Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Size Up What He Reveals

Take note of what your new guy decides to share with you because it can shed light on his true feelings

He tells you about his love History. Its perfectly normal for a dude to dish on few specifics, like when he split with his last girlfriend or how long they dated. But if he keeps bringing up the EX—even if its to tell you, yet again, how awful she was---- that’s a surefire sign that he’s still hung up on her.

He discusses his Family. When a date tells you all bout his childhood, his crazy Tita Tina or his sister’s questionable choice in men, you know how things: He’s hoping to get lucky since men usually only open up when they think sex is in the card, and he’s also probably trying to figure out if you share the same values by gauging your reaction to his tales.

He boast about his accomplishments. Hearing a guy talk about his “FAT SWELDO” or “SETUP CAR” might sound arrogant, but the weird thing is that it’s also a sign he wants in. These days, men know women want a man who can keep up with them, so this might actually be his way of proving to you that he measures up.

Dude Brain Scan “why take my number but not call?”

The reason can range from simply being forgetful (believe me it can happen) to using the opportunity as a dry run to perfect our pickup techniques. Another plausible reason is the “Collect then select” option. “ for some men, getting the number and knowing they could have had the girl is enough. They just want that ego boost,” explaing Jay Carter PsyD, author of Nasty Men. “Rather that take a chance, he may just decide to forget about it” On the up side, though not all men will call, those that do are the ones who are truly interested in you.

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