahahaha im so guys kahit na im so bad sa ofc some people or most of the people like me!!! hahahaha
well thanks to chinggay... hahaha sya kasi katabi ko eh...

hay, wala kaming ginawa kung hindi mag chikahan as in! hahahaha love it! plus dala ko pa yung camera ko kaya naman picture picture ang drama namin hahhahaha chinggay hope you like your picture sa multiply ko.

lunch... hahaha ako lang mag isa nag lunch kasi ayaw ko naman makipag plastikan dun sa ibang tao na nandun hahahahaha... nag starbucks lang ako and smoke.

hay... saturday!!! i love it!!!! thanks thanks thanks

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Im a Shining Star

Shining Star by GET FAR

The way you look at me
The way you touch me
The fire in your eyes
Makes me sweat
Makes me shiver inside
There's nothing I can do about it
'Cause nothing seems so true
When I'm beside you
And I dream of nothing
Now just hold my hand
Naked, perfect, so beautiful
You turn me up and down
I'm spinning round and round
You never get enough, baby doll
You're a shining star

The way you look at me
The way you touch me
The fire in your eyes
Makes me sweat
Makes me shiver inside
There's nothing I can do about it
You're my soulmate, my summer and my faith
You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you, girl

The way you look at me
The way you touch me
The fire in your eyes
Makes me sweat
Makes me shiver inside
There's nothing I can do about it
You're my soulmate, my summer and my faith
You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you, girl
You turn me up and down
I'm spinning round and round
You never get enough, baby doll
You're a shining star

The way you look at me
The way you touch me
The fire are in your eyes
Makes me sweat
Makes me shiver inside
There's nothing I can do about it
You're my soulmate, my summer and my faith
You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you, girl
You're my soulmate, my summer and my faith
You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you, girl

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Long Wait

LONG WAIT!!! yeah i hate it as in.....

i hate late... as in sobra!!! i dont know why... basta i hate late.... if i have lakad or something as much as possible maaga ako dumadating sa place as in hindi naman sobrang aga or something basta mga 30 mins. ill wait na!!!

Meaning of Late
Coming after the time when due, or after the usual or proper time; not early; slow; tardy; long delayed; as, a late spring.

ano ba ang madalas kung gawin pag nag aantay ng mga friends kung may lakad?

- mag lalakad lakad muna ako.
- ill go salon for blower or shampoo
- online muna (netopia, creative lounge or B connect)
- starbucks and yosi
- ill buy mag then read it with coffee
- makikinig sa IPOD and text ng mga friends

thing that i do pag nag aantay ako!!

sa lahat ng mga friends ko ang laging late

-Lenz Abaya (my gay best friend)
-Vanessa Enaje (my girl best friend) unlike Carina Watanabe always on time
-Majo Doque
-Pia Salvador
-Ken Ruiz
-Jelly Foz (my high friend)

yan sila the late friends of GERI next time naman agahan nyo..... pls lang

hahahahahaha wala lang magawa sa blog ko!!!

DVD "Jumper"

last night after having two dates in one day (date with my friend jelly and date with Russell) i took my shower and watched DVD " Jumper" kasi naman medyo hindi na rin ako nakakapanood ng movie lately bec of my busy schedule.

well i love the movie, aliw ako... i wish may power din ako like them hahahaha para lagot sa akin lahat ng mga tao na i dont like.... hahaha if i have that power good luck, ngaun na wala pa akong power naloloka na kau what more pa kung meron hahahahah.... yeah i mean it!!!

i love the story, i love the transition, the shot is ok, plus the cinematography of the film is ok. yeah ok naman enjoy watching it!

Some Details about the movie JUMPER

Director:Doug Liman

Writers (WGA):David S. Goyer (screenplay) and
Jim Uhls (screenplay)

Release Date:13 February 2008 (Philippines)

Genre:Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Tagline:anywhere is possible.

Plot Outline:A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them.

Shy teen David Rice (Max Theriot) has a crush on pretty Millie (AnnaSophia Robb), who dreams of travelling the world. When he surprises her with a small gift, a snow globe of the Eiffel Tower, teasing bully Mark (Jesse James) grabs it and throws it out onto the icy surface of the river. Determined, David ventures out on the ice and retrieves it, waving ... then falls through the ice and is swept away from the opening by the swift current. He is certain to die in the freezing water, without air ... and suddenly finds himself lying prone in the library between the bookcases, in a huge gush of gallons of water, gasping and alive.

He trudges home, soaking wet, where his father (Michael Rooker) chews him out. David enters his room, putting a chain on the door ... but when his angry father bursts it open, there is only a swirl of wind - David has vanished. He finds himself in the damp aisle of the darkened library, and realises he has teleported there yet again. It dawns on him that he finally has a way to change his life, to escape his situation, the same way his mother abandoned the family when he was five. He teleports home and retrieves a small stash of money and a few belongings. But before he leaves town, he stops outside Millie's house. Millie is not consoled by her mother's arms; she is sure that David is dead. She hears a noise outside, steps cautiously out into the yard ... and finds the snowglobe sitting on the swingset. From this she knows he is alive, but he does not respond to her calls.

