Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to Socialize

Things You’ll Need:
confidence, one liners

How to Socialize

Hold your head up high, look people in the eye, and have a firm hand shake. My Grandmother taught me to always walk into a room like I was wearing mink and diamonds. Confidence attracts people!

Walk into a room already having a few lines to start a conversation. Here are a few examples: Have you ever been here before? Isn't this place beautiful! I am getting myself a drink, does anyone need anything. Did you get that shirt at ____. Wow, this song is so overplayed on the radio. Isn't the sushi delicious.

Be prepared with filler lines that can jump start a brand new conversation. The seven minute silence can put anyone into an uncomfortable position. Entertainment topics tend to invite conversation because they have a wide span of topics and fans. Examples include the following: Are you following the election? Did you see the news last night? Can you believe that _______ is going out with _______.

Organize activities for shy groups when you are the host for the evening. Ice breakers can really put a mood at ease when socializing with unfamiliar people.

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