Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Fish Manila and Nokia MUSIC MINISTRY OF SOUND

MINISTRY OF SOUND on June 28, 2008 Saturday, A-venue (along Makati Ave.) with Vandit Records star DJ Jan O Bir. For tickets and VIP reservations pls. call 6327762 or 6348238.

First 100 Nokia User will come FREE!!!

Dress Code: Preferably White.

Party On! GV GV lang Guys! ill see you!!!

Seduction, Purity, Sensation, Wonder how these three would sound if they were set to music? Let these men show you how.

Jon O’Bir is an awe-inspiring trance DJ who has impressed even the likes of trance heavyweights Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren. His big break came when he took top honors at a DJ competition held by Passion and M8 Magazine, beating 300 other hopefuls. He was recently signed to Paul van Dyk’s hallowed Vandit Records, under which his album "From Within" will be released this summer.

Manolet Dario is a force to reckon with in Manila club circles. Just how popular is he? Well, he has opened for superstars such as Sasha, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Paul van Dyk, Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Anthony Pappa, and Timo Maas. How many local DJs can claim the same thing?.

Johnboy Lee is a Bigfish resident DJ and all-around producer extraordinaire who has trotted the globe to work with international stars such as Denmark's M2M, Russia's Cheeky Girls, Germany's Cecil Louro Jones, Australia's Bardot, Malaysia's KRU, and China's Mei Mei. On these shores, he’s better known as the all-knowing dance music guru who hosts Bigfish Radio, which airs on Magic 89.9 and on Killer Bee stations nationwide every Saturday from 9pm till 2am.

And MC Lavoce? Let’s just say that without him, Bigfish parties would be a tad duller. His booming voice has that rare ability to make the party people cheer as if their lives depended on it.

All four of them will be making music that embodies seduction, purity, and sensation on June 28, 2008 at Makati’s A-Venue, in a rare occasion that will see three major brands unite harmoniously in the name of trance: Ministry of Sound, Vandit Records, and our very own Bigfish.

Tickets go for Php600 at all Folded & Hung, Music One, and Odyssey outlets. Door charge is Php800 inclusive of one free drink courtesy of Sanmiglight . VIP tables cost Php15000 and Php12000, both good for 10 people and with free drinks to boot.

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