The next day he is on a bus to the city, where he rents a cheap room. He practices teleporting in the park, learning how to control his power. Then he cases a bank, and robs it by teleporting directly in to the vault in the middle of the night. He laughs as he realises his bag isn't big enough to take away all the money ... teleports back to his shabby hotel for another bag ... and repeats this until his room is awash in money and he lies on a bed of it. However, the mysterious Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) appears at the bank investigation, claiming to be from the NSA, remarkably unsurprised by this locked door robbery. It is evident that he knows about teleport abilities, and is part of a powerful group that wants to find this bank robber.

Years have gone by, and David (Hayden Christenson) has an expensive city apartment, papered with pictures of his world travels, and a small vault room full of money. He enjoys the pleasures of life wherever they are: surfing in Fiji, lunching atop the Sphinx in Egypt, picking up a girl in a British pub. He phases from one spot to another in his home, rather than walking even two paces, and disregards the troubles of ordinary people shown on television trapped in rising floodwaters.

His peace is disturbed by the arrival of Roland, whose electrical weapon and wires prevent David from teleporting. We learn that Roland's mission in life is to destroy jumpers (people who teleport), for "only God should have the power to be everywhere." Desperate, David manages somehow to get away, teleporting back to his boyhood bedroom. His father is alerted to his presence, and comes to the bedroom door, begging him to stay. David teleports away as his father forces the door open.

His idyllic lifestyle disrupted, he decides to see his lost love, Millie (Rachel Bilson). He finds her still in the same town, working at a bar. His old nemesis Mark (Teddy Dunn) manages to start a fight once again ... and in a rush David teleports with him into a bank vault, then leaves him there.

Returning to the bar, he asks Millie to go with him to Rome. She is shocked, but as it's her lifelong dream she can only accept. When they get to Rome, he enjoys her delight as he shows her around the ancient city, but is balked when they find the Coliseum closed. Rather than take "no" for an answer and return another day, he goes around the corner ... and when she catches up, he is holding a gate open to admit her. He continues to open doors from the inside as they pursue their private tour ... until they try to go down to the floor of the stadium. Suddenly he is surprised to meet another jumper, Griffin (Jamie Bell), who informs him that he's not the only one and that there is a whole group of people like Roland, paladins, who want to kill jumpers ... and two of them suddenly turn up. Griffin is prepared to fight their methods, and eventually subdues the attackers and teleports away. David follows Griffin's teleport to his lair, asking questions. He is bewildered, and Griffin's brief explanations (such as explaining he will drop a paladin into some sharks) do nothing to enlighten him. Griffin explains that David cannot afford to have a girlfriend, family, or friends ... that they are all dead, that the paladins will kill them to get to him.

David returns to Millie and agrees to leave, and they get away from officials inside the Coliseum - only to be detained outside. David doesn't jump - he tells Millie to go back to the hotel, but she refuses. Hours later, David is still being questioned by the police, who are holding him and his passport until some other authorities arrive. Suddenly, a woman (Diane Lane) appears, telling him to get out and abandon his girl, telling him how many minutes he has to escape. He recognises her from his childhood pictures - she is his mother!! He finds Millie and takes her to the airport, then explains sorrowfully that he cannot go back home with her.

In the meantime, Roland has been brought in to talk to Mark, whom David left in a bank vault. Mark, exhausted from repeatedly telling his story to disbelieving officials, explains who David is, where they are from, everything he knows. Seizing this opportunity, Roland visits David's father.

David returns to ask Griffin more questions, and this time the risk to his family sinks in. He teleports to his childhood home, and finds his father on the floor. Crying, he teleports his father to a hospital emergency room, trying to get help for him. He teleports to see Mark in jail, asking what he told Roland. Mark says he told him everything.

David realises that Millie will be in danger as soon as she gets off the plane in the USA, but when he asks Griffin for help, Griffin refuses. David follows Griffin through jumps, trying to convince him. Griffin swipes a car and they ride together, Griffin teleporting the car through traffic as it suits him. They exchange some bits of information: the paladins killed Griffin's parents when he was five, and David's mother left when he was five. David asks about teleporting the car, and Griffin laughingly tells of a jumper who tried to teleport a building - he died in the attempt. Finally, Griffin agrees to help David for a "limited engagement" - the many drawings of Roland in Griffin's home make it clear that he has a grudge against this paladin.

The arrive in the USA - and Millie's flight already arrived an hour before. He teleports to her apartment, hoping to get her out quickly - but Roland and his attack squad arrive before he can begin to explain. He manages to teleport her to Griffin's lair - and Griffin chews him out for it, because Roland can directly follow his teleport! Griffin prepares to abandon his home, but when Roland appears an epic battle begins. At one point Griffin teleports a bus at Roland, who manages to dive underneath it as it bounces. David is trapped, webbed up in a corner of the room by Roland's electrical wiring to be disposed of later. As Millie frees David, her anger at the situation and fear of his strange power are evident. She demands that he just take her home, and leave her alone. Naturally, she is soon captured and held hostage.

