Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boost the Romance factor

Funny things about love: You can be having lots of sex, but still feel like your bond lack intimacy. Find out how to change that.

How to Boost the Romance factor.

Relish the small stuff
Rather than wait for special occasions, initiate love gestures. Forgo dinner at home for a mid week date, or make out in the carpark ( love it, ill try this one) for the hell of it!

Be Selfish with your time
Ditch your buddies and block out the weekend for just the two of you. “ You cant connect in a meaningful way if you’re never alone,”

Have an Argument
The little day to day frustrations that build up between you can dissolve your desire to do loving things for each other, So call easch other out on those grievances.

Tune in to his idea of GUSH
Guys get resentful if they’re always expected to be romantic ones. Show him it’s a two way street by sweeping him off him feet his way,

Hot Tip: Ask him for few poker tips (and then turn it into strip pusoy) hahahahah like jelly… who always do this game!!

Blow his mind tip

Relive a HOT Vacay Moment
Start by casually asking him if he remembers a sexy night you spent together on a recent vacation or weekends away. This will get his attention-fast. Then reflect on a few of the key moments you most enjoyed about the interlude and casually suggest “How about we re-create that tonight?” Trust me, you wont have to ask him twice.

That’s Hot!

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