Monday, June 23, 2008

My Phone.... whaaaa i hate it!

what happen to my phone.... i hate it! really really hate it! Sunday night.... im smoking inside our 2nd floor bathroom (kasi bawal) thats why i smoked inside our bathroom. after few mins. someone text me i dont know who, then when i about to checked mah phone.... all of a sudden biglang nag white ok... fine i know its normal when i try to open my phone.... what the F@#$ its not working nah! whaaaa..... i hate it! take note sunday ng gabi and im not ok pa i mean im not well... sama ng pakiramdam ko. mmmm..... whaaa.... badvibes, then i get my old phone the small phone that i have, hmmmmm nokia something yun eh i dont know the unit but its a small phone. anyways i told my mom about it! " ma, nasira yung phone ko" then sabi nya "ano gagawin natin?" well told he na since we are going to my doc, ist ok if we drop by g4 Sony Ericson to fix my phone.

Then after to Makati Med we went na to g4 for my phone together with my Mom, Dad, lil Bro and my pamangkin.

i went to 3rd floor for my phone, kaloka! you know why it will take like 2 to 3 hours to fix mah phone... hmp.... its ok... basta maaus sya its all good.

we had out lunch and buy ng new phone for my bro. after few hours hahahahahah my phone is ok na!!! love it! but then again.... nawala yung mga naka-save... too bad but its all good!

now my phone is ok na!!!! love it!

Gv Gv lang!

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