Griffin plans to take a bomb to Millie's apartment to kill Roland ... however, this will involve killing everyone else there, including Millie. David doesn't want that, so they two of them teleport around the world, fighting over the bomb, then over the detonator, falling from the Empire State Building and appearing in a war zone, where David finally traps Griffin in some fallen power lines as effective as Roland's traps.

David returns to Millie's apartment, knowing he's walking into the lion's den. They use electric wires all around him to tie him down, anchoring them to the walls. David has Millie move close to him, and, remembering Griffin's story, David doesn't try to move the whole building - just the parts attached to the anchor wires. As he uses his power, the building begins to rip apart, and the roof shatters as the apartment disappears out from under it.

David teleports Roland to a cave and leaves him there, saying he should be grateful he didn't drop him at the sharks. David vanishes, and Roland walks to the cave opening - finding himself up an isolated cliff in the Grand Canyon.

It is winter, and we see David walk up to an expensive home and knock. A teenage girl answers the door, followed moments later by David's mom, who sends her daughter to her room. David is there to find out what it all means, and why she left him as a child. She explains that she is a paladin, and when he made his first teleport at age 5 she could not kill him, so she left him because she loved him. He thinks she should do more - and she explains that she is, right now, because she's giving him a head start. He realises he will not get more from her.

He leaves the house, and Millie meets him outside. He asks where she wants to go, and she says, "Someplace warm." They teleport away.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

latest TVC "Lilipad"

Hope you like this TVC for COKE its a 1 min TVC. ENJOY COKE

Summer Love????? with Jelly

we are chillin with ourMc Donalds Cool drinks (Mall of Asia)

Yesterday, i meet up with one of my highschool friend Jelly Foz to chill after work, we went to Mc Donalds to buy Mc Flurry for her and Milk Shake for me, well... im craving nga for ice cream kaso wala naman kami mahanap na ice cream.

we walk, walk and walked again to death as in.....

after few mins Jelly told me one of the nakakagulat story of her life as in. nagulat ako about the story and i was like asking her the whole story and details of the story kaso ayaw nya pa sabihin hay... well as friend i respect naman that.....
well Jelly, im just hir for you no matter what...... hay, i know na this time your thinking of some possible things to do in your life, yeah its hard pero that life..... dont think to much about it. hay!!! basta ill support you all the way... ayaw ko na mag comment or what baka malaman ng ibang friends natin kung ano talaga ang dahilan or something basta im just hir for you!

MOVE ON BITCH love you!

Date with a MODEL!!!

after chillin with jhe, i went back to makati to meet up with this 20 years old guy, hahahaha love it!! he ask me to go out and have Dinner, love it!!! haba ng hair ko!!

9.30 PM meet ko sya starbucks g4 and then had our dinner sa Gilligans, hay!!! im not expecting this talaga, he want to me to be his churva.... but i cant..... kung alam nya lang!!! hay.....

Russell i had fun last night!! ill see you soon!!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hai Resto (The Fort) with Mae Bonga

with Mae Bonga (My Long lost pinsan) Hai Rest in the Fort

Last April 11, 2007 i met up with my friend Mae and have dinner lang, sympre its pay day kaya naman i have to chill noh... ok yun nga we went to the fort for dinner and drink few beers, she's with this two guys, i think ofcmates nya ata yun....

Place: Hai Resto and Bar

Location: The Fort Near Mc Donalds, i dont know the location talaga basta the place is near Home Depot.

Note: this place is perfect as in the music they play is a house music, food is mura and yummy plus unlimited beer ata hahahaha kasi dami namin beer.

Im so happy to see one of my old friends in this fabulous Place in The FORT HAI RESTO!!!

Oriental fine dining that’s within the budget

Filipinos undoubtedly have a penchant for Oriental culture and cuisine; no wonder Chinese and Japanese restaurants have mushroomed in the metro through the years. And while run-of-the-mill restaurants and fast-food outlets are easily accessible and make Oriental dining affordable even for the cash-strapped among us, it would be nice to enjoy the fine dining experience once in a while.

If you’re tired of the drab interiors the usual Chinese resto gives you, but don’t have a fine-dining budget, then give Hai Resto and Bar a try.

According to Bong Velasco, managing partner of Hai, Hai sets the bar higher for mid-range Chinese restaurants as it offers an entire experience rather than just good food.

“Unlike many Chinese restaurants, this place gives a feeling of warmth, which is very important, since many Chinese restaurants are seen as places to just eat and go,” Velasco says. “We want the people to not just enjoy the food, but to have a warm feeling.”

Hai, the brainchild of a group of Filipino and Filipino-Chinese friends, was intended for entertaining, adds Velasco.

“The owners of the resto bar needed a place to entertain guests, like family friends and relatives, business associates, people they deal with at work. Because of this need to entertain they thought of producing their own restaurant,” he says.

Also, the restaurant is aptly named “Hai,” which means “the sea” in Mandarin, since the restaurant offers the best view of the sea. Diners can enjoy this one-of-a-kind treat as Hai also offers al fresco dining.

Velasco adds that the inviting interiors and the retro Chinese fusion ambience offered by the resto encourage lounging and socializing.

