Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Love????? with Jelly

we are chillin with ourMc Donalds Cool drinks (Mall of Asia)

Yesterday, i meet up with one of my highschool friend Jelly Foz to chill after work, we went to Mc Donalds to buy Mc Flurry for her and Milk Shake for me, well... im craving nga for ice cream kaso wala naman kami mahanap na ice cream.

we walk, walk and walked again to death as in.....

after few mins Jelly told me one of the nakakagulat story of her life as in. nagulat ako about the story and i was like asking her the whole story and details of the story kaso ayaw nya pa sabihin hay... well as friend i respect naman that.....
well Jelly, im just hir for you no matter what...... hay, i know na this time your thinking of some possible things to do in your life, yeah its hard pero that life..... dont think to much about it. hay!!! basta ill support you all the way... ayaw ko na mag comment or what baka malaman ng ibang friends natin kung ano talaga ang dahilan or something basta im just hir for you!

MOVE ON BITCH love you!

Date with a MODEL!!!

after chillin with jhe, i went back to makati to meet up with this 20 years old guy, hahahaha love it!! he ask me to go out and have Dinner, love it!!! haba ng hair ko!!

9.30 PM meet ko sya starbucks g4 and then had our dinner sa Gilligans, hay!!! im not expecting this talaga, he want to me to be his churva.... but i cant..... kung alam nya lang!!! hay.....

Russell i had fun last night!! ill see you soon!!


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