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Embassy regrets the unfortunate incident which occurred last 26 June 2008. Embassy as an establishment has never espoused violence of any kind. We denounce in the strongest terms the altercation which involved Messrs. Alex Vargas and Paul Montemayor.

We wish to clarify that, contrary to what has been reported in the media, Mr. Montemayor is not, and has never been an employee, of Embassy. In fact, Mr. Montemayor is a freelance emcee who performs in numerous clubs and establishments in Metro Manila, most of which are competitors of Embassy.

While we regret the incident, we acted promptly and appropriately to resolve the situation and assist Mr. Vargas. Pursuant to our establishment’s standard procedure, our security personnel acted immediately to protect Mr. Vargas and the other patrons during and after the incident. Mr. Vargas was administered first aid by our personnel and we had offered to call him an ambulance to take him to the hospital, although he declined the latter. Our personnel had likewise accompanied Mr. Vargas to the Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel stationed in front of our establishment to give him the opportunity to press charges against the individuals involved. He likewise declined to do so at that time.

We wish to reiterate that Embassy does not condone incidents of this nature and assures that it will take all necessary measures to ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future. We likewise wish to assure the city government of Taguig of our continuing support for its programs to maintain a positive image for the city.

got this statement tru my email: Tim Yap emailed me abut this statement



Embassy regrets the unfortunate incident which occurred last 26 June 2008. Embassy as an establishment has never espoused violence of any kind. We denounce in the strongest terms the altercation which involved Messrs. Alex Vargas and Paul Montemayor.

We wish to clarify that, contrary to what has been reported in the media, Mr. Montemayor is not, and has never been an employee, of Embassy. In fact, Mr. Montemayor is a freelance emcee who performs in numerous clubs and establishments in Metro Manila, most of which are competitors of Embassy.

While we regret the incident, we acted promptly and appropriately to resolve the situation and assist Mr. Vargas. Pursuant to our establishment’s standard procedure, our security personnel acted immediately to protect Mr. Vargas and the other patrons during and after the incident. Mr. Vargas was administered first aid by our personnel and we had offered to call him an ambulance to take him to the hospital, although he declined the latter. Our personnel had likewise accompanied Mr. Vargas to the Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel stationed in front of our establishment to give him the opportunity to press charges against the individuals involved. He likewise declined to do so at that time.

We wish to reiterate that Embassy does not condone incidents of this nature and assures that it will take all necessary measures to ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future. We likewise wish to assure the city government of Taguig of our continuing support for its programs to maintain a positive image for the city.

got this statement tru my email: Tim Yap emailed me abut this statement

Burger Avenue (A-venue, Makati Ave)

What's your favorite burger? I bet we all have our own 'top burgers' list - from the food stall types to the fine dining, top of the line gourmet burgers, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, burger this and burger that! There are a whole lot of places to choose from when it comes down to chomping down a patty or two of that hamburger. For all those who are scouting Metro Manila for something new with burgers, check out the new kid in town!

The Business of Burgers

Martin Silverio, co-founder of Burger Avenue, is addicted to burgers. "Ever since I was a child, I was really into burgers," he shares, saying that as a kid he'd even order a burger when their family is in a fine dining establishment. His stint in Cebu for 6 years had him check out the burger business in the area, and later on he decided to come up with his own, bringing it to Metro Manila. He first tried out the burger biz at Baywalk, then eventually closed it down after six months. Now, at around two months old, Burger Avenue stands mighty proud and happy at its home in A-Venue Mall along Makati Avenue.

Burger Avenue
Burger Avenue

He mentions that the burgers available in the metro are really good, and I agree with that. These famous burger joints are actually inspirations for Martin, encouraging him to whip up his own unique flair with his burgers.

A hamburger (which, if you didn't know yet, doesn't really have ham, and its origins are from Germany, not USA) is really a simple edible item - a patty of ground meat with some spices and flavoring here and there. The way the burger is served is what can make burger-eating loads of fun: have it in a bun, with fries, potato chips, rice, or what have you. There's so many pairing and combination options when your tummy is burger-bound. From flavors to sidings, to condiments and sauces, that's what makes each burger experience stand out.

For Burger Avenue, you will see (and taste) for yourself how it still has something fresh to offer in the business of burgers. "The profile of the burger is different," says Martin. Wrapped in white paper, it seems served to customers very plain. But when unwrapped, you will notice how significantly thick and wide their burger patties are. Definitely a plus for me, and surely for the many who are tired of the fast-food portioning of burgers in, well, fast food outlets. The oatmeal buns are also very soft, giving a good contrast to the thick and meaty texture of the burger. While some ladies will likely comment on how they cannot finish a Burger Avenue burger, I for one can eat one serving easily. These burgers are definitely the best friends of big appetites!

Burger Avenue

The taste is different, too, as Martin experimented with the flavor to give the Burger Avenue grilled patties a different kick of their own. A good sized burger, with a noteworthy, different taste. And the best part is - it's remarkably priced!