“This place is designed in a way that after eating, you are given the luxury to lounge around because of the comfortable futons. Hai resto bar gives a very warm feeling with really good cuisine. The colors in the restaurant are darkwood colors and reds which exude warmth,” he says.

A fusion of cultures

Hai, Velasco says, is a fusion of two cultures. It is Chinese cuisine with a Filipino flavor.

“The cuisine is a fusion of two cultures,” he says. “It’s Chinese food, but the taste has been adjusted to suit the taste of Filipinos, since Filipinos have a sensitive palate.’’

Among their specialties are the refreshing Passion Calamansi Mint Slush, the stir fry tofu broccoli flower with mushroom and pan fried fish fillet with garlic in superior sauce.

They also have a wide array of fried rice, congee and rice toppings which are complete meals on their own, from lotus fried rice, to lechon Macau rice topping, to the Filipino favorite yang chow fried rice.

In addition, Hai also offers merienda regulars like siomai, asado and bola-bola siopao, sharksfin style dumplings, and pinsec frito. Another must-try, especially for vegetarians and veggie lovers, is their mixed greens with pomelo salad.

A Chinese menu cannot be complete without noodles, and among Hai’s steamy noodle treats are BBQ pork asado, fried pork chop with wanton, Szechuan prawn and roast Peking duck.

Intriguing dishes include lechon Macau sisig curry prawn with spinach, fried mantho bread with custard cream and the Bailey’s Shake.

Celebrity hangout

If you want to dine like the celebs, then head on to Hai. Local celebrities and personalities Angel Locsin, Oyo Sotto, Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz, Anabelle Rama, Ara Mina, Gilbert "Fab Geri" General, Melanie Marquez and events organizer Michael Sy Lim are just a few of the beautiful people who have graced Hai’s tables and cozy nooks.

Even Asian tycoon and SM Investments Corp. magnate Henry Sy had been spotted with his children enjoying Hai’s cuisine.

“To think even Mr. Henry Sy has visited Hai, that must be something,” Velasco says.

Hai also has VIP rooms with karaoke and also offers catering services and events hosting. Events recently held at Hai include fashion shows, product launches and parties by celebrities.

Hai caters diners from the lower B class to the upper C or the middle class because of its affordable price range and extensive menu, without compromising the atmosphere.

“We want to give the middle class good quality Chinese food adjusted to the Filipino taste with an ambience they don’t have to pay a big premium for. Most people who belong to the middle class market feel that they don’t have good food and nice ambience, and this is what sets Hai apart,” Velasco stresses. “This is one of our unique selling propositions. The prices of the food are generally affordable by the middle class, and yet they are given the ambience of a fine dining place.”

Friday, April 11, 2008

Brian Gorrell's issue!!! read it!!!

DJ Montano and I were lovers for almost a year and for five months of that, I was in Australia making and sending him money for our Portuguese restaurant called Bonza, in the new Greenbelt phase which is yet to becompleted.

The owner Antonio was kept away from me. And now I know why. Any meeting that we were to have have to discuss progress, was cancelled at the last minute due to Antonio's 'schedule'.

Antonio does, not or has never known about me, or the money that is helping to open his establishment. But he will know soon enough. As will every person attached to the money that has been taken from me in the name of their business's, by DJ Montano.

I have found out that DJ actually used part of my money to pay off a debt of his own making that his family was being threatened over.

It was his debt from his previous restaurant that he had shunned responsibility for, for over three years. Finally, the guy got fed up and threatened to sue his family. This made DJ jump like a roo. He begged me for fifty thousand dollars while I was still in Australia preparing to move to Boracay. But I had not sold my house yet and could not raise such lofty sums on such short notice.

He was cross with me. Hung up the phone and would not speak to me until I sent the money. And soon enough, he got his devious little hands directly into my bank account.

I know this debt to be factual as I know the man he owed the money to and eventually paid. He introduced himself to me on Boracay because a mate told him who I was and what I had been through with DJ.

DJ and I shared our time together until our relationship ended at the end of last year due to an altercation we had at the Intercontinental hotel after I demanded to know where all my money had gone.

My mother had become concerned at the amounts I was transferring and triggered my own fears. I still trusted him and loved him at this point. Stupid stupid man I was.

He changed in the hotel room after I demanded to see proof of the bank accounts he said he had opened in both of our names. He transformed within seconds into a person i had never met before.

He threw himself at me and I was stunned. I begged him to calm down, but he knew this was it. Make or break for him. My money was in the balance and he did NOT want or have it to give back to me. It was gone gone gone, not unlike his morals, dignity and self respect. Just plain gone!

At one point, I pushed him off me and he hit the corner of the bed falling to the floor, where he literally screamed like a little girl. It was truly pathetic to watch. I was shocked because he immediately started to scream assault. Evil little creature. I believe in my heart of hearts, he pre-planned the entire thing. He had to get rid of me... but somehow keep my money. Clever little critter.

Post altercation, he tried (with the help of his Celine Lopez's ex-fiance to have me fitted up with anassault charge which was bogus and dismissed by the police without a mention.

