Thursday, May 1, 2008

ANTM cycle 9 Final Walk

One contestant is eliminated and the final two girls continue on to do a Qi Gang fashion show. One of the models wins the title as she outshines the other on the runway.
Jenah, Saliesha, and Chantal all made it into the finale and head to the site of their final photo shoot. Jay Manuel and Brent Poer tell the girls they’ll be doing a commercial and print ad for Cover Girl’s new Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers.

Jaslene Gonzalez Talks About Being America’s Next Top Model
Jaslene Gonzalez, winner of Cycle 8, joins the three finalists on set. Jaslene shares her experience about the modeling industry since winning the top prize. Her pep talk inspires them and helps calm their nervous excitement.

The Three Finalists Struggle to Shoot a Cover Girl Commercial
Chantal is the first to do the commercial take and fumbles her lines. She repeats the script in a fast paced mode, prompting Jay Manuel to direct her to be more conversational in tone. At the end of several attempts, she gets through an entire take.

Jenah displays an arrogant air when it’s her time to go. She is sniggering at the director and seems to be making fun of the entire shot. When the camera begins rolling, she freezes, unable to remember even one line. She does several takes and is finally able to read the lines on the final attempt, but laughs at the end as if she’s embarrassed to be in such a light-hearted commercial.

Saliesha stumbles through twenty takes, finally asking the director for a moment to collect her composure. She admits to Jay Manuel she is afraid one of the other of the girls will outperform her in this challenge and steal her dream of becoming a model. On her last take, she is able to read the script convincingly.

The print ad portion of the day seems to go better than the commercial did. Jim Deyonker photographs the girls and each take a beautiful picture with his direction.

The Models Tell Tyra Banks Why They Should Win
The girls face the judging panel, where Tyra Banks asks them each to step forward and tell her whom they think has the most, and least, potential to be America’s Next Top Model. Predictably, each girl says she is the most qualified. But Chantal and Saliesha both cite Jenah’s arrogant attitude as one reason she is not qualified to represent the title.

Jenah, meanwhile, says she is very qualified to be America’s Next Top Model, and just because she doesn’t “spew rainbows incessantly” it doesn’t mean she isn’t a warm person. The judges determine that Jenah is still dealing with issues in her past and she may not be ready for the responsibility. She is sent home.

Chantal and Saliesha Continue to the Finals
Chantal and Saliesha continue on to the final challenge, a Qi Gang fashion show. Jaslene Gonzalez helps open the show, along with over 500 extras dressed up in Chinese costume. Some of the extras are walking alongside the models on stilts.

Chantal Knocks Over a Performer
As Chantal and Saliesha walk the runway, it is clear that Saliesha has come further in her modeling journey. Chantal, while looking beautiful in the clothes, seemed unsure about herself from time to time. At one point, an extra caught his stilt in Chantal’s dress and fell to the ground. This seemed to throw Chantal even more off her game. Concern for the performer shown on her face for several moments before she was able to get back into the vibe of the show. Saliesha, on the other hand, exuded confidence throughout. Her walk was strong, and she stood out as the top model on the runway. Saliesha wins Cycle 9 and is crowned America’s Next Top Model.

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