While other places give you your plain burgers and charge you with each condiment you add on, Burger Avenue won't even go higher than P200. In fact, P200 is the most expensive item on the menu already - a burger with three patties!

Their basic burger, Avenue Burger, costs P80, and the Cheese Burger goes for P90. Want two patties? That would be worth P120, and with cheese, P140. Their Special Burgers are reasonably priced as well - most of them going for only P99!

Burger Avenue
Blue Cheese Burger

During my first visit to Burger Avenue, I got to try the Blue Cheese Burger (P99), and appreciated how the Blue Cheese sauce's sharp and pungent character add that oomph to the already tasty burger.

Burger Avenue
Barbecue Bacon Burger

On a lunch break a few weeks after my first visit, I decided to bring along some friends so we can try out other items in Burger Avenue. I ordered their Barbecue Bacon Burger (P99), which had bacon strips, plus a generous coating of sweet and tangy sauce on top of the burger patty.

Burger Avenue
Onion Rings and Potato Wedges

Pair your burgers with an ice-cold soda, and eat it along with Potato Wedges (P45) or Onion Wings (P45) (or why not both?) and it makes for a pretty satisfying experience.

Besides burgers, Burger Avenue offers rice and pasta dishes, and other kinds of sandwiches, if you want to take a break from all the burger binging. I especially liked their Spaghetti With Meat Sauce (P70), which I got to try out on my second visit as well.

Burger Avenue
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

The pasta was simply laid out in a plastic container, looking like your common spaghetti, but I was surprised that it packed up a lot of flavor and cheesy-ness. Wait for it to cool down a bit as it is served fresh and piping hot when placed on your table!

That's Ridiculous!

What will probably get you guys on your feet and running right to Burger Avenue is their Ridiculous Challenge. This is where you can put your gut to the test!

Burger Avenue
Are you up for the challenge?

Make your way to the counter and order yourself a Ridiculous Burger (P200) - three big, thick, juicy patties in one burger. This burger is actually a steal at 200 pesos - most burger joints offer the same price just for one patty with a sauce of your choice. Now, back to the burger. It is ridiculous and action-packed with its three all-beef patties, a hefty stuffing of lettuce and tomatoes. And to top it all off, three slices of cheese.

Burger Avenue
The Ridiculous Burger

Burger Avenue
Ridiculously huge: My friend had to slice her burger...
and ended up eating only half of it for lunch.

Just inform the people at the counter that you are taking on the Ridiculous Challenge, and they will whip up their timer. Finish the burger within five minutes, ring the bell, and you get a full refund! Yep, a free burger if you can chomp on it before the time is up. And before you go on exclaiming, "That's ridiculous!", it sort of is not, as a good and growing number of people have triumphed over the huge burgers. Burger Avenue has a 'Hall of Fame' of sorts on their wall. They've got photos of the people who gobbled up the burgers in record time, proving that indeed, you can do it!

Burger Avenue
Are you on the list?: The growing list of Burger Avenue's Ridiculous Challenge winners

My first visit to Burger Avenue was made more fun because three men were up to the challenge and I got to witness one of them in full glory, finishing his burger within three minutes.

Burger Avenue
Three men up for the challenge: in the end, there can only be one!

The way they were eating their food actually made me crave for the Ridiculous Burger, but my gut reminded me I cannot stomach it for that day. Soon I shall conquer the Ridiculous Burger - I just need to prepare and psych myself up first before heading down Burger Avenue (no breakfast and lunch, perhaps?).

Burger Avenue

So the next time some of your friends or officemates chant that ever-so-famous "Pa-burger ka naman!" line, you now have one more hot item to add to your list... I've added Burger Avenue to the top of mine! And, hey, you can even treat your entire posse to a feast of Ridiculous Burgers - just let them know they have that five minute limit.

Burger Avenue delivers within the Makati area! Delivery hours are same as operating hours (10am to 1am Sunday to Thursday, and 10am to 3am Friday and Saturday). Delivery charge of P35 will be added.

Burger Avenue
A. Venue Mall
A. Venue Mall, Ground Level, Makati Ave. cor. Juan Luna St.
Phone Number: (63 2) 729-9108

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Fish Event with my Pinsan's!

ill update this soon.... im so sleepy ehhh for pictures:
whaa.... Party on!!!! hehehehe... love it! well last night together with my pinsan Chim , Francis (Chim's boy friend) and Bea we went to MINISTRY OF SOUND 2008 event in A-venue.