When he left my hotel roomafter I left for gym, he stole many things from myroom.

1. Brand new Yogi shoes which I had yet to wear.
2. 2 new Tsubi tops
3. Brand new Tom Ford Sunglasses
4. Three bottles on duty free scent.
5. Teeth whitening kit.
6. Very expensive necklace
7. Plane ticket to Bora
8. 160,000 pesos

He was trying his hardest to revive it and bring a charge against me which has failed.

He is only doing this to counter the truth coming from me and my friends in an attempt to illicit sympathy from his own stable of so called 'friends'.

Panic attacks my ass. Lay off the drugs mate. And cut down your anti d intake mate.

But his reputation is shocking because of what he has done to me and for what he has done to others.

And the majority of the group know it. But some choose to look the other way therefore enabling him to continue along his path of destruction and total disregard for the concern of others.

On Bora, he owes so many people money for cocaine. I know four people he owes a total of about 240,000 pesos to. And they are pissed. They look for him always.

Even the police know he is a liar. I told them on Boracay that he was threatening to have me thrown off the island. They laughed.

Thankfully for me, the ex fiance of Celine is a wonderful guy and was basically duped into doing DJ's dirty work by assisting him in his endeavours to have me fitted up last year with a bogus assault charge.

He deserves so much better then that carnival of sideshow freaks and illusionists he was around for awhile.

Trick mirrors everywhere in their world.

Poor Celine Lopez. The girl needs major rehab. Its why they think they are superior to others. When in fact, they cannot function without coke.

My Yaya runs circles around them all when it comes to honesty and integrity.

DJ wanted me deported so he could just take every penny from me. I am not prepared to tell all until I am out of the country as DJ many times told me his family had the power to make people 'disappear'.

And I plan to tell all and everything.

It really will shock so many people to find out what is really walking amongst them.

Or then again, maybe it won't.

Its all up to the individual. but many people will be blown away when i reveal all.

I am in the final stages of leaving the country mostly due to his immoral and constant attempts to undermine what was once a beautiful dream for me here.

Its dead.

I have tried to recover, but the memories are everywhere, and his lies and lies and lies still rip me apart inside. To bloody shreds.

His 'best' girlfriend told me to be a man about it not that long ago.

This coming from a person who can barely stand upright in the morning without a big fat bump of cocaine. Tragic figure she cuts. But she got hers when her ex fiance dumped her ass because of her shocking addiction to cocaine.

But more about her later.

And Iwill spill the lot!

She thinks I don't know her.

But she us as transparent as a piece of dripping tissue after a nose blow.

Cruelty is his middle name. All very one dimensional and incredibly unforgiving to those whose eye's may not be fully open to the sheer audacity of it all.

He enlisted his mother at one point to fight his battles for him with me. She called me a liar and threatened to have me deported if I went after my money.

I told her her son stole my money but she replied. " my son is a god fearing man".

What a joke.

He has not one Christian bone in his little deformed body. I asked her why she is so concerned about our situation when she really should feel guilty about never having his teeth fixed.

Gnarly little jabberjaw!

The lies that came out of that jagged toothed orface still shocks me. Thousands of lies.

His threats of deportation if I pursue the money have left me a shadow of my former self. I love this country but he has snatched away this particular part of my life journey.

Its just too much now and I need a fresh start. He wanted my money, and now he has it.

Not all of thank the lord.


My prince turned ack into a frog. A fat slippery poisonious thieving little toad.

The pain has proved to be too much of a hurdle to jumpover... even here on beautiful Boracay.

Although my gorgeous amazing friends have stood beside me through the whole sordid ordeal, its is just not enough.

He has put so much fear into me with regards to the country and its people. Convinced me my Yaya was stealing from me which was a filthy lie. My Yaya ROCKS!!!!

It was him who was going through my wallet pinching a thousand here and there.

Meanwhile, the entire time, its him who was stealing from me. I will provide details regarding items he took from me in my hotel room and other shocking revelations. For a while, I was sure I was going to be bundled away and never heard from again due to the disgusting rumours that reached me through his 'camp'.

I hired two security guards for three weeks because he was telling people he was going to have me thrown outof the Philippines.

His family is actually powerless and poor. They fear me more now then i fear them. All smoke and mirrors. DJ is from a family long littered with corruption and thievery. The grandfather was a crook and the father a mere mercenary. Killed because of his treachery and deception. His uncle is being chased by money people due to his corruption.

You could not even imagine what he and this has done to me. No one could. Unless you have been dragged through the quagmire of 'DJ's makebelieveland' with its razor lined cul de sacs, glass infested playgrounds and transparent hollow suburbs.

This Australian boy has been well and truly fucked over by this disastrous conniving little Pinoy.

From absolute day one, I was being finessed for my cash. I am not an idiot, but after my time with DJ Montano, I have been left embarrassed and humiliated and sixty five thousand dollars poorer.

Not to mention the rest..... which is another fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for our other travel business whichwas to be called Montage Travels, a tourism booking agency for Boracay which i was to operate due to myexperience in this industry back home in Australia.

