Friday, April 11, 2008

Brian Gorrell's issue!!! read it!!!

DJ Montano and I were lovers for almost a year and for five months of that, I was in Australia making and sending him money for our Portuguese restaurant called Bonza, in the new Greenbelt phase which is yet to becompleted.

The owner Antonio was kept away from me. And now I know why. Any meeting that we were to have have to discuss progress, was cancelled at the last minute due to Antonio's 'schedule'.

Antonio does, not or has never known about me, or the money that is helping to open his establishment. But he will know soon enough. As will every person attached to the money that has been taken from me in the name of their business's, by DJ Montano.

I have found out that DJ actually used part of my money to pay off a debt of his own making that his family was being threatened over.

It was his debt from his previous restaurant that he had shunned responsibility for, for over three years. Finally, the guy got fed up and threatened to sue his family. This made DJ jump like a roo. He begged me for fifty thousand dollars while I was still in Australia preparing to move to Boracay. But I had not sold my house yet and could not raise such lofty sums on such short notice.

He was cross with me. Hung up the phone and would not speak to me until I sent the money. And soon enough, he got his devious little hands directly into my bank account.

I know this debt to be factual as I know the man he owed the money to and eventually paid. He introduced himself to me on Boracay because a mate told him who I was and what I had been through with DJ.

DJ and I shared our time together until our relationship ended at the end of last year due to an altercation we had at the Intercontinental hotel after I demanded to know where all my money had gone.

My mother had become concerned at the amounts I was transferring and triggered my own fears. I still trusted him and loved him at this point. Stupid stupid man I was.

He changed in the hotel room after I demanded to see proof of the bank accounts he said he had opened in both of our names. He transformed within seconds into a person i had never met before.

He threw himself at me and I was stunned. I begged him to calm down, but he knew this was it. Make or break for him. My money was in the balance and he did NOT want or have it to give back to me. It was gone gone gone, not unlike his morals, dignity and self respect. Just plain gone!

At one point, I pushed him off me and he hit the corner of the bed falling to the floor, where he literally screamed like a little girl. It was truly pathetic to watch. I was shocked because he immediately started to scream assault. Evil little creature. I believe in my heart of hearts, he pre-planned the entire thing. He had to get rid of me... but somehow keep my money. Clever little critter.

Post altercation, he tried (with the help of his Celine Lopez's ex-fiance to have me fitted up with anassault charge which was bogus and dismissed by the police without a mention.

When he left my hotel roomafter I left for gym, he stole many things from myroom.

1. Brand new Yogi shoes which I had yet to wear.
2. 2 new Tsubi tops
3. Brand new Tom Ford Sunglasses
4. Three bottles on duty free scent.
5. Teeth whitening kit.
6. Very expensive necklace
7. Plane ticket to Bora
8. 160,000 pesos

He was trying his hardest to revive it and bring a charge against me which has failed.

He is only doing this to counter the truth coming from me and my friends in an attempt to illicit sympathy from his own stable of so called 'friends'.

Panic attacks my ass. Lay off the drugs mate. And cut down your anti d intake mate.

But his reputation is shocking because of what he has done to me and for what he has done to others.

And the majority of the group know it. But some choose to look the other way therefore enabling him to continue along his path of destruction and total disregard for the concern of others.

On Bora, he owes so many people money for cocaine. I know four people he owes a total of about 240,000 pesos to. And they are pissed. They look for him always.

Even the police know he is a liar. I told them on Boracay that he was threatening to have me thrown off the island. They laughed.

Thankfully for me, the ex fiance of Celine is a wonderful guy and was basically duped into doing DJ's dirty work by assisting him in his endeavours to have me fitted up last year with a bogus assault charge.

He deserves so much better then that carnival of sideshow freaks and illusionists he was around for awhile.

Trick mirrors everywhere in their world.

Poor Celine Lopez. The girl needs major rehab. Its why they think they are superior to others. When in fact, they cannot function without coke.

My Yaya runs circles around them all when it comes to honesty and integrity.

DJ wanted me deported so he could just take every penny from me. I am not prepared to tell all until I am out of the country as DJ many times told me his family had the power to make people 'disappear'.

And I plan to tell all and everything.

It really will shock so many people to find out what is really walking amongst them.

Or then again, maybe it won't.

Its all up to the individual. but many people will be blown away when i reveal all.

I am in the final stages of leaving the country mostly due to his immoral and constant attempts to undermine what was once a beautiful dream for me here.

Its dead.

I have tried to recover, but the memories are everywhere, and his lies and lies and lies still rip me apart inside. To bloody shreds.

His 'best' girlfriend told me to be a man about it not that long ago.

This coming from a person who can barely stand upright in the morning without a big fat bump of cocaine. Tragic figure she cuts. But she got hers when her ex fiance dumped her ass because of her shocking addiction to cocaine.

But more about her later.

And Iwill spill the lot!

She thinks I don't know her.

But she us as transparent as a piece of dripping tissue after a nose blow.

Cruelty is his middle name. All very one dimensional and incredibly unforgiving to those whose eye's may not be fully open to the sheer audacity of it all.

He enlisted his mother at one point to fight his battles for him with me. She called me a liar and threatened to have me deported if I went after my money.

I told her her son stole my money but she replied. " my son is a god fearing man".

What a joke.

He has not one Christian bone in his little deformed body. I asked her why she is so concerned about our situation when she really should feel guilty about never having his teeth fixed.