The Party started like 12mm hahahah yeah what new...

ok... i think mg 10.45 nasa A-venue na ako waiting for my pinsan chim na dumating ng 11.30 what.... your late anyways... yun nga then francis went in kasi wala pa syang tickets. me kasi meron na 2 tickets me and chim (thanks big fish for giving me tickets) then we went in narin together with francis.

well... i saw direk Robi Carmona (Fashion Show Director) we had our conversation lang ask for some projects, latest fashion show, then he even invited me fir FHM SEXIEST WOMEN event hahahahaha love it! thanks direk... promise ill go....

then Benzie (the very famous Party Animal) hahahaha said hi and hello and ask me about some events... i mean upcoming event.... then we changed number as well...

afte few min Bea arrived na... she also late... but its all good... hahahahah

then after that we had beers... the dance then beer.... daming cutie sobra kaya naman we are so aliw (BEA) hahahahah love it!!!

the music is good... love it! sobrang mapapasayaw ka and the place is ok.... hahahaha dami ring adik.... sobra.. kakaloka... anyways i dont want to talked about the adik people.. kasi some of them are kilala hahahahaha.....

i enejoy the event... sobra.... you can check our pics

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Animosity

Chase and Brian????? what??? so??? hmmmmm....... this is not a BLIND ITEM anymore...
kung alam nyo lang what happen...... hahahahahah BD you know what to do....

Good karma

Its Pay back time.... after all my bad stuff i think its time for me naman to you know do something good... yeah not geri!!! but well... thats life sometime we think that we are so so bad na... but.... may place naman were we can change or something....

kaya naman its Pay Back time!!!.... by helping the SAGIP KAPAMILYA to pack some stuff para sa mga nasalanta together with our company... sympre sumama ako..

i had fun sobra kahit na medyo nakakapagud but still very happy bec. naka-help ako... sobra kahit na small thing lang atleast i was able to help them.... hay... sana next time ulit...

Monday, June 23, 2008

The GV GV lang Friend History!

The word GV GV lang means- GOOD VIBES GOOD VIBES lang FRIEND. term that i use every time i PARTEE GOOD VIBES always!!!! statement na lagi mong naririnig sa akin! basta....

i started using GV GV lang friend last 2003, nung manager pa ako sa CLUB HALO! wala lang naisip ko lang sya and lagi namin sa mga gmk place! parteee and etc.

GV GV lang- ok, good, positive....

GV GV lang or GOOD VIBES GOOD VIBES lang FRIEND is the official Trade Mark of GILBERT GENERAL aka GERI!!!!

GV GV lang!

My Phone.... whaaaa i hate it!

what happen to my phone.... i hate it! really really hate it! Sunday night.... im smoking inside our 2nd floor bathroom (kasi bawal) thats why i smoked inside our bathroom. after few mins. someone text me i dont know who, then when i about to checked mah phone.... all of a sudden biglang nag white ok... fine i know its normal when i try to open my phone.... what the F@#$ its not working nah! whaaaa..... i hate it! take note sunday ng gabi and im not ok pa i mean im not well... sama ng pakiramdam ko. mmmm..... whaaa.... badvibes, then i get my old phone the small phone that i have, hmmmmm nokia something yun eh i dont know the unit but its a small phone. anyways i told my mom about it! " ma, nasira yung phone ko" then sabi nya "ano gagawin natin?" well told he na since we are going to my doc, ist ok if we drop by g4 Sony Ericson to fix my phone.

Then after to Makati Med we went na to g4 for my phone together with my Mom, Dad, lil Bro and my pamangkin.

i went to 3rd floor for my phone, kaloka! you know why it will take like 2 to 3 hours to fix mah phone... hmp.... its ok... basta maaus sya its all good.

we had out lunch and buy ng new phone for my bro. after few hours hahahahahah my phone is ok na!!! love it! but then again.... nawala yung mga naka-save... too bad but its all good!

now my phone is ok na!!!! love it!

Gv Gv lang!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sabado ng umaga!

This is it! whaaa.... love it! im so happy as well as BD hahahahah why? why its a long story.

Bd is asking me join him, saan? hahahah to drink with this new people from the ofc. i said to him yeah cge ill join you! we are so flirt... so what? ano naman ngaun? wala wala? chismis hahahaha ok fine mag kalat kau make it sure that tama yun... dahil if not baka kau maloka sa ikakalat ko. hahaha

well... together with Kat, Tots and Lawrence we went to BURBY's yeah like around 7.30, then we have pur own table and own beer.....

some new people are nasa kabilang table and BD introduce some of the new people to us. then after few mins, Baby James and Mark dumating ..... OMG I LOVE BABY JAMES! hahahahaha then we started drinking

Baby James had a little conversation lang about something and only kat and tots ang nakakarinig.

well im so happy really happy..... same with BD but hindi ko kwento yung kay BD you know why? wala lang i know after that beer churva may mga story na lalabas.... basta make it sure na all the story na ilala bas nyo is true dahil if not... sorry....

GOOD LUCK! take note, Harvey, Pao, Allan, Vince, Gin are also with us! so beware...


Monday, June 16, 2008

One World Head Shot Clinic

The Project

It started out as an inquiry.
A persistence of random friends and peers wanting to have their portraits professionally taken so as to bask into the glory of having a glamorized primary picture in their personal on-line accounts. In the beginning, the notion was simply over-the-top preposterous. But with the cyber uprising of Friendster, MySpace, Multiply, Facebook and other social network sites, one cannot deny the fact that these avenues foster communication and fortify relationships exponentially that decades past could not have yet accomplished.
Headshot Clinic was born to give tribute to this cause. It became a social force fuelled by the desire to be catalysts of inter social building, accentuating the immersion of the digital age to its catalystic effect on building human relationships. An advocacy is finally born: The development of one’s identity in the Global Village.