I gave him this cash hand to hand mostly therefore i can't prove that I gave it to him at all. He knew this and planned it in advance. He knows and uses the system in this country over and over for his corrupt behaviour. DJ knows that going to court is timely and costly to a foreigner and we are unwilling to go through even more torture in a system so foreign to us.

He is the worst type of person. A disgrace to thiscountry. Common criminal. He should be full of shame but he is a unrepentant, psychopathic. Not meek or reserved or genteel. The exact opposite of that. Cruel and actually quite ignorant.

He told me that his connections with the DOT was sure to launch our business on Boracay. He said over and over until i was convinced. I have contacted the DOT and they were stunned by my story.

They did not have any record of DJ being involved with the DOT.

More lies. Lies, lies, lies.

But I was blinded by his deceptive brilliance and unconscionable trickery. He is a master at the sell and the close.

He used my money to fly back and forth to Singapore to be with his other boyfriend who I only found out about because he has one friend in particular who has helped me come to terms with what he turned out to be.

But he told me it was official DOT work.


My heart is broken because of the deception. I loved him entirely and he did nothing but use and abuse me.

When I am safely out of the Philippines, I plan on telling everything I know about him and his enablers.

"One hundred and one things you did not know about the'Gucci' Group" from an intimate insider.

I would be most pleased if you would post my list and help shed some light on the toxic issue of 'self entitlement' which is so so prevalent in your Manila 'society', not to mention plain old fashion greed, fearof poverty and chronic dishonesty and the lack of truth that plagues certain people in it.

Not to mention the cocaine addiction and abuse.

I had to pay Dj's driver once in Manila because he would not move the car until he had money. DJ owed him three months salary. I gave him eighteen thousand pesos. Never got it back. But that's ok, because I really liked the driver.

Poor thing, working for a wannabee socialite with a crap car with no air con. But that night he had loads of coke. So I paid his bills but he still had coke money.

His close girlfriends (both of them) knew he had another boyfriend in Singapore the entire time we were together.

They have denied it. I know the truth. But I know now, that they are nothing but mold on the stinkiest piece of cheese on this particular platter of faux decadence and privilege.

I have zero empathy for these wild and woolly creatures who will be exposed for what they are. Irrelevant nothings struggling for definition in a world where there is no true place of value for them to rest their swollen over indulged air-heads.

Just a bunch of insecure coke snorting goblins who objectify their entire environment due to their lack of moral compass and directional focus. Poor things and the gift bags they get.

Its the only reason they show up. Amass amass amass. I feel so sorry for them. Therefore I will not only, never forgive them for their callous disregard for my feelings, but I will show them how it feels to be blindsided in such a brutal fashion.

DJ is on so many drugs. Several anti depressants. I battled constantly with his fluctuating moods. Tons of sleeping pills, not to mention the copious amounts of cocaine he does.

When we were together, I begged him to stop snorting drugs. He told me many times he had, but I always knew he was lying because he would sniffle and snort constantly.

When i confronted him about his addiction, he simply denied it and told me i was crazy. But one time I found nine baggies of coke in his bag. I asked his what it was and he told me it was vitamin powder from his 'healer'.

I was so stupid, I believed him.

But that night I caught him and his partner in crime snorting lines at Embassy. I was devastated. If I knew he was a drug addict, I NEVER would have looked at him let alone dated him.


Brian Gorrell

artcle from Brian Gorell's Blogspot

In-Yo Fusion Cuisine (Love it)

Juggling school, three jobs, and motherhood is quite a task. The past few months have been so insanely busy that February, including Valentine’s Day, just came and went and I didn’t even realize it. So after finally realizing that the Mister and I completely forgot to celebrate Valentine’s (more than a month after!), we immediately set a night out to go on an extra-special date. We were determined to find somewhere super special to spend our Post-Valentine’s date, a place where we can forget all worries about work, a place where an exceptionally romantic dinner could be had, somewhere that will completely make up for the fact that we were celebrating a month late. And you know what? We did.


In-Yo: A Special Place.

Just walking towards In-Yo Fusion Cuisine was enough to let us know that we were in for a special treat. It has that romantic, almost fairytale feel to it as we were walking down the driveway towards the quaint charming house bathed in the soft light of the capiz shells and framed by the hanging vines from the big old tree standing outside. The beautifully landscaped Japanese garden with the Zen fountains makes a tranquil welcome, too. Japanese koi flank the wooden bridge over the pond that leads to the majestic wooden door to the main dining area. Dramatic? Very. But not until you head inside and see that upon entering, you are literally standing over the water with the fishes swimming directly underneath the glass flooring. How unique.

After taking lots of pictures of the busy koi swimming happily underneath my feet, we were politely ushered to our table. Before I can fully concentrate on their menu, I had to take a long look around just to take everything in: the smartly dressed servers carrying flasks of water with orange slices and pandan leaves in it; vintage sewing machines transformed into very elegant looking tables; Vietnamese instruments and other Asian knick-knacks scattered all over the place; the open view of the busy chefs in the kitchen; and the satisfied looks of all the other early diners. I was already so happy and satisfied and I hadn’t even ordered yet!


