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Burger Avenue (A-venue, Makati Ave)

What's your favorite burger? I bet we all have our own 'top burgers' list - from the food stall types to the fine dining, top of the line gourmet burgers, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, burger this and burger that! There are a whole lot of places to choose from when it comes down to chomping down a patty or two of that hamburger. For all those who are scouting Metro Manila for something new with burgers, check out the new kid in town!

The Business of Burgers

Martin Silverio, co-founder of Burger Avenue, is addicted to burgers. "Ever since I was a child, I was really into burgers," he shares, saying that as a kid he'd even order a burger when their family is in a fine dining establishment. His stint in Cebu for 6 years had him check out the burger business in the area, and later on he decided to come up with his own, bringing it to Metro Manila. He first tried out the burger biz at Baywalk, then eventually closed it down after six months. Now, at around two months old, Burger Avenue stands mighty proud and happy at its home in A-Venue Mall along Makati Avenue.

Burger Avenue
Burger Avenue

He mentions that the burgers available in the metro are really good, and I agree with that. These famous burger joints are actually inspirations for Martin, encouraging him to whip up his own unique flair with his burgers.

A hamburger (which, if you didn't know yet, doesn't really have ham, and its origins are from Germany, not USA) is really a simple edible item - a patty of ground meat with some spices and flavoring here and there. The way the burger is served is what can make burger-eating loads of fun: have it in a bun, with fries, potato chips, rice, or what have you. There's so many pairing and combination options when your tummy is burger-bound. From flavors to sidings, to condiments and sauces, that's what makes each burger experience stand out.

For Burger Avenue, you will see (and taste) for yourself how it still has something fresh to offer in the business of burgers. "The profile of the burger is different," says Martin. Wrapped in white paper, it seems served to customers very plain. But when unwrapped, you will notice how significantly thick and wide their burger patties are. Definitely a plus for me, and surely for the many who are tired of the fast-food portioning of burgers in, well, fast food outlets. The oatmeal buns are also very soft, giving a good contrast to the thick and meaty texture of the burger. While some ladies will likely comment on how they cannot finish a Burger Avenue burger, I for one can eat one serving easily. These burgers are definitely the best friends of big appetites!

Burger Avenue

The taste is different, too, as Martin experimented with the flavor to give the Burger Avenue grilled patties a different kick of their own. A good sized burger, with a noteworthy, different taste. And the best part is - it's remarkably priced!

While other places give you your plain burgers and charge you with each condiment you add on, Burger Avenue won't even go higher than P200. In fact, P200 is the most expensive item on the menu already - a burger with three patties!

Their basic burger, Avenue Burger, costs P80, and the Cheese Burger goes for P90. Want two patties? That would be worth P120, and with cheese, P140. Their Special Burgers are reasonably priced as well - most of them going for only P99!

Burger Avenue
Blue Cheese Burger

During my first visit to Burger Avenue, I got to try the Blue Cheese Burger (P99), and appreciated how the Blue Cheese sauce's sharp and pungent character add that oomph to the already tasty burger.

Burger Avenue
Barbecue Bacon Burger

On a lunch break a few weeks after my first visit, I decided to bring along some friends so we can try out other items in Burger Avenue. I ordered their Barbecue Bacon Burger (P99), which had bacon strips, plus a generous coating of sweet and tangy sauce on top of the burger patty.

Burger Avenue
Onion Rings and Potato Wedges

Pair your burgers with an ice-cold soda, and eat it along with Potato Wedges (P45) or Onion Wings (P45) (or why not both?) and it makes for a pretty satisfying experience.

Besides burgers, Burger Avenue offers rice and pasta dishes, and other kinds of sandwiches, if you want to take a break from all the burger binging. I especially liked their Spaghetti With Meat Sauce (P70), which I got to try out on my second visit as well.

Burger Avenue
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

The pasta was simply laid out in a plastic container, looking like your common spaghetti, but I was surprised that it packed up a lot of flavor and cheesy-ness. Wait for it to cool down a bit as it is served fresh and piping hot when placed on your table!

That's Ridiculous!

What will probably get you guys on your feet and running right to Burger Avenue is their Ridiculous Challenge. This is where you can put your gut to the test!

Burger Avenue
Are you up for the challenge?

Make your way to the counter and order yourself a Ridiculous Burger (P200) - three big, thick, juicy patties in one burger. This burger is actually a steal at 200 pesos - most burger joints offer the same price just for one patty with a sauce of your choice. Now, back to the burger. It is ridiculous and action-packed with its three all-beef patties, a hefty stuffing of lettuce and tomatoes. And to top it all off, three slices of cheese.

Burger Avenue
The Ridiculous Burger

Burger Avenue
Ridiculously huge: My friend had to slice her burger...
and ended up eating only half of it for lunch.

Just inform the people at the counter that you are taking on the Ridiculous Challenge, and they will whip up their timer. Finish the burger within five minutes, ring the bell, and you get a full refund! Yep, a free burger if you can chomp on it before the time is up. And before you go on exclaiming, "That's ridiculous!", it sort of is not, as a good and growing number of people have triumphed over the huge burgers. Burger Avenue has a 'Hall of Fame' of sorts on their wall. They've got photos of the people who gobbled up the burgers in record time, proving that indeed, you can do it!

Burger Avenue
Are you on the list?: The growing list of Burger Avenue's Ridiculous Challenge winners

My first visit to Burger Avenue was made more fun because three men were up to the challenge and I got to witness one of them in full glory, finishing his burger within three minutes.

Burger Avenue
Three men up for the challenge: in the end, there can only be one!

The way they were eating their food actually made me crave for the Ridiculous Burger, but my gut reminded me I cannot stomach it for that day. Soon I shall conquer the Ridiculous Burger - I just need to prepare and psych myself up first before heading down Burger Avenue (no breakfast and lunch, perhaps?).

Burger Avenue

So the next time some of your friends or officemates chant that ever-so-famous "Pa-burger ka naman!" line, you now have one more hot item to add to your list... I've added Burger Avenue to the top of mine! And, hey, you can even treat your entire posse to a feast of Ridiculous Burgers - just let them know they have that five minute limit.

Burger Avenue delivers within the Makati area! Delivery hours are same as operating hours (10am to 1am Sunday to Thursday, and 10am to 3am Friday and Saturday). Delivery charge of P35 will be added.

Burger Avenue
A. Venue Mall
A. Venue Mall, Ground Level, Makati Ave. cor. Juan Luna St.
Phone Number: (63 2) 729-9108

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