The First Wave

Invitations + 60 people came + 5 minutes of shooting each = Headshot Clinic
The event was simply a success. Individuals from an entire range of disposition heed the call and had their images captured and processed in a creation significantly unique from any other photos.
The digital world felt the tsunami of this pandemic cyber revolution on the 27th of January 2008, as sixty-two individuals uploaded their portraits on their personal sites creating a stir on the online community.
This simply opened the floodgates of what soon to be our next goal.

One World Series

There is no stopping now. Like pebbles dropped on a pond, word of this movement has traversed international shores and has rippled far beyond expected. Calls from Vietnam and plans including Hong Kong and Macau started to take shape and form as the HSC aims itself to conquer new territories, bridging more countries on a single COMMON GROUND.
This now becomes the new theme. ONE WORLD. A way of portraying a unified humanity, all sharing the same solid soil.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Fish Manila and Nokia MUSIC MINISTRY OF SOUND

MINISTRY OF SOUND on June 28, 2008 Saturday, A-venue (along Makati Ave.) with Vandit Records star DJ Jan O Bir. For tickets and VIP reservations pls. call 6327762 or 6348238.

First 100 Nokia User will come FREE!!!

Dress Code: Preferably White.

Party On! GV GV lang Guys! ill see you!!!

Seduction, Purity, Sensation, Wonder how these three would sound if they were set to music? Let these men show you how.

Jon O’Bir is an awe-inspiring trance DJ who has impressed even the likes of trance heavyweights Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren. His big break came when he took top honors at a DJ competition held by Passion and M8 Magazine, beating 300 other hopefuls. He was recently signed to Paul van Dyk’s hallowed Vandit Records, under which his album "From Within" will be released this summer.

Manolet Dario is a force to reckon with in Manila club circles. Just how popular is he? Well, he has opened for superstars such as Sasha, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Paul van Dyk, Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Anthony Pappa, and Timo Maas. How many local DJs can claim the same thing?.

Johnboy Lee is a Bigfish resident DJ and all-around producer extraordinaire who has trotted the globe to work with international stars such as Denmark's M2M, Russia's Cheeky Girls, Germany's Cecil Louro Jones, Australia's Bardot, Malaysia's KRU, and China's Mei Mei. On these shores, he’s better known as the all-knowing dance music guru who hosts Bigfish Radio, which airs on Magic 89.9 and on Killer Bee stations nationwide every Saturday from 9pm till 2am.

And MC Lavoce? Let’s just say that without him, Bigfish parties would be a tad duller. His booming voice has that rare ability to make the party people cheer as if their lives depended on it.

All four of them will be making music that embodies seduction, purity, and sensation on June 28, 2008 at Makati’s A-Venue, in a rare occasion that will see three major brands unite harmoniously in the name of trance: Ministry of Sound, Vandit Records, and our very own Bigfish.

Tickets go for Php600 at all Folded & Hung, Music One, and Odyssey outlets. Door charge is Php800 inclusive of one free drink courtesy of Sanmiglight . VIP tables cost Php15000 and Php12000, both good for 10 people and with free drinks to boot.

Tokyo cafe for My Dad

Strolling around SM Mall of Asia for hours is bound to make one hungry... with that size of a mall, who wouldn't be? A good thing about hanging out in a commercial area as huge as MOA is that there's a myriad of choices where you can whet your appetite. In one of those mall-strolling days, if you happen to pass by the Main Mall, you will be greeted by a very colorful and mouth-watering food display against white modern-looking interiors. And if you were as hungry as I was during one of those trips to the mall, the warmly-lit restaurant is something my stomach would willingly try out.

Tokyo Caf

Tokyo Caf

No sushi in here! Their name might mislead you.

'Philippines' Only Japanese Family Restaurant'

Tokyo Cafe is Japanese but not - that sounds a bit odd, but let me explain why. Mr. Atsushi Yoshizawa, the owner, explains to me that Family restaurants which are common in Japan offer 'Western food with a touch of Japanese culture'. This is what Mr. Yoshi wanted to share to the Filipinos, hence, Tokyo Cafe was born. Pass those large glass windows and see that the place exhibits a modernistic fusion of Eastern and Western design. The style definitely suits the concept of the establishment. Hanging red spheres of light and wooden furniture accentuate the plain white walls of Tokyo Cafe.

Tokyo Caf

'We don't serve traditional Japanese food, we serve Western food with unique Japanese touch,' he shares, as I asked him about the food options of his cafe. Their menu include an impressive array of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and burgers. For dessert, there are many crepes to choose from, and a good number of hot and iced coffee as well. The selection is quite unexpected for a restaurant with 'Tokyo' in its name, but Mr. Yoshi has incorporated Japanese ingredients in preparing the dishes so expect a little something to give the food a twist.