I was mildly surprised to see that for a weekday, the little dining room was packed; with more guests sitting in the garden and in the little room upstairs which they have also opened to diners. Situated on an otherwise non-commercial backstreet in Katipunan, In-Yo is a bit easy to miss so I was almost sure that most of the diners were either regulars or people who have also heard about this culinary gem through word of mouth. I looked at the Mister and we were both grinning from ear to ear; just the ambience alone was enough to get us giddy from anticipation. Walking into this almost hidden restaurant made us feel like we were being let in to an intimate secret.

This place was special. So special that even the bread that they served us while waiting was quite unique! Their bread was freshly baked with little bits of red bell pepper in it giving it a unique kick; perfect with the herbed butter that they served it with. Even In-Yo's Special Iced Tea (P65) was not your usual instant iced tea; theirs is a refreshing concoction of freshly brewed tea infused with citrus and mango flavor in the form of a cube of frozen mango juice. Simple but pretty ingenious; this way, when the ice melts, it doesn’t water the iced tea down; it gives it more flavor instead! Smart, eh?

Gustatory Bliss.

One look at the menu and it was apparent that it had a strong Japanese influence; with dishes like Wasabi Fried Oysters, Oven Baked Sushi Style Prawn Roll and Baked Unagi with Pan Seared Foie Gras to name a few, plus interesting side dishes like Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Sushi Rice and Japanese Paella. So it came as no surprise when I found out that the chef’s roots in his culinary training is in Japanese cuisine, which he then used as foundation to build on with classical French techniques to create his own fusion cuisine. What I had assumed to mean ‘yours’ which is Tagalog for the term inyo, actually meant ‘yin yang’ in Japanese. “In-Yo in Japanese means yin yang so it’s really balance and harmony just like my cuisine,” Chef Nino Laus, In-Yo’s owner and executive chef explains. Knowing this just made me all the more excited to eat; I was excited to see how the distinct Asian flavors and elements of Japanese cuisine would be married to classical cooking techniques in all of Chef Nino’s creative dishes.


Wasabi Fried Oyster

First to find its way to our table was our amuse bouche in the form of the Wasabi Fried Oyster (P225.00 for plate of 6 pieces). The amuse bouche is usually served to prepare the guest for the meal and to serve as some sort of preview of what is to come; and this one was an especially intriguing one. First, I was amused by how interesting it looked: this little green thing served in an oyster shell sitting in a little hill of rock salt. What it is is an oyster fried in a wasabi-infused batter served with a pea-sized dollop of citrus-mayo and topped with lumpfish caviar… It was scrumptious! Biting into it was a surprising burst of flavors and texture in my mouth; with the sweetness of the Japanese mayo, the delicate brininess of the oyster punctuated by the subtle wasabi kick paired with the perfect crisp of the batter then the smooth feel of the dressing and the oyster as I bit into it. It was so good that I could have easily finished a plateful of this before I can even order anything else. If this amuse bouche was anything to go by, then we knew that we were in for a night of curious, interesting dishes.


Oven Baked Sushi Style Prawn Roll

Next up was the Oven Baked Sushi Style Prawn Roll (P325), an ingenious creation of nori wrapped prawn roll served with Japanese mayo and caviar. While this was also an interesting dish, I found that the rich taste of the Japanese mayo may have overpowered the prawn’s flavor and that it was quickly overshadowed by the previous dish and the dish that followed.


Trilogy of Foie Gras

When the next dish was served, I almost fainted. Three beautiful servings of foie gras sat proudly in all their delicious, sinful glory next to what was quite possibly the most majestically plated salad I have ever seen. The Trilogy of Foie Gras (P670.00) is, to quote from the menu: ‘pan seared with caramelized maui onions, poached with truffled potato, torchon with cranberry jelly, served with mixed greens and seasonal fruits in honey ponzu dressing’. It tastes even better that it sounds, too! The rich flavor of the foie gras and its buttery texture were well-complemented by the caramelized onions and the mixed greens. I liked eating the foie gras with the greens as it made me feel less guilty about indulging, as no amount of self-restraint could have stopped me from finishing both the pan seared one and the poached one (I’m not a big fan of torchon so I left that to the Mister!). The pan seared foie was clearly the winner to me; although the poached foie served with the truffled potato comes as a close second since I did love how the subtle truffle flavor made the foie gras taste even fuller. It was so rich in flavor and left an almost silky texture in the mouth that I had to close my eyes just to savor the deliciousness of every bite.


Calamansi & Yuzu Sorbet
And just when I was starting to get light-headed from all the delicious, sinful dishes I had just eaten, out comes the Calamansi & Yuzu Sorbet right on cue to 1) clean our palates and reset our tastebuds and 2) to remind me that more is yet to come.

When our main dishes were served, we just had to take a few seconds to stare in awe at the chef’s masterpieces. Plated excellently, you can tell that a great deal goes into just making the dishes visually appealing alone.