Gnarly little jabberjaw!

The lies that came out of that jagged toothed orface still shocks me. Thousands of lies.

His threats of deportation if I pursue the money have left me a shadow of my former self. I love this country but he has snatched away this particular part of my life journey.

Its just too much now and I need a fresh start. He wanted my money, and now he has it.

Not all of thank the lord.


My prince turned ack into a frog. A fat slippery poisonious thieving little toad.

The pain has proved to be too much of a hurdle to jumpover... even here on beautiful Boracay.

Although my gorgeous amazing friends have stood beside me through the whole sordid ordeal, its is just not enough.

He has put so much fear into me with regards to the country and its people. Convinced me my Yaya was stealing from me which was a filthy lie. My Yaya ROCKS!!!!

It was him who was going through my wallet pinching a thousand here and there.

Meanwhile, the entire time, its him who was stealing from me. I will provide details regarding items he took from me in my hotel room and other shocking revelations. For a while, I was sure I was going to be bundled away and never heard from again due to the disgusting rumours that reached me through his 'camp'.

I hired two security guards for three weeks because he was telling people he was going to have me thrown outof the Philippines.

His family is actually powerless and poor. They fear me more now then i fear them. All smoke and mirrors. DJ is from a family long littered with corruption and thievery. The grandfather was a crook and the father a mere mercenary. Killed because of his treachery and deception. His uncle is being chased by money people due to his corruption.

You could not even imagine what he and this has done to me. No one could. Unless you have been dragged through the quagmire of 'DJ's makebelieveland' with its razor lined cul de sacs, glass infested playgrounds and transparent hollow suburbs.

This Australian boy has been well and truly fucked over by this disastrous conniving little Pinoy.

From absolute day one, I was being finessed for my cash. I am not an idiot, but after my time with DJ Montano, I have been left embarrassed and humiliated and sixty five thousand dollars poorer.

Not to mention the rest..... which is another fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for our other travel business whichwas to be called Montage Travels, a tourism booking agency for Boracay which i was to operate due to myexperience in this industry back home in Australia.

I gave him this cash hand to hand mostly therefore i can't prove that I gave it to him at all. He knew this and planned it in advance. He knows and uses the system in this country over and over for his corrupt behaviour. DJ knows that going to court is timely and costly to a foreigner and we are unwilling to go through even more torture in a system so foreign to us.

He is the worst type of person. A disgrace to thiscountry. Common criminal. He should be full of shame but he is a unrepentant, psychopathic. Not meek or reserved or genteel. The exact opposite of that. Cruel and actually quite ignorant.

He told me that his connections with the DOT was sure to launch our business on Boracay. He said over and over until i was convinced. I have contacted the DOT and they were stunned by my story.

They did not have any record of DJ being involved with the DOT.

More lies. Lies, lies, lies.

But I was blinded by his deceptive brilliance and unconscionable trickery. He is a master at the sell and the close.

He used my money to fly back and forth to Singapore to be with his other boyfriend who I only found out about because he has one friend in particular who has helped me come to terms with what he turned out to be.

But he told me it was official DOT work.


My heart is broken because of the deception. I loved him entirely and he did nothing but use and abuse me.

When I am safely out of the Philippines, I plan on telling everything I know about him and his enablers.

"One hundred and one things you did not know about the'Gucci' Group" from an intimate insider.

I would be most pleased if you would post my list and help shed some light on the toxic issue of 'self entitlement' which is so so prevalent in your Manila 'society', not to mention plain old fashion greed, fearof poverty and chronic dishonesty and the lack of truth that plagues certain people in it.

Not to mention the cocaine addiction and abuse.

I had to pay Dj's driver once in Manila because he would not move the car until he had money. DJ owed him three months salary. I gave him eighteen thousand pesos. Never got it back. But that's ok, because I really liked the driver.

Poor thing, working for a wannabee socialite with a crap car with no air con. But that night he had loads of coke. So I paid his bills but he still had coke money.

His close girlfriends (both of them) knew he had another boyfriend in Singapore the entire time we were together.

They have denied it. I know the truth. But I know now, that they are nothing but mold on the stinkiest piece of cheese on this particular platter of faux decadence and privilege.

I have zero empathy for these wild and woolly creatures who will be exposed for what they are. Irrelevant nothings struggling for definition in a world where there is no true place of value for them to rest their swollen over indulged air-heads.

Just a bunch of insecure coke snorting goblins who objectify their entire environment due to their lack of moral compass and directional focus. Poor things and the gift bags they get.

Its the only reason they show up. Amass amass amass. I feel so sorry for them. Therefore I will not only, never forgive them for their callous disregard for my feelings, but I will show them how it feels to be blindsided in such a brutal fashion.

DJ is on so many drugs. Several anti depressants. I battled constantly with his fluctuating moods. Tons of sleeping pills, not to mention the copious amounts of cocaine he does.

When we were together, I begged him to stop snorting drugs. He told me many times he had, but I always knew he was lying because he would sniffle and snort constantly.

When i confronted him about his addiction, he simply denied it and told me i was crazy. But one time I found nine baggies of coke in his bag. I asked his what it was and he told me it was vitamin powder from his 'healer'.

I was so stupid, I believed him.

But that night I caught him and his partner in crime snorting lines at Embassy. I was devastated. If I knew he was a drug addict, I NEVER would have looked at him let alone dated him.


Brian Gorrell

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