Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long or Short? Pantene

Hair cut by Paul Maceda and for rebond by Joe Marc of Tony and Guy I love it!!!!

Rebonding, is the process of applying, protein and moisturizer to damaged
hair. Keratine is what the hair is made of. All the amino acid in the hair
is what makes up keratine. If you know a product that has the amino acid , it
will protect the hair, and no, it is not damaging to it.

Hair is essentially a dead protein known as keratin. Hair is alive only at
its root -- in the follicle. As a result, there is not much to the phrase,
"healthy hair." Once damaged, hair cannot be significantly repaired by
application of anything to its surface. Products that claim to repair
damaged hair are simply materials designed to cover the damage. Ultimately,
these wash off and the damage remains. Often, you are worse off than before.
Even though hair is keratin, adding keratin (rebonding) will do no long-term
good because what's put on is a surface application and is not part of the
internal (natural) part of the hair as it grew.

Most hair care products that are advertised to repair damaged hair are
simply a means to separate you from your money. Hair is damaged by careless
treatment. The best approach is to treat your hair kindly -- avoid harsh
shampoos, perms, brutal curling methods, and blow-drying. Also, use a very
smooth injection-molded comb and a natural bristle brush when bringing order
to chaos.

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