For our late lunch, Mr. Yoshi was kind enough to accommodate and prepare for us the cafe's best sellers.

As a certified pasta lover, it was instinctive to me to first try their Creamy Ebiko Pasta (P255).

Tokyo Caf
Creamy Ebiko Pasta

True to its appetizing pictures in the menu, the pasta dish is as mouth-watering. Presented humbly in a white plate, its flavor was more than what meets the eye. The rich, creamy pasta and shrimps perfectly complemented each other. The shrimps tossed about the pasta were remarkably generous, and they also tasted oh-so-fresh and scrumptious. This dish immediately became my favorite and I do recommend this as a must-try.

Next on my line up was the Hamburg and Shrimp (P235): two juicy and thick-enough patties, served with rich gravy plus two breaded tiger prawns.

Tokyo Caf
Hamburg and Shrimp

One can have the option of adding Japanese rice or garlic bread by just adding P25. I opted to eat it as is, as the serving size is huge! The breaded prawns were equally good and satisfying as the shrimps in the pasta I devoured previously. I really love prawns and to my delight, they were unlike some of the tempura dishes of other restos where you can barely distinguish the taste of the seafood from all the flakey mix of flour and oil.

Though the first two dishes were already heavy enough to fill my stomach, I still couldn't resist to try their Mango Chicken Salad(P150) and Kani Crab Sandwich (P140).

Tokyo Caf

Mango Chicken Salad

Tokyo Caf

Kani Crab Sandwich

The sandwich was served with crispy fries and some ketchup for dipping. The Kani Crab Sanwich was fully loaded - three ciabatta sandwiches filled with kani sticks, onions, tomatoes and cheese. I think that the Kani Crab Sandwich's serving was very generous for its price, as it is a great item to share with a friend.

After a taste of the sandwich, the delightful and colorful mix of vegetables and fruits of the Mango Chicken Salad refreshed my tastebuds. Though I am not really a big fan of salads, I must say that this was impressive. The salad is good for those who want to have something light from the cafe, but good enough for a meal in itself. This salad is dressed with a classic light dressing, a good option for those who don't want to feel guilty counting the calories.

And because this is Tokyo Cafe, of course I wouldn't let this opportunity pass to try out their coffee selection. Mr. Yoshi is a certified coffee connoisseur, so it just simply follows to offer coffee in their menu. Tokyo Cafe's unique coffee concoctions are personally designed by Mr. Yoshi, and he adds that the cafe uses the traditional and elaborate Japanese Drip method. They also have their own signature coffee mix, giving a distinctive flavor. Mr. Yoshi gamely demonstrated to us how Sumibi Yaki (P84), one of their best sellers, is prepared. He even shared to us exact temperatures one must use to make a good cup of coffee!

Tokyo Caf
Tokyo Caf
Sumibi Yaki

The Sumibi Yaki hot coffee was distinctively bold as promised, its taste different from the strong coffees Filipinos are accustomed to with the Barako.

Aside from that, we were served Iced Chocolano (P116), Iced Royal Milk Tea (P68), and Iced Caramel Vienna (P116) to try out their cold coffee blends.

Tokyo Caf
Iced Chocolano, Iced Royal Milk Tea, and Iced Caramel Vienna

I opted to try out the Iced Chocolano. I didn't really taste much difference from my drink, from what is available in other popular cafes, but it was still refreshing. And it is also good to note that their coffee prices are very competitive and they have that other important factor: unlike in the regular cafes where they have minimal food selection, Tokyo Cafe lets you enjoy your coffee with a whole lot of food options.

After a lot of tasting, devouring and drinking, my first try at Tokyo Cafe proved to be satisfying. Their meals' serving sizes do justify their respective prices. Their coffee line-up is worth checking out, too! There's a little something for everyone - the coffee drinker, the food lover, the sweet-toothed folks. With their varied menu and feel-good ambience, Tokyo Cafe is indeed a one-stop dining experience, perfect for casual get togethers. It is guaranteed that I will be back to try the rest of the food they offer!

Tokyo Cafe
SM Mall of Asia
Central Business Park
Bay Blvd., Bay City
Pasay City
Metro Manila
Tel: 556-0699, 556-0517

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Love you Pa!

Happy Father's Day Pa! i know that we are not that close as like Mom but i really really love you! its hard but its ok.... i know that everything will be ok! thanks for your support, caring and love! i love you so much Pa, i really really love you! Thanks thanks and Thanks!

Busy Friday Night

What a busy friday for me! hahahah i dont know why pero i have a lot of schedule last night as in! kakaloka.... well all i know is im leave plus its PAY DAY!!! love it!

afternoon i went to g4 so that i can withdraw. i meet up with my mom and dad for us to buy new LAPTOP i love it! ill change na my old one!!! love it love it! thanks! then we had our dinner. then meet up naman with my old friends tamang chill lang sa greenbelt 5. like around 11pm i meet up naman with JHOB (who is JHOB by the way) well.... thats for me to know for you to find out.hahahahaha

1am: i went na to malate PACHA for me to work naman after all the churva... hahaha OMG the bar is jampack as in! kakaloka..... then went home like around 5am na...