The Miso & Shiraz Braised Lamb Shank (P840/for sharing) looked pretty intimidating as it rose from the wasabi mashed potatoes and the buttered asparagus spears it was served with. It was a pretty interesting dish and although I like my mashed potatoes a bit smoother, I did appreciate how the wasabi lent a unique kick to the dish as it provided the perfect contrast to the sweet, full-bodied flavor of the miso-and-shiraz-infused sauce. And, as I am a huge fan of lamb, I found myself wishing that the shank retained more of the gamey lamb flavor; but the more than generous chunks of oh-so-tender lamb meat more than made up for this. “I braised that for 4 hours, ha!” Chef Nino proudly exclaims when I made a comment on how soft the lamb was. In fact, even without the game flavor, the meat still tasted pretty great on its own. But of course, this dish tastes best when all the flavors and elements come together in every forkful.


Miso and Shiraz Braised Lamb Shank

The other half of our main course was the Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon (P440). It was actually the perfect companion to the lamb dish’s bold flavors as this dish was all about light, sweet and lively flavors. The fish was very tender and the sweet citrus miso sauce enlivened its flavor all the more. Again, I was a bit disappointed with the wasabi mashed potatoes’ not so smooth texture, but I still liked this dish very, very much! It was very flavorful without being too rich and didn’t leave you feeling too full.


Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon

Dessert was a whimsical, playful affair, too! The Chocolate! Chocolate! Cake (P270) which is basically a Valhorna chocolate pudding filled with molten chocolate truffle was served with tropical fruits and a shotglass of vanilla milkshake. The idea is to punctuate each bite of the warm pudding with a shot of the cold milkshake. The play of hot and cold, and the intense sweetness of the chocolate with the fruits made this the perfect dessert to cap off an amazing dinner that showcased the young chef’s masterpieces of layered colors, textures and flavors!


Chocolate! Chocolate! Cake
From a dessert addict, I would say that the Chocolate! Chocolate! Cake, though not orgasmic, was still pretty fantastic! Paired with the perfect cup of their Vietnamese Coffee Drip (P80), we definitely ended our date on a high note!


Vietnamese Drip Coffee

Culinary Genius.

By the time we finished dessert, I was in a state of gastronomical bliss and as we sat there patting our beyond-full stomachs, all we could think about was how such a young chef (Chef Nino’s only in his 20’s!) has already mastered this art of creating a masterpiece of different flavors, textures and colors in every dish; definitely a culinary artist in his own right. Judging from the way that Chef Nino makes it a point to welcome and entertain his guests by going around the dining area making sure the guests were taken care of, I could tell that there’s a lot of heart in all the dishes and in the place itself.

Magical Dining Experience.

In-Yo is more than just a place to eat. It is a showcase of Chef Nino’s art. With Chef Nino’s culinary masterpieces and the fairytale ambience, it becomes an amazing overall dining experience. And to think that you don’t even have to spend a lot for such a date! At In-Yo, a fine dining experience could be had without the lofty prices. In-Yo even serves a 6-course Degustation Menu for only P1000! Pretty affordable for such an extraordinary dining experience. In-Yo has proved to be one of those really special places where everything just seems so magical.

So, did we forget that we were celebrating Valentine’s more than a month late? Yes, we did. Our In Yo date was so perfect that it could easily make up for the next couple of Valentine’s dates, too!

In-Yo Fusion Cuisine is at 66 Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, call 928-6458.

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Tiesto Element of Life

In Search of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles

We are proud to announce that Tiësto will bring you a brand new episode in the In Search of Sunrise mixcompilation series. Part 5 of this highly acclaimed series will be titled 'Los Angeles'.
It is the city of angels where Tiësto is spending his days now getting some rest and working on new tracks with one of world's finest producers, Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT. He will also be mixing the new In Search of Sunrise in Los Angeles.

Therefore 'Los Angeles' is an obvious title for part 5 of the series, containing a blend of the most beautiful progressive- and trance tracks from this moment. Tiësto has selected some of the finest tracks from his playlists, and has signed tracks especially and exclusively for this compilation.

During the Winter Music Conference, there will be a special album launch party at Mansion, Miami South Beach, on Sunday March 26 th. 2006. The Mansion was selected because of it's intimate setting, which reflects the In Search Of Sunrise vibe, Tiësto's tribute to sun, beaches, open air venues and those long long summernights.

To support this new release, Tiësto will go on an Asia Tour for over 3 weeks. This extensive and unique tour will contain performances at the following locations and dates:

March 18th Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

March 20th Tokyo Japan

April 19 th Manila Philippines

April 01st Seoul South-Korea

April 04th Hong Kong China

April 06th Shenzen ChinaApril 07th Guangzhou China

April 08th Hangzhou China

April 09th Bejing China

April 13th Bangkok Thailand

April 14th Singapore Malaysia

April 15th Taipei Taiwan

April 20th Bali Indonesia

April 21st Jogjakarta Indonesia

April 22nd Jakarta Indonesia

In Search Of Sunrise 5 –Los Angeles- will hit record stores April 25th 2006 worldwide.It will be packed in a special slipcase, printed with metallic foil.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Geri's Set Card for 2008

Im the one who took the picture, location is just inside my room
I love it! new angle..... hahahaha
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