Saturday, June 14, 2008

Busy Friday Night

What a busy friday for me! hahahah i dont know why pero i have a lot of schedule last night as in! kakaloka.... well all i know is im leave plus its PAY DAY!!! love it!

afternoon i went to g4 so that i can withdraw. i meet up with my mom and dad for us to buy new LAPTOP i love it! ill change na my old one!!! love it love it! thanks! then we had our dinner. then meet up naman with my old friends tamang chill lang sa greenbelt 5. like around 11pm i meet up naman with JHOB (who is JHOB by the way) well.... thats for me to know for you to find out.hahahahaha

1am: i went na to malate PACHA for me to work naman after all the churva... hahaha OMG the bar is jampack as in! kakaloka..... then went home like around 5am na...

Saturday 9am: went to eastwood to meet naman my friends KAT and TOTs plus BABY JAMES. hahahaha drink again drink again and drink again... i stayed lang like one hour kasi i think 7am pa sila nag drink. then after eastwood went back to makati to meet naman some friends also who is drinking! thats it! the around 3pm bahay na!

its hard for me to transfer one place to another kakaloka.... but in all fearness i really really had fun meeting with this people but too bad for my HIGH SCHOOL gay friends kasi hindi ko na sila nakikita. (i miss them) hay...

thats it for now!

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