Saturday 9am: went to eastwood to meet naman my friends KAT and TOTs plus BABY JAMES. hahahaha drink again drink again and drink again... i stayed lang like one hour kasi i think 7am pa sila nag drink. then after eastwood went back to makati to meet naman some friends also who is drinking! thats it! the around 3pm bahay na!

its hard for me to transfer one place to another kakaloka.... but in all fearness i really really had fun meeting with this people but too bad for my HIGH SCHOOL gay friends kasi hindi ko na sila nakikita. (i miss them) hay...

thats it for now!

Small Talk!

Want to know what kind of boyfriend your crush would be? Listen closely when he gab about work!!!!

He brags about some big accomplishment.
YOU THINK: Mayabang
IT COULD MEAN: He may just really like you. By boasting, he’s actually trying to impress you by proving that he could be a provider. I know that this make sense! He is not mayabang or something…. Like me… im not mayabang… I can give whatever you want just be my boY! hahahaha

He hates his JOB or his BOSS
YOU THINK: kawawa naman.
IT COULD MEAN: He might be complacent. If he’s miserable about the place he voluntarily goes to every day. He may be too chicken to make change to improves that situation… and other, like a relationship in which he’s unhappy.

He laughs about office high jinks.
YOU THINK: isip bata.
IT COULD MEAN: Well, he could be but it could also indicate that he possesses good social skill and can find the humor in situations… very geri!!! I always make halakhak when someone is nakaka tuwa like the blog of …… hahahahah funny!

He’s work obsessed.
YOU THINK: Masipag
IT COULD MEAN: relationship come second. Yapping nonstop about work says his identity is wrapped up in his career, not his emotional life.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If you have 100k which store would you spend it on?

Survey question
I asked my friends and celebrities this question;

"If you have 100k which store would you spend it on? "

Fabulous Geri (Prod. Eventologist)
“Ill spend my 100k: Power Mac (Greenbelt 3) Rustan’s (glorietta 4) Tyler (glorietta 4) Shades MNG, Break Talk, Spring Field,”

Raymond Guttierez (TV HOST)
“I’d go to grey hound bec. They have nice-looking clothes, Adidas for my workout gear, and I’d pass by Bench for pair of low rise denims.”

Rovilson Fernandez (TV Host)
“Can I blow 50k at fully Booked and 50k at Santi’s Deli? I need lots of delectable cold cuts, cheese and crackers to go with my books and magazines.”

Brent Javier (Model)
“I’d hit up Urban Outfitters bec. That store has a little bit of everything. It’s the kind of lifestyle store with clothes, books, furnitures, art and other miscellaneous stuff.”

Bianca Valerio (Model)
“Honestly Geri, P100k isn’t much if I wanted designer item. So to make mu buck go a really long way and bec. I’m a proud ukay-ukay shopaholic, I’d head straight to Baguio and hunf for a NEW wardrobe to last a year or so.”

Andrea del Rosario (Actress)
“Well right now, it would be in hardware store, im having my apartment renovated, right now.”

Tots (call Center Agent)
“mmm…. Shopwise… hahaha joke… MANGO, FOLDED and HANG and AMERICAN BLVD.”

Marga Fe (Fashionista)
“Il spend it ove Bottega Venecia Shoes and Bags and also Jimmy Choo Shoes I lOve it!”

May Calimlim (Manager)
“For me, Beauty Bar and People Are People.”

Arjay Ramos (Call Center Agent)
“Ill go to CK, GAP, Lacoste, Nautica, Nike, Folded and Hang and Bench.”

Tetta News (Radio DJ)
“She will go spend her 100k buying some stuff in CHANNEL”

Angel (HR Dept)
“Shopping in RUSTAN’s lahat ng shop, go lang”

Monti Parungaw (TVC Director Unitel Production)
“Well…… Power Mac in Greenbelt 3”

Aldrin Nicolas (Student MAPUA)
“Ok na sa akin sa NIKE Park, shoes shoes and shoes”

Thanks guys.... i love it! you can also answer this survey question!!!! GO!

Size Up What He Reveals

Take note of what your new guy decides to share with you because it can shed light on his true feelings

He tells you about his love History. Its perfectly normal for a dude to dish on few specifics, like when he split with his last girlfriend or how long they dated. But if he keeps bringing up the EX—even if its to tell you, yet again, how awful she was---- that’s a surefire sign that he’s still hung up on her.

He discusses his Family. When a date tells you all bout his childhood, his crazy Tita Tina or his sister’s questionable choice in men, you know how things: He’s hoping to get lucky since men usually only open up when they think sex is in the card, and he’s also probably trying to figure out if you share the same values by gauging your reaction to his tales.

He boast about his accomplishments. Hearing a guy talk about his “FAT SWELDO” or “SETUP CAR” might sound arrogant, but the weird thing is that it’s also a sign he wants in. These days, men know women want a man who can keep up with them, so this might actually be his way of proving to you that he measures up.

Dude Brain Scan “why take my number but not call?”

The reason can range from simply being forgetful (believe me it can happen) to using the opportunity as a dry run to perfect our pickup techniques. Another plausible reason is the “Collect then select” option. “ for some men, getting the number and knowing they could have had the girl is enough. They just want that ego boost,” explaing Jay Carter PsyD, author of Nasty Men. “Rather that take a chance, he may just decide to forget about it” On the up side, though not all men will call, those that do are the ones who are truly interested in you.

You are so Papansin!

Pansinis vs. Papansin

Are you an attraction or distraction? Here, the little ways you can tell


-Speaking up and taking part in the conversation
-Wearing shorts and wedges to show off your legs
-Socializing in a Party
-Adopting a take-charge attitude
-Complimenting someone on her/his appearance or great work (Good Job)


-Hogging the Conversation with your derailed monologue (Like one of my ……)
-Wearing tight hot pants to show off your butt cheeks
-Social Climbing in a Party
-Adopting a know it all attitude ( I know someone……like this )
-Patronizing someone for her appearance or great work

Well … now tell me are you Pansinin or PaPamPam (Papansin)

Boost the Romance factor

Funny things about love: You can be having lots of sex, but still feel like your bond lack intimacy. Find out how to change that.

How to Boost the Romance factor.

Relish the small stuff
Rather than wait for special occasions, initiate love gestures. Forgo dinner at home for a mid week date, or make out in the carpark ( love it, ill try this one) for the hell of it!

Be Selfish with your time
Ditch your buddies and block out the weekend for just the two of you. “ You cant connect in a meaningful way if you’re never alone,”

Have an Argument
The little day to day frustrations that build up between you can dissolve your desire to do loving things for each other, So call easch other out on those grievances.

Tune in to his idea of GUSH
Guys get resentful if they’re always expected to be romantic ones. Show him it’s a two way street by sweeping him off him feet his way,

Hot Tip: Ask him for few poker tips (and then turn it into strip pusoy) hahahahah like jelly… who always do this game!!

Blow his mind tip

Relive a HOT Vacay Moment
Start by casually asking him if he remembers a sexy night you spent together on a recent vacation or weekends away. This will get his attention-fast. Then reflect on a few of the key moments you most enjoyed about the interlude and casually suggest “How about we re-create that tonight?” Trust me, you wont have to ask him twice.

That’s Hot!

How to Get him to make you a Priority

Feel like you’ve lost rank in your guy’s life? I have advice for reclaiming your well-deserved number one spot. So chill and gv gv lang ok!

How to Get him to make you a Priority.

Put him in charge
The quickest way to get a guy invested in something including you is to put him in the driver’s seat, so have him pick the restaurant, plan a gateway, or take control of your lazy Sunday activity.

Be too busy
Rather thank work around his schedule, making it easy for him to spend time you. Be little less flexible. It sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re always the one pursuing time together, he wont ever have to put you first because you’re doing that work for him.

Pipe Up
Sometimes men just don’t get it. And a simple reminder may be all takes to turn his head in the right direction. So tell him you miss him and would love for him to take you out.

Hot Tip

Have a hot night in a Hotel.

A change of scenery will revitalize your sack session(s), and the memory of your little adventure will keep you both smiling for weeks. To get a goof rate, book a room online or call local hotels for weekends packages, pack an overnight bag for two like sexy linerie and massage oils, then send him a text in the morning telling him where to meet you. Sign off with hint about what’s come like….. trust me, you don’t want to be late for this….. hahahahahahaha this will work as in

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to Socialize

Things You’ll Need:
confidence, one liners

How to Socialize

Hold your head up high, look people in the eye, and have a firm hand shake. My Grandmother taught me to always walk into a room like I was wearing mink and diamonds. Confidence attracts people!

Walk into a room already having a few lines to start a conversation. Here are a few examples: Have you ever been here before? Isn't this place beautiful! I am getting myself a drink, does anyone need anything. Did you get that shirt at ____. Wow, this song is so overplayed on the radio. Isn't the sushi delicious.

Be prepared with filler lines that can jump start a brand new conversation. The seven minute silence can put anyone into an uncomfortable position. Entertainment topics tend to invite conversation because they have a wide span of topics and fans. Examples include the following: Are you following the election? Did you see the news last night? Can you believe that _______ is going out with _______.

Organize activities for shy groups when you are the host for the evening. Ice breakers can really put a mood at ease when socializing with unfamiliar people.

Philippine Fashion Week: A New Generation

Philippine fashion's torchbearers were front and center last week, showcasing their debut collections during Philippine Fashion Week 2008.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation

The New Generation Collection featured 12 brand spanking new designers, showcasing their debut collections on the second day of Fashion Week. While guests were brought in at 8:15 pm (in order to start the 8:30 show on time), most of the audience decided to arrive not-so-fashionably late, thus delaying the start of the show. Since half of the seats were placed ingeniously in the middle of the rectangular catwalk, event organizers had to wait for the middle seats to be filled up before starting, as latecomers would've disrupted the sashaying models. Nonetheless the show itself was a success. The 12 young designers showed a stunning display of range and originality, and while there were some misses, strong collections from some individuals drove up the applause as the designers took their place on stage.

Fashion week was held in the newly opened SMX Convention Center, a monolith structure found next to the sprawling SM Mall of Asia. The imposing steel and glass structure housed several hangar-like halls. The New Generation Collection was held in Hall 3, which complete whitewashed, with rows and rows of neatly lined up white seats surrounding a sleek catwalk. Guests and media personnel were all chatting up a storm before the show, pausing only to look up each time time a fashion or showbiz celebrity slinked to their seats or when director extraordinaire Joey Espino Jr. strode by in his white and silver ensemble. Finally, perhaps a good 40 minutes after the doors were opened, the lights dimmed and the throbbing beats began.

A short introduction video was flashed on screen, segueing smoothly into the collections; first up was accessories maverick Alodia Ceciclia. Her 'Urban Royalty' collection was a very feminine take on African and Asian styles, softening them up jewel colors and loose, modern silhouettes. Cecilia's intricate accessories were the definite highlight of the collection, as chains snaked their way around the models' napes and temples; they were statement pieces that retained their wearability even as they elevate a simple ensemble to new dazzling heights.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Alodia Ceciclia

Second was Anna Leah Salvador, whose whimsical, romantic designs were a throwback to bygone eras. Black and white pieces contrasted with floral details showed how how a modern, confident girl might dress up for a date if she wanted her guy's attention all night...

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Anna Leah Salvador

Ciege Cagalawan wowed the crowd with his larger-than-life designs. His Oriental Afrikaan collection was filled with wild multi-colored animal prints, decadently embellished stockings, and ornate belts. His clothes were definitely not for the faint-of-heart. “His clothes could start their own party!” exclaimed a fan.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Ciege Cagalawan

Dax Bayani took a swipe at the fashion police, dressing them up in sleek military-inspired costumes that could make even the most pot-bellied of law enforcers attempt to lose some weight. The first of the designers to feature a menswear as well, the Bayan trotted out models in figure-flattering ensembles, cinching waists and lengthening silhouettes with narrow, structured jackets.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Dax Bayani

Soft, pastel and white dresses dominated Gerswin Cua's collection, complemented by gold chain trimmings. The designer was inspired by
strong warrior princesses and the lofty, proud eagle, thus a collection of regal serpentine dresses and voluminous gowns adorned with feathers.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Gerswin Cua
Beautiful, envy-inducing bags from Gionna Cabrera's bags drew many excited murmurs from the audience. The lacquered, wooden hand and clutch bags were all conversation starters, gorgeous additions to anyone's bag collection. Favorite designs where the Dali-inspired timepiece and ornate, old-style perfume bottle.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Gionna Cabrera

Gretchen Pichay showed her interpretation of the modern woman, this time a sensualist, intelligent and confident about her body and her talents. One could easily see bright young things stepping out for a girls' night out. Among the standout pieces where two yellow ensembles: a bright ultrashort creation and a more feminine, pale dress with contrasting black details.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Gretchen Pichay

Next up was Lizanne Cua, who's theme 'Peace of Mind' was clearly seen in her clean, neutral-hued collection. Her ascetic approach was clearly seen in her menswear collection, where structured jackets were stripped to the minimum. The women's collection was just as body conscious, with deep necklines and narrow silhouettes.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Lizanne Cua

Marc Rancy's 'Urban Sensualities' was parade of color and fabric: a bright, voluminous, dizzying array of daringly-cut ensembles. This bold collection was Rancy's celebration of the Filipina's power, influence and sensuality.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Marc Rancy

Nikki Sonico wanted her pieces to have a 'regenerative feel' to the wearer and observer, thus she chose a verdant color scheme, green in varying shades and bold contrasting colours such as gold, silver, and dark gray. The result was a beautiful collection of classy cocktail dresses that pretty young debutantes will no doubt be snapping up in spades!

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Nikki Sonico

Next up for that night was Patrick Galang, whose collection was once again aimed to complement the female form. Figure-flattering designs were whipped up with notes of whimsy, humor and spontaneity.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Patrick Galang

Winding down the show was Prisara Morales. Working on more esoteric themes such as displacement and lost continents, Morales worked her austere aesthetic in a series of expertly cut ensembles, fluid designs that resembled running water as the models flitted quickly, one after the other on the runway. Unexpected details such as feathers, embroidery and tie-dyes whispered the beauty of change, capping off perfectly the evening's celebration.

Philippine Fashion Week A New Generation
Prisara Morales

After their individual turns, all 12 designers and their models took to the stage amidst the rapturous applause. Seeing the motley of designs and creations, aglow under the bright lights, one could see a glorious peek at the future of fashion.

Hailed as the nation's longest running fashion event, Philippine Fashion Week celebrates the artistry and talent of local designers from May 26 to June 3 in the